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WP 101 WP101 has been widely praised as the gold standard for WordPress video tutorials. So it’s no wonder more than 23,000 people from all around the world have chosen to learn WordPress     WP Beginner Don't waste your time on boring tech books or searching YouTube. WPBeginner's WordPress 101 video tutorials will teach you how to create and manage your own ...

Free WordPress Slider Plugins


Meta Slider Easy to use WordPress slider plugin. Create SEO optimised responsive slideshows with Nivo Slider, Flex Slider, Coin Slider and Responsive Slides.     Cyclone Slider 2 Cyclone Slider 2 is an easy-to-use slider plugin with an intuitive user interface. It leverages the built-in features of WordPress. It uses custom post for the slider, custom fields to store ...

Where To Start – Poster


Where to Start by Seth Godin Download High-Res

Best WordPress Security Plugins


WordFence Wordfence starts by checking if your site is already infected. We do a deep server-side scan of your source code comparing it to the Official WordPress repository for core, themes and plugins. Then Wordfence secures your site and makes it up to 50 times faster.     iThemes Security iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) gives you over 30+ ways to secure and ...

Squashed or Stretched images in WordPress Theme – Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin


When you are switching from one theme to another, WordPress Media Library keeps the dimension of your old images, used in "Feature Image" The easy way to get all your images to look sharp again is to use Free WordPress Plugin "Regenerate Thumbnails" with one click all your images will be resided to correct dimension. DOWNLOAD REGENERATE THUMBNAILS FREE PLUGIN ...

PSD to WordPress Conversion SEO-SMM


PSD to WordPress Conversion by LogicBase Interactive Technical and marketing oriented techniques to help websites rank better in search engines, as well as various strategic efforts using social tools to attract interest, create a buzz, engage the target market and gradually achieve goals. PHP/MySQL Developer, WordPress Specialist, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, Javascript We focus on bringing ...

WordPress Editor Customization. How to Add Custom Buttons Manually


WordPress is the best ever CMS produced, but still as any other thing considered to be ideal, it can be improved. This blog post we’d like to dedicate to the most used used part of this content management system i.e. the WYSIWYG editor. If you think that WordPress editor is really cool, you’ll be right, but what if you could improve it. I bet you have a number of favorite tags. ...

Top WordPress Content Builders


Top WordPress Content Builders Having an online presence is the most effective way for you to build your brand. Regardless of whether or not it’s a personal or business site, constructing a recognizable face on the internet is the fastest way to gather friends and influence people. You don’t have to be a celebrity to have followers or a fan base; all you need is a kickass website to ...

7 Best WordPress Plugins for New Developers


When you decide to create your own blog, it's highly likely that you'll run across WordPress. WordPress is the best blogging site for new writers as its fairly easy to set up. Once you have everything set up, you'll want to improve it, which is where plugins come in. Here are a few of the best WordPress plugins for new developers. Infinite Seo Do you want your blog to get noticed? Of course you ...

Top 7 WordPress Plugins to Use in 2014


When it comes to blogging platforms, WordPress is king (or queen). Taking advantage of all that it has to offer will only help you propel your blog into popularity – and perhaps even a paycheck. With so many WordPress plugins to choose from to aid you in your publishing quest, it's tough to pick just a  few and use them to their full advantage. Practice some restraint, though, and select from ...

The Smashing Book #4 – Review


  The Smashing Book #4 is the best available book for any Web Designer and Developer, and the Best Value for your Money. Includes 13 chapters by 13  amazing authors, with 498 pages of up-to-date web related information. From Modern CSS Architecture to Web Typography to Responsive Web Design, you will find new solutions and learn new techniques by inspiring authors who live and breath ...

Nine WordPress Plugins for the Graphic Designer


As a graphic designer, you want to take advantage of every opportunity to showcase your skills and spread the word about your expertise, and a blog is a great way to do that. Using the right plugins on your WordPress site can make your blog stand out. The following plugins are some of the best. BuddyPress lists BuddyPress as one of the top WordPress plugins for designers ...

8 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Business Sites


Image via Shutterstock WordPress is a popular choice for maintaining a business blog, but the out-of-the-box options don’t always give you everything you want or need for a successful site. These top plugins will take your business site to the next level. BackupBuddy to Protect Your Site Despite your best efforts, it’s possible for a hacker to get into nearly any site and destroy ...

Designing for Retina Displays: 6 Steps to Become Amazing


A 2013 study found that 64 percent of adult cell phone users surf the web with their phones and that 34 percent of cell Internet users use their mobile phones as their primary Internet surfing devices [1]. With this rise in mobile Internet users comes an increased demand for better online graphics, and with the Retina display by Apple, web and app developers are now having to comply with these ...

