Benefits of Toolset Blocks & Gutenberg Starter Theme

Unlock the power of Gutenberg with Toolset Blocks and Gutenberg WordPress Starter Theme

Ignore the hysteric criticism of the last year. The big secret in WordPress is that its WordPress block editor, known as Gutenberg, is actually an excellent way to build websites, regardless of your experience.

That’s right, even if you are a web designer with no coding experience you can make your plans a reality by building beautiful websites using Gutenberg.

That’s because you can use themes such as Gutenberg WordPress Starter Theme to make your website look great while relying on Gutenberg plugins such as Toolset Blocks to create features that every professional website needs.

toolset blocks

Below we will explore why both tools are great options for your website and also a quick step by step demo of how easy it is to use them on your WordPress website.

The benefits of Gutenberg WordPress Starter Theme

Using Gutenberg WordPress Starter Theme unlocks the full potential of the Gutenberg editor while allowing you to create beautiful websites that will stand out from the competition.

gutenberg starter theme
  • Create your website with blocks. The future is here and it is in block form. Blocks are a simple way of arranging your page layouts and allow you to easily structure your content. For example, you can use heading blocks to decide exactly where you want your headings to go. 
Gutenberg examples
  • No need for coding: The Gutenberg WordPress Starter Theme and Gutenberg’s blocks are so easy to use together that you do not need complex coding to build your website. In fact, you can create great-looking websites almost instantly without HTML or CSS. Below is an example of a page I built without any coding at all.

Here is the back-end of a list of gyms that offer yoga classes.

Gutenberg WordPress


And here is how the page looks on the front-end.

Gutenberg Website

Below I will go through how I created it using Gutenberg WordPress Starter Theme along with Toolset Blocks.

  • Integrated with a number of plugins. As Gutenberg gains popularity the likes of Toolset have decided to commit to the editor and are ensuring their plugins are 100% integrated with it. In addition, there are a number of other great plugins that will customize and further extend Gutenberg blocks. Check out our list of the best addons for Gutenberg WordPress Editor for more information.
  • Easy to setup features such as your portfolio or sliders. The Gutenberg WordPress Starter Theme makes it simple to add important website features such as a portfolio. Take a look at the Gutenberg WordPress Starter Theme tutorial to see how easy they are to create.
Gutenberg  starter theme free
  • No need to rely on third-party page builders. While third party page builders are great the problem is you will need to rely on them to update their plugins to ensure complete compatibility with other plugins you might need. Whereas with Gutenberg and its themes you can be safe in the knowledge that you are relying on WordPress core.

The benefits of Toolset Blocks

One of the best plugin addons for Gutenberg is Toolset Blocks which can take your website from basic to professional in next to no time. Just like with Gutenberg in general, you do not need to be a coding wizard to do it.

  • Create dynamic content. Dynamic content is content on a website that changes as WordPress pulls the correct information from its database. For example, if you click on different gyms you will expect to find information about each one. Without dynamic content WordPress will display the same information regardless of which gym you click on. The only way to create dynamic content on Gutenberg without coding is with Toolset Blocks.

To illustrate dynamic content, below you can find two gym posts that I created with Gutenberg WordPress Starter Theme and Toolset Blocks. Both posts have the same layout but display different content thanks to Toolset Blocks.

Gutenberg toolset
  • A simpler workflow for creating websites. Previously, if you were a designer you would have had to design your website on a separate platform and relied on a developer to implement it or use a third party plugin. However, thanks to Toolset Blocks you can create everything yourself straight on WordPress without coding. In addition, experienced developers will benefit as they will save a lot of time building features such as templates, searches and archives.
Gutenberg map WordPrress
  • Create your most important features with Toolset. Toolset Blocks is part of the Toolset suite of plugins which you can use to create many of the features a professional website needs. Indeed, instead of downloading multiple third-party plugins you can use just Toolset to create features such as front-end forms, custom searches, sliders and testimonials.

An example of what you can build with Toolset Blocks – creating a custom list of content

Now that you have an idea of what you can do when you combine Toolset Blocks with Gutenberg WordPress Starter Theme lets see an example of the two in action.

Toolset Blocks allows you to create filtered lists of your content. In the example below, I have created a gym website. I want to create a list of the gyms which offer yoga classes. 

  1. Decide where on your website you want to display your list. You can either insert it into an existing page or a brand new one.
  2. Press the + button to display the list of blocks.
Add Gutenberg

  1. Select Toolset Blocks’ Views button and give it a name, choose the type of layout you want and which custom post type you want to draw your list of content from.
Gutenberg  select view
  1. We can now add each of the blocks we want to display on each of the posts in the listing. Open the list of blocks again and under the Toolset Blocks section select the Headings block.
  2. On the right sidebar select the Dynamic Heading Text and under Source select the Post title option. This way each gym will display its name in the Headings block.
Gutenberg add blocks
  1. We can add other blocks for our image, post excerpt and even a button to click on the post. With Toolset, we can make each block dynamic. Therefore, when you click on the button on each post it will take you to the correct gym.
Gutenberg best blocks
  1. Thanks to Toolset Blocks we can also add a filter to display only those gyms that offer yoga classes. Under the Query Filter dropdown click on Add a filter.
Gutenberg filter
  1. I’ve now selected to only show those gyms which have the yoga taxonomy. 

Check out the front-end where we can see a filtered list with dynamic content.

Gutenberg grid blocks

Final thoughts on Gutenberg blocks

By combining Toolset Blocks and Gutenberg WordPress Starter Theme you are able to easily build professional websites that look great.

For example, Toolset Blocks allows you to create dynamic content. Something that was only previously possible if you knew how to code PHP.

Download Toolset Blocks and get Gutenberg WordPress Starter Theme today to see how easy it is to build the website of your dreams!