10+ Most Useful Free WordPress Plugins in 2020

The success, aplomb, and renown of WordPress hardly warrant any underscoring; it's for everyone to see and experience. It's often agreed that WordPress excels because of its light and strong core, and the availability of hundreds, if not thousands, of wonderful, free, and highly value adding plugins. These plugins can help you sell products, take your email marketing to new heights, help get better on SEO, and even assist you in content management. With so many free WordPress plugins to experiment with, it can often become a problem of plenty. In this guide, however, we will help you find the best free WordPress plugins you can't afford to miss in 2019. To be clear, even free web builders use some of these plugins, so they’re not just for WordPress. So, let’s begin.

Updated: June 20, 2019

Click To Tweet

This free plugin lets you add ‘click to Tweet' prompts on your WordPress post pages. Got some tweet-worthy phrases or sentences in your post? Use ‘Click To Tweet ‘ plugin to highlight the same, and provide single click path to the reader to tweet the same on their Twitter account. With URL shortening, website analytics, and full scale tracking, this plugin helps you do a lot about your Twitter marketing than any comparable plugin. Make your tweet-worthy content grab eyeballs using themes offered by the plugin. It also offers the option to include Twitter usernames to get more engagement, embeds Tweet links to your pages, and also adheres with Twitter message character limit.


Whether you want to handle base64 serialized string replacements or serialized replacements, Duplicator foes a great job. You can take care of WordPress site migrations and restorations seamlessly using this plugin. When you're migrating your WordPress website, Duplicator backsup all themes, plugins, database data, content, and WP files in a Zip folder. With Duplicator, you can migrate websites between hosts and domains, pull live websites down to local hosts for testing or development, and can create a live website's duplicate in to a staging area. It helps you move your WordPress website form one location to another in any given scenario.

Uber reCaptcha

Why take chances with your WordPress website's security, with so many cyber crimes going around you, every day? This plugin brings in a layer of security by requiring a captcha to be filled before any access is made to your WordPress website. Features include image and audio captcha support, invisible reCpacha support, generation of reCaptcha audio or image in pre-defined languages,etc. Uber reCaptch helps you secure your WordPress website with captcha security before anybody sends in comments, uses registration forms, or logs in. This helps keep out spam, and proves instrumental in negating any brute-force attack attempts on your website.


This is a bundle of useful plugins and tools for your WordPress website. Made by Autopack, the JetPack suite comprises website security, traffic growth management, image optimization, design and appearance, and website performance functionalities. It intends to simply the task of finding, downloading, and installing useful plugins for your website by bundling the most important ones together. Preventing brute-force attacks on your website, creating and submitting sitemaps, automatically sharing published content with 3rd party services such as search engines, and regular monitoring of website for quick identification of any significant issues with security – JetPack does it all.

Yoast SEO Plugin

To make your WordPress website do well on organic search traffic, you've got to master the SEO game, and Yoast SEO plugins lets you do precisely that. To start, it asks you to choose focus keywords and then lets you use related keywords at appropriate positions in the content. Then, it makes sure the other elements of the page content, such as image alt tags, meta description, post content, heading, etc., use the same focus keyword. Then, the plugin also helps you fine tune your content and visual presentation to make the page more SEO friendly. Yoast SEO plugin's snippet functionality helps you get a sneak peek of the post before publishing it. The Readability feature also helps you make your website content more suited from an SEO standpoint.

Google Maps WD

This free, user-friendly, and responsive plugin helps you place location maps anywhere on your WP website. Use this plugin for showcasing locations, highlighting related locations, and displaying coverage areas using overlays. With addresses, map markers, longitude, and latitude descriptors, images, and place-marks, you can make your website's content more expressive and value adding. All you need to add a map is a shortcode. Language and localization support, standard Google maps controls, store locators, and pretty much everything you can expect from a maps plugin – you get it all for free with this plugin.


Collecting customer information is a critical task any new WordPress website owner needs to take care of. WPForms makes things easier; this free plugin helps you create contact forms, feedback forms, order and purchase forms, payment forms, and pretty much any kind of forms you can imagine, using a drag and drop styled builder. This is by far one of the most user friendly form creation solution, useful for pretty much any kind of WordPress website.

W3 Total Cache

A caching plugin retains temporary website data in a cache to load that content quicker than the remaining content when it’s called the next time. W3 Total Cache plugin is among the top rated caching plugins available for WordPress. Among its most noted and highly used features are page caching, object caching, database caching, browser caching, and a whole lot more. You can use this plugin to leverage CDN services and reduce page loading times significantly. You can minify, use HTTP compression of JS, CSS, and HTML files, and save a significant portion of bandwidth. Reduced page loading times result in good SEO and happier customers.

WP Smush

WP Smush plugin takes the trouble out of image uploading and space constraints by compressing JPG and PNG image formats (among several others), without reducing the image quality. You can compress images during upload using this plugin, or can compress them from the media library. Bulk compressing functionality lets you compress up to 50 images in one shot. For any WordPress website that’s heavy on images, this free plugin can quickly bring in a lot of space saving.


Did you know – your WordPress website might have lots of unnecessary data that is doing nothing apart from increasing page load times! With the WP-Optimize database maintenance and cleaning plugin at your service, things turn better. It removes unnecessary files and data from the database regularly and optimizes the database for fast queries and fast page loading. Apart from this, it helps you remove unmoderated, unapproved, and spam comments. Also, it helps keep pingbacks, trackbacks, trash posts, etc. out of your WordPress website, keeping things organized, and page loading speeds high.

We’re sure you want to add more functionalities and capabilities to your WordPress website, and are excited by all the plugins on offer. However, remember that you need to only install plugins that you will use, to avoid bloat. In this guide, we have presented 10 superb free plugins that deliver great service, have been rated highly, and can add unique capabilities to your WordPress website. So, which ones are you going to try today?