8 Best WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugins (Most Popular 2023)

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Google Shopping ads are a great way to market your products online. Since Google Shopping ads are more informative with product images and other details, it is more effective to improve conversion rates. You need to create a feed of your WooCommerce products and upload it to Google Merchant Center as a first step to getting your products displayed as Google Shopping ads. In this article, we will discuss some of the best WooCommerce Google Shopping plugins that will help you generate customized product feeds for your Merchant Center account. What is WooCommerce and how to get started with it.

Why are Google Shopping ads important?

Google Shopping ads are a great way to market your WooCommerce products. Compared to the traditional text ads of Google, Shopping ads are different and are more effective. Google Shopping ads include your product images and other important information like price, reviews and ratings, etc. Since they are rich in information, the leads generated by these ads are more qualified. Moreover, the chances of conversion are more as customers already know quite a lot about the product.

google shopping ads

The process of setting up Google Shopping ads is also quite different from traditional text ads of Google. When text ads are displayed based on your keyword bidding, Google Shopping ads are dependent on the product feed that you upload on Google Merchant Center. You have to generate the product feed meeting all the requirements mandated by Google, and make sure it is accurate and regularly updated. Google will choose to display ads of your products according to the relevance of a search query. 

WooCommerce Google Shopping plugins

As you have seen, Google Shopping ads are dependent a lot on the quality and accuracy of the Merchant Center product feed. Generating a product feed could be a difficult task, when you have a large number of products. WooCommerce Google Shopping plugins will help you automate the process of generating the feed. A lot of advanced plugins will help you also in conditionally selecting products to include in the feed as well as to schedule updates. We will look at the features and capabilities of some of these plugins in more detail.

1. ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin

This plugin will help you generate product feeds for your Google Shopping ads automatically. Based on the specific strategies for your store, you can customize your feed. Moreover, you can create refresh schedules so that your product feed is updated in regular intervals. The advanced mapping of categories and attributes makes this plugin one of the most user friendly choices. Furthermore, you can generate product feeds in multiple file formats such as CSV, TSV and XML.

elex WooCommerce Plugin


  • Easily generate product feed for Google Merchant Center, which is crucial for displaying Google Shopping ads.
  • Helps you create feeds specific to countries.
  • Multiple file formats – XML, TSV and CSV.
  • Supports variable products.
  • No limits to the number of feeds that you can create.
  • Create a refresh schedule to update the product feed.
  • Map WooCommerce categories with Google categories.
  • Map attributes based on conditions and rules.
  • Append and prepend values to attributes.
  • Map custom fields.
  • Option to set product specific values for GTIN, MPN, etc.
  • Easily manage multiple feeds with a user-friendly dashboard.

2. Checkout Address AutoFill For WooCommerce Pro

Checkout Address AutoFill For WooCommerce Pro

Checkout Address AutoFill For WooCommerce is a WooCommerce add-on which allows your user to autofill both Billing and Shipping address fields in the checkout page by using google address autocomplete API.

This plugin also has the functionality where the user can select his current location and the plugin will set the current location in the respective checkout fields.


  • Works for Billing and/or Shipping addresses
  • Enable user current location for both Ship/Bill address
  • Show Results from Specific Country
  • Manage Autocomplete Field placement
  • Allow Phone Number autofill
  • Allow Company Name autofill
  • Supports the latest version of WooCommerce
  • User can autofill address using Google Map
  • Save Geolocation(Latitude and Longitude) of the Billing and Shipping addresses. You can see the exact location of the billing and shipping addresses on the Edit Order page.

3. Google Product Feed

This extension helps you create a live feed for Google Merchant Center with your WooCommerce products. It offers an option to include a large number of product fields in the feed so that your product information is really detailed. Moreover, the plugin offers an easy way to map WooCommerce product fields with Google’s specifications. Also, you will be able to include data by creating additional data fields.  The plugin also helps you create a product review feed as well as a Bing feed.

google feed plugin


  • Create a product feed for Google Merchant Center.
  • Generate additional data fields to present extensive product information.
  • Set up field defaults for the entire product catalog or only for specific categories.
  • Supports product variations.
  • Helps you update product feed regularly.
  • Flexible for customisation. 

