20+ Best Personal Blog WordPress Themes 2020

Best Free & Premium WordPress Themes for Blogs and Personal Bloggers. Blogging WordPress themes are the most popular themes on the market WordPress at first was a blogging tool, helping many people express themselves online, writing articles that help others or teaching others a skill. Today you can find amazing free or premium blogging themes helping you express your point of view or writing about your experience. We put a list of the best free and premium blog themes available, pick once that best suit your needs, even if you just staring blogging you can pick free blog theme and open yourself to the world. Help others achieve success or fix a problem they had. Blogging themes are the best ones to start with as most of them are easy to setup and just start writing. Most blog themes are modern and simple with easy and responsive layout. Clean images and layout will help you decide which blog theme is best for you. Each personal blog theme is fully responsive with modern design, large fonts for better reading and mobile friendly to adjust to any device to help people easily read and find your content. Since this is a mix of free and premium personal blog themes you can always start with free theme and then upgrade to premium one, your content will stay just your layout will chance. Also you can buy the premium version to help support the developer so you always get the updates and support as need it. It might be hard to pick the perfect personal blog theme but you can start with free one and just write and later decide if this theme is the best choice for you. Switching themes is easy and simple, so there is no need to spend hours trying to pick the perfect one, you can always change later. Since we put the list of best personal blog themes for you it might help you narrow it down to the few you like the best. We pick the most innovated and creative WordPress themes around. Click on any theme and download the free or premium version theme of your choice. We will keep adding new themes for personal blogs so check back soon. Also check WordPress Magazine Themes

Updated: January 05, 2020

Maximalism WordPress Theme

Madd Magazine

Great Mag


Lucienne WordPress Theme

Zillah WordPress Theme

Creative Blog WordPress Theme

Anariel WordPress Theme

GutenType WordPress Theme

Journal WordPress Theme

Charm WordPress Theme

Chosen WordPress Theme

Everly WordPress Theme

Magnetism Pro WordPress Theme

Character Personal WordPress Theme

Epicurean WordPress Theme

Verb Pro WordPress Theme

Blog Zone Theme

Anissa WordPress Theme

Identiz WordPress Theme

Activellow WordPress Theme

Bloger WordPress Theme

Glossy Look WordPress Theme

Bloog Pro WordPress Theme

Orsay WordPress Theme

The Reader WordPress Theme

Fashionista WordPress Theme

Oxygen WordPress Theme

Blaskan WordPress Theme

Sparkling WordPress Theme