5 Useful WordPress Plugins for Mobile Websites


Mobile internet access is no longer an anomaly. Today, it is positively mainstream. ONS figures show that in 2013, 61% of British adults accessed the internet "on the go". Of those, 53% accessed the internet with their phones, 32% used a laptop or tablet computer, and 11% used handheld devices like eReaders. When you look at younger adults, that number skyrockets: almost 90% those aged 16 to 24 ...

5 Useful WordPress Plugins for Web Developers


Developing even the simplest things for a website takes time. Many companies and individuals turn to WordPress to create a site that can be functional in minutes, but they often still need developers to come in to create the more complicated elements. Often, however, the same issues crop up time and again. Some WordPress plugin developers noticed this, and they created lots of plugins to ...

Top 10 Apps for Bloggers


Bloggers are the intrepid explorers of the mobile, digital age. Fashion bloggers are flown around the world to cover the various fashion weeks, sending their reviews to huge audiences instantly. Niche experts speak at conferences where they are greeted like rock stars, even if they are anonymous back home, and they want to detail their experiences on the road. Even fangirls and boys expect to be ...

Jobs – Graphic Designer / Web Designer

graphic-designer is currently seeking a graphic designer/ web designer for a full time position. We are WordPress Theme shop with a focus on portfolios for creative professional. We are looking for a designer with at least 3-5 years of experience mostly in web design field. You will be designing websites layouts in Photoshop from homepage to detail pages. We are looking for clean and modern web ...

Useful and creative plugins for WordPress Users


As an open source program, WordPress has thousands of plugins for every conceivable problem, desire or need. Some of these problems, desires and needs are greater than others, and programmers have to be both creative and practical when it comes to designing plugins for these issues. Luckily, humanity has a habit of rising to the occasion, and this collection of useful and creative plugins ...

The Mobile Book Review – Smashing Magazine


The Mobile Book Review - Smashing Magazine There is so much free information on Mobile Design Why do I need this book? Most of my "aha" moments came from Smashing Magazine books after I had turned off my computer, television, phone and I opened one of their books and read through some of the chapters again to see if there was a different meaning, or I can discovered a different idea from a ...

How to Install WordPress Theme – Tutorial + Video


It might be simple for some but I get many email from people asking how to install your themes... Tutorial: Step 1: Click on Appearance Step 2: Click on Themes Step 3: Click on Install Themes Step 4: Click on Upload Step 5: Click on Browse - and look for your .zip file themes you downloaded Step 6: Click on Install Now Step 7.  Click on Activate (After you uploaded the ... vs. – What’s the difference?


After getting many email asking why can't I install your themes on my WordPress blog? I decided to write quick explanation about vs. and how are they different.. 1. - Free Platform where you can only install themes that provides "Because of the way’s technical infrastructure is designed, we are not able to support ...

The Smashing Book #3 – Personal Review


Please note this is not affiliate review, this is personal review of "The Smashing Book #3"  This is the 2nd Printed Book I got from Smashing Magazine.  I am now the proud owner of Smashing Book #2 which I love and use for my web references. When Smashing Magazine announced their 3rd book, titled "Redesign the Web", I know I must have this book in order to help me with my Web design ...

iPhone Only Photography 1 – Book By Kenny Allan


THE MAKING OF THE BOOK The concept of the book started some 9 months ago when Kenny started experimenting with the camera on the iPhone. The book explores that journey, from the quaint fishing village of Crail, Fife, climbing icy slopes of Meall nan Tarmachan to the sun blessed beauty of Kassiopi, Corfu. During this period we have filmed the ‘Making of the Book’ from initial design ...

What is grid system – Grid System Resources


What is Grid system ? I always been a big fan of the grid system, most of my WordPress themes are design and based on some kind of grid system. Grid system is also a major part of my design and development process. Its easy on the eye and has a modern and minimal style. Below you will find some resources to help you get started with designing using grid system. 1. Golden Grid System ...

Graphic Design Portfolio – Using WordPress Themes


I see many graphic designers who don't take the advantage of creative WordPress themes, to showcase their portfolios. Graphic design portfolios are essential for beginner or professional designer. Many designers are still using free hosting sites to showcase their work, instead of building their own reputable name with branding and strong domain name. There are many Free WordPress themes that ...

Architecture Theme – Free WordPress Theme


Been getting emails from companies and individuals to design Architectural WordPress Theme. After doing some research whats out there, I found amazing Architecture done by Fantastic Norway check out some of their work, its just amazing. I got so inspire that I contacted the owner and ask if I can use their work to showcase a new WordPress Theme I am working on, and Håkon Matre Aasarød was ...

