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Updated: Oct 06, 2022 By: Dessign Team

Divi 4 now has a front page capability so you can see how you build your website right on your front page, without going inside the module. Divi has the best drag and drop capability where you can add image, text, video, and audio right on the page. You can design professional websites without knowing CSS, HTML and PHP this is a great help for people who are not developers but looking to build a professional-looking website.

Read our Divi Review to learn more about what makes Divi the best WordPress Page builder and all the new features that come with the update. Best online resources to Learn Divi 4 in 2022.

What are the best new Divi 4 features?

Divi 4 best features
Divi 4 Best Features

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List of the best Divi 4.0 Features Explain

Divi 4 front page builder features
Divi 4 front page builder features

1. Import & Export Theme Builder Packs

Theme Builder templates can also be imported and exported, including all header, footer and body layouts. Theme Builder exports are essentially “website packs.” Think of them like Divi Layout Packs, except for your overall website structure instead of individual page designs. Theme Builder packs remove the need for child themes and allow you to create pre-built theme templates that can be used on any website. How to install Divi theme on your WordPress website easy to follow guide with video overview.

2. Custom Headers And Footers

Using the Theme Builder you can create custom headers and footers for any part of your website. You are no longer limited to Divi’s standard header but instead are given full control over your website’s header using the Divi Builder and its many modules. This update also comes with improvements to the Divi menu module, giving you more layout options, more control over its elements and of course full control over its design. You can create a global website header that affects your entire website and you can create custom headers and footers for any individual part your website too. Check out some custom headers we created to give you some inspiration!

3. Site-Wide Post & Product Templates

The Theme Builder also allows you to create custom body templates that change the default structure of your posts, products or any other post type across your website. Instead of editing each post and product individually, you can use the Theme Builder to create a site-wide template. Dynamic content can be assigned to Divi modules within these templates to showcase the current post’s information, such as its title, content and featured image anywhere within your custom design, and you can use Divi’s WooCommerce Modules to create completely custom product templates. Edit them once and see your entire website change instantly.

4. Custom Category Pages & 404 Pages

The Theme Builder can also be used to create custom index page designs, including custom category feeds. You now have complete control over your website’s category designs and you can use the Divi blog module and its many design settings to customize those post feeds. The blog module also comes with some upgrades, including new post loop and post filtering options that give you even more control over your category templates.

5. Enhanced Power Of Dynamic Content

The Divi Theme Builder isn’t just a powerful tool in its own right, it also augments some of Divi’s most important features. When editing Theme Builder templates, Divi’s Dynamic Content feature takes on a whole new meaning. Dynamic Content is what allows site-wide Theme Builder templates to function, dynamically pulling individual post content and applying it to the template you assigned to that post type. Since Dynamic Content can be used inside of the content areas of any module, you are free to use the full set of Divi modules to design your post templates.

6. WooCommerce Modules

When used inside of a Theme Builder template, WooCommerce modules take on a whole new meaning. Instead of designing your product pages one by one, you can now create a site-wide product template. A single product template controls the design of all your product pages at once! When you create a site-wide product template using the Theme Builder, there is no need to customize your individual product pages. Simply input the product information, such as its price, description and images into the appropriate WooCommerce inputs and your product template will be populated automatically.

7. Site-Wide Design Control 

When combined with Global Defaults, the Divi Theme Builder creates the perfect combination of site-wide design editing and site-wide template structuring. Using the Theme Builder, you can customize the structure of your entire website at once. While editing Theme Builder templates, you can also access the Global Defaults editor to customize your entire website’s design too. It’s amazing just how efficient building websites becomes when you take full advantage of these two features.

8. Divi Layers View

You can explore your content inside the layers panel while at the same time editing your page visually. This brings the simplicity and efficiency of block-based editing and combines it with the intuitive nature of the visual builder, giving you the best of both worlds! The layers panel consolidates long and complex pages and allows you to navigate and edit them with a new found efficiency.

9. 3D Motion Scroll Effects

Add 3D Motion Scroll Effects into your Divi website can easily be done by combining a few powerful built-in Divi features – scroll effects and transform rotation. The idea is actually a simple one. Before we move elements horizontally or vertically using scroll effects, we rotate the element’s container using transform rotate. This allows the motion (on scroll) to occur on a plane in 3D space.

10. Zoom-Out Header Transition

Creating a zoom-out header scroll effect can be an impressive design element to engage users with your content. The effect is similar to what you see on Apple’s macOS Catalina page. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to create a zoom-out header transition on scroll with Divi. The trick is to add scaling and vertical motion scroll effects to an entire row to create the zoom out effect. The result is a beautiful transition that leaves users pleasantly surprised.

11. A/B Split Testing

Divi Leads is a powerful split testing system for the Divi Builder that allows you to broadcast different versions of your page to different visitors and figure out which version is most effective at converting your unique goals using powerful stats and insights. You can test different colors, different headlines or entirely different layouts and Divi Leads will tell you how each variation stacks up in the battle for more clicks, more sales and higher engagement. Once the test is over, you simply select the highest performing variation. Today, we are bringing Divi Leads to the Visual Builder where you can now create, manage and track split tests using our modern front-end interface.

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What are the best Divi Resources?

Elegant themes has a full section on divi resources where you can learn whats new with Divi 4 and download many new effects or cool extensions. There are many tutorial and resources on all the new features that are being released in 2022 for the Divi 4 page builder. There is also Divi documentation where you can learn how to use it step by step tutorial to help you get started. Or join their community center where you can ask questions and get 24/7 support. You can also join the Divi Facebook group where you can learn new tricks and tips and ask the community for help. Also there is a great Divi Meetup where you can attend new meetings around the world meet new people and get new business, network and get new clients.