5 Reasons to Get a Web Designer for Your WordPress Website

Should you get a web designer for your WordPress website?

A few years ago, this question would have been irrelevant. WordPress themes were sub-par,
customization options were limited, and page builders were nowhere on the development
But as themes, page builders, and customization options have improved, you might find
yourself revisiting this question. And the answer is still the same: an overwhelming “yes”.
You can, of course, use WordPress for publishing your posts, but if you want to make your
website faster, getting a designer is a good option.
We’ll share 5 reasons why you should hire a web designer in this article.

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1. Customization requires a designer’s touch

Want to customize an existing theme or create one from scratch? Want to change a page
for a design-related marketing hack? Need a landing page to go with your site’s current
If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, you likely need a designer.
While page builders and in-built theme options can help you a lot, extensive customization
requires a designer’s touch. Part of this is functional; some parts of any WordPress theme
are simply ‘locked’ away and need customized code.
The other part is aesthetic. Design isn’t just about making things look ‘pretty’. There is a
science to choosing colors, layouts, and proportions. You might be able to make custom
designs using a page builder, but you won’t have the training and knowledge to make the
design both aesthetically pleasing and functionally useful.

2. It’s easier (and cheaper) than ever

Businesses today are spoiled for choice when it comes to hiring designers. They can hit
platforms like Workamajobs to find full-time talent, go to WeWorkRemotely and Remote.co
for remote talent, and hire freelancers from UpWork and Freelancer.
If that doesn’t fit your requirement, you can hit up 99Designs to hold a ‘design contest’ or
grab a vetted expert from TopTal. If you’re on a budget, you can use Fiverr for design jobs
that cost as low as $5. And if you feel you’ll need a lot of design requests, there are startups
like DesignPickle offering unlimited designs for a fixed fee.

The best part? Design rarely requires an on-site presence. You can hire someone located
half way around the world for a fraction of the cost of a local designer. Regardless of your
budget or requirements, there is a designer ready to work on your projects.

3. You need a web designer for original designs

Have you ever looked at your competitors’ sites and thought that they all looked the same?
This is the fundamental problem with using off-the-shelf WordPress themes. The best
themes also tend to be the most popular ones. Because they’re popular, they’re used by a
lot of people – including your competitors. Without extensive customization, websites that
use the same themes start looking similar.
Your customers, of course, can spot these similarities from a mile. And once they do, they
might start asking themselves: why should they choose you over others?
In any consumer-focused business, your success often depends on standing out. When your
website looks, feels, and acts just like your competitors, you can’t really claim to be
A designer can help you stand out with original creations. If you want to create a
memorable brand, this is nearly non-negotiable.

4. Web designers can help improve your SEO

Here’s the code for a web page built using a custom WordPress theme:

And here’s the code for a page built using a popular WordPress page builder:

Even if you know nothing about SEO, coding, and design, you would have noticed that the
first page is much easier to read. There is very little code in it; the page is mostly filled with
text. In case of the latter, however, the code covers the page and you can hardly read the
This is the core problem with relying on page builders and built-in theme customization.
They add reams upon reams of code, creating “code bloat”.
By itself, code bloat isn’t a problem. But too much code on a page increases page size. This
causes websites to slow down. Since site speed is still a core ranking factor, this can affect
your SEO negatively.
Besides speed, web designers can also ensure that you adhere to Google’s recommended
SEO standards. This means using headings correctly, adding Schema markup where
necessary, and ensuring that your pages have the necessary tags to be search-engine

5. Web designers can make your site ‘future proof’

If you’re using a page builder for your WordPress site, have you ever wondered what will
happen if its creator goes out of business?
This isn’t really an unfeasible situation to imagine. Businesses dealing in WordPress themes
and page builders tend to be small businesses and startups. Given the high rate of failure for
startups, it is not unreasonable to ask whether your page builder will be around in 10-years-
When that happens, you might suddenly find that your theme or page builder is
unsupported. You will have to redo everything from scratch, all the while dealing with the
trouble of migrating to a new theme.

Hiring a web designer to create your WordPress site avoids this problem altogether. Since
your website will be built on WordPress, it won’t depend on any proprietary code. Even if
your web designer goes out of business, you can hire any other designer to support your
This essentially makes your website ‘future proof’. If you want your website to be around in
10 years, you can’t overlook this aspect of working with designers.

Over to you

The choice is entirely yours whether you work with a designer or go the DIY route. But a
designer will ensure that your site looks good, is SEO-compliant, original, and future proof.
You will also save time – your most valuable resource – that you can invest in other parts of
your business.