Responsive Plugin – WordPress Plugin For Responsive Design


With all the buzz going around on how Responsive Design is the future, and your website or blog should be design for the mobile and tablet. And all the design predictions for 2012+ are all about Responsive Layout. After getting many emails asking if I be designing and developing Responsive Themes, and if I be updating my old WordPress Themes to be responsive. I decided to, begin developing ...

Photo Theme – Free WordPress Theme


Photo Theme Free WordPress Photography Themes are very popular among amateurs and professional photographers. After many requests I design and developed Free Photography Theme, to support the community. I love photography and meet many great photographers, who needed a portfolio to show their work. The photos included in this theme are courtesy of Thomas Hawk who was kind enough to let me ...

Best WordPress Themes


What are the Best WordPress Themes out there? Are they Free and that's why they are the best or Premium with all the extra functions? It now becomes fascinated to me why people like some themes over others. Some of my Free themes are downloaded over 100 times a day, I know they are free so why not download it, but some are downloaded only 10-20 times a day also being free. Sometimes I ...

Fontfabric – high quality free fonts


Fontfabric is an independent type foundry , which was launched at the close of 2008 by designer Svetoslav Simov who is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our goal is to create high-quality fonts which stand in a unique class of their own, and which will serve as a good base for any designer project whether it be web, print, t-shirt design, logo etc. Every week, a new and totally unique font will ...

Szablony WordPress


Its great to see WordPress themes getting more and more popular.  Whats very interesting is that a lot of people from Poland, Japan, Germany, Russia, Italy and Spain using many of my themes for their portfolio sites. I try to design and develop as many Free WordPress Themes as I can so every artist/designer can pick and choose the best one for them to use. But what really makes me happy is ...

Khoi Vinh: On the Grid [Video]


"I sat down with Khoi Vinh, former Design Director of, to discuss the subject that has made his work most noteworthy: the grid. And in his case the “g” almost deserves to be capitalized. The result is an illuminating conversation about Khoi’s plans for the future, first interest in the field of design, and even the grid’s complex relationship with emotion" Thank ...

WordPress Portfolio Theme


Exhibition Theme is clean and modern WordPress theme with a blog like design. This is perfect theme for any artist to showcase their portfolio and blog about their work Theme Features: Plugins Required: For Menus Name use: header_menu Valid XHTML + CSS WordPress 3.2+

New Portfolio Theme – Free WordPress Theme


Ultra Grid Theme is beautiful and modern WordPress theme with a grid like design. This is perfect theme for any artist to showcase their portfolio in a grid layout style. This Free WordPress theme is perfect for any designer. Theme Features: Plugins Required: For Menus Name use: header_menu For Social Name use: social_menu Valid XHTML + CSS WordPress 3.2+

Foundation-flexible framework for building prototypes


An easy to use, powerful, and flexible framework for building prototypes and production code on any kind of device. Foundation allowed us to not only quickly prototype but also iterate on it, modify it for mobile, and launch it in record time. Check it out

Fluid Grids – Fluid Grid Calculator


Fluid grid calculator to build your own fluid grid systems. Big thanks to Harry Roberts for designing and building this cool css based grid system. I really like the simplicity and overall design. Take a look and see what you

Free eBook: Successful Theme Selling


Our new Successful Theme Selling eBook will give you all the information you need to get started selling themes, either on your own website or through a marketplace (or both). It’ll fill you in on exactly what you need to know about creating successful themes, how to market them, the pros and cons of marketplaces vs. setting up your own theme site, and more. Visit: ...

You Are The Map Maker


This is the start of a journey. One where you will be challenged to take your self-doubt, bundle it up and chuck it overboard. You have just downloaded insights from 13 of the most creative and resourceful entrepreneurs on the planet. What’s unique about these people whether they are designers, entrepreneurs, leaders of movements or strategists is that they started out with nothing but ...

Golden Grid System


Golden Grid System (GGS) splits the screen into 18 even columns. The leftmost and rightmost columns are used as the outer margins of the grid, which leaves 16 columns for use in design. Now, 16 columns sounds a bit much for anything other than huge widescreen monitors. This is where the folding, inspired by the DIN paper system and Unigrid, comes in. The 16 columns can be combined, or ...



FontFonter uses custom CSS and other techniques to temporarily replace a site’s font styles with Web FontFonts. Try Web FontFonts on any website. This is very cool website it lets you preview any fonts and quickly see if you like it or not, without wasting time uploading custom fonts. This is great for any designer to test some of the new typography on their websites or

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