8 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Business Sites


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WordPress is a popular choice for maintaining a business blog, but the out-of-the-box options don’t always give you everything you want or need for a successful site. These top plugins will take your business site to the next level.

BackupBuddy to Protect Your Site

Despite your best efforts, it’s possible for a hacker to get into nearly any site and destroy months or years of work if you don’t have a backup of your data. BackupBuddy makes it quick and easy to back up not only your information, but your plugins and database as well. Schedule regular backups with this program so you never have to stop and think about whether your site is safe. This plugin does all the work to keep your page protected. Though it’s a little on the pricy side, it’s worth it for the safety it provides.

Gravity Forms to Collect Data

If you want to gather information from your customers, Gravity Forms is a feature-packed option. This plugin isn’t free, but once you’ve purchased your initial subscription, most other add-ons are. This plugin has more options and features than most other data collection plugins. It also offers fast and easy integration with CRM programs. Get to know your customers better and gather the information you need to improve your blog with this powerful feature.

WordPress SEO for the Best Optimization

The best way to make your SEO efforts successful is to incorporate relevant keywords as naturally as possible. This is extremely difficult if you write with a focus on fitting those words and phrases into your piece. With the WordPress SEO plugin, you can write naturally and look at the SEO effectively later. This plugin will give you keyword stats at a glance along with tips for improving the post before you publish it.

Visual Composer for an Aesthetically Exciting Site

If you feel that WordPress is crimping your style with the out-of-the-box options, Visual Composer is an intuitive solution. You don’t need to know CSS or HTML to use this plugin. The interface is rich and easy-to-use. If you have a reliable cable or DSL Internet connection, you can transform your page in no time! Add image galleries, videos, buttons, columns, and more with this one tool. Give your blog the look you’ve always wanted while staying within WordPress.

Thank Me Later to Connect with Customers

Form a personal relationship with first-time visitors quickly and efficiently with Thank Me Later. This plugin helps you send a quick email to first-time commenters telling them more about your business. Remind them about your RSS feed, welcome them to your blog, and extend that personal touch with this plugin.

Digg Digg for Social Media Integration

You’ve surely realized by now that social media is essential for nearly any online business. If you don’t have a presence on popular sites like Facebook and Twitter, there’s no question about why you aren’t getting the number of new readers that you want. Stay in touch with your customers and build a stronger online presence with well-managed accounts on popular social media sites. Integrate your social media presence with your blog using the Digg Digg plugin so all your efforts are interconnected.

Pop Up Domination to Build an Email List

If building leads is one of your top business priorities right now, Pop Up Domination is one of the best plugins you can add to your site. This gives you several pop-up styles to choose from so you can match yours to the look and feel of your site. Though not all visitors welcome popups, this is the best plugin for including them if you’re looking for a fast and efficient way to grab leads.

Akismet to Monitor Spam

Spammy comments are a problem that every blog has to deal with. Akismet makes things easier by checking every comment to see if it looks like spam. Those that do are neatly shuffled off to the WordPress spam folder where you never need to bother with them.

With these WordPress plugins, you can quickly update your blog with a better look, more powerful features, and greater ease of use locksmithspros.com.
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