4. YITH Google Product Feed for WooCommerce

This is another plugin that will help you create a product feed for Google Merchant Center easily. You will be able to include all the information specified by Google so that your products will be displayed in Google Shopping ads. The plugin allows you to include all your products to the feed, or only include specific categories or tags.

yith google product feed


  • Create a product feed with all your products or only selected ones.
  • Include Google fields specific to your store strategy.
  • Include additional fields along with standard fields.
  • Option to override data at individual product or variation levels.
  • Choose to give the same value to all general Google fields.

5. WP All Export Google Shopping

This plugin will help you easily export product data to Google Merchant Center. It offers support for all the different criteria that is set by Google Merchant Center for the creation of feeds. In addition, the plugin helps you create a schedule for automatically exporting products at regular intervals. Moreover, the plugin has a simple, user friendly interface; and an inventive approach for category mapping. The major advantage of the plugin is that it will ensure that all the important information of your products will be included in the feed. 

export woocommerce products


  • Create informative product feeds without missing any crucial information about your products.
  • Drag and drop interface to help you efficiently export product data to be presented to Google Shopping ads.
  • Include images, variations and even custom data added by third party plugins.
  • Intelligent mapping system to ensure your store categories are efficiently linked to Google categories.
  • Smooth operation to export huge volumes of data.
  • Convenient filters to help you choose the products you want to be included in the feed.
  • Automatic scheduling option to ensure your product data is updated regularly.
  • Flexible for customization. 
  • Supports multiple languages. 
  • Extensive documentation and lifetime support to ensure that you will be able to handle any issues easily while generating the feed.

6. WPMarketingRobot WooCommerce Product Feed Manager

This is an efficient solution to help you create accurate product feeds for Google Shopping ads. In addition to Google Shopping, you can use this plugin for generating product feeds for several other platforms. It offers options to automatically update the feed so that your product information will not go outdated. The plugin is quite easy to install and configure, and has a user friendly interface to help you generate feeds effortlessly.

woocommerce product feed


  • Create accurate Google Merchant Center feeds to make your product information available to Google Shopping ads.
  • Advanced filters to ensure that you have the control in determining which of your products are included in the feed.
  • Accurate mapping of WooCommerce categories with Google categories.
  • All required fields are included and there is an option to create additional fields.
  • Option to schedule feed updates so that your product data is always up to date.
  • Track your success with an ad platform with actionable insights.
  • No limits in terms of the number of products that can be included in a feed.

7. WooCommerce Product Feed Pro

This is another plugin that helps you create product data feeds for multiple marketing channels. You can generate product data feed for Google Merchant Center as well as configure scheduled updates using this plugin. Moreover, the plugin helps to ensure that the information in your product feed is accurate, and is meeting all the requirements specified by Google. Interestingly, the plugin even has an option to generate a product feed including only a specific product type. 

woocommerce product feed


  • Create a product feed for Google Merchant Center meeting all the guidelines specified by Google. 
  • Advanced filters and conditions to ensure that only relevant products are included in the product feed.
  • Set conditions according to the specific nature of your product attributes.
  • Accurate mapping of categories.
  • Batch processing to ensure smooth handling of huge product data.
  • Include custom data created by other plugins that you may be using on your site.
  • Support for multiple languages and multiple vendors. 

8. RexTheme WooCommerce Product Feed Manager

If you are looking for a solution to create product feeds for multiple marketing platforms, this one could definitely help. It has a very simple workflow and will help you ensure that you will get the best experience in sharing product information. The plugin will ensure that you can generate a high quality feed for Google Merchant Center. Moreover, it will help to ensure that the product feed is automatically updated. Accurate category mapping and options to create custom attribute fields will make this plugin an easy choice for product feed generation.

rexthemes woocommerce feed


  • Generate product feed for Google Merchant Center as well as other comparison engines and marketing platforms.
  • Filters to include and exclude products in the feed.
  • Easily map store categories with Google categories.
  • Create custom attribute fields to ensure your data is extensive.
  • Supports multiple file formats – Text, CSV and XML.
  • Automatically update product feed.
  • Supports inclusion of data created by other plugins.

As you know, Google Shopping ads will help a lot in improving the visibility of your products. You need to create a product feed so that your product data is available to Google. Depending on the quality of your feed and the relevance of the search, Google will pick up the right products to display in the shopping ads. One of the first steps for this is to create and maintain a quality Google Product Feed. Hopefully, these plugins will help you create and manage efficient product feeds for Google Shopping. Leave a comment if you have a query.

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