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After creating a WordPress website, it’s irksome how it resists taking the look that you crave. To brand your website, you need to have tools to edit every possible part of the website. WordPress allows you to add plugins, called page builders, which facilitate extensive customization of your website. The customization power a page builder…

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Food is the very thing that nobody can survive without. Personally, I adore watching those short recipe videos on Instagram, which literally make my mouth watering. In fact, even though I am a rather bad cook, I’m still a big fan of recipe blogs and food presentation photography. Moreover, food blogs like Tasty or Food52 are among those websites I…

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As soon as Gutenberg became a part of the WordPress, there were constant discussions concerning its functionality and rationality. WordPress community was almost instantly divided into two camps, which had drastically different views as for Gutenberg and its future usage.  One stated that Gutenberg as a new content editor was the worst decision WordPress could…

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