Best WordPress Plugins for Gutenberg and Elementor

There can be a lot of reasons why developers prefer to use WordPress plugins. They expand editor possibilities, assist in building responsive webpages and provide users with a variety of extra blocks. Or the other reason can be simply the urge to use pre-made block designs and native customizing practices. 

Nevertheless, with the huge popularity of WordPress builders, like Elementor and Gutenberg, the variety of plugins for both is growing with the speed of light. That is why it becomes harder and harder to find the right one, which will be the most suitable for you. However, in this article, we are going to compare the collection of blocks for Gutenberg and for Elementor: ZeGuten and JetElements.

zeguten vs jetelements

Both plugins are known as a collection of blocks, or widgets in the second case, with a dozen options and features, which fits any website, whether it is a news blog or an online store. Although it will be not right to compare two completely different techniques, Elementor and Gutenberg, these two add-ons have pretty much in common, and we’ll uncover why. 

Check the most powerful and multipurpose plugins

ZeGuten represents the collection of blocks for Gutenberg. It is 100% compatible with the latest WordPress versions and comes under the GPL 3 license. That means that once you own it, you become able to apply it to multiple websites. ZeGuten is aimed to assist you in making any type of content. The plugin is cross-browser and has the same interface in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Edge. 

Gutenberg page

As for the blocks hierarchy, ZeGuten has a Section block on-board. You are able to build a custom page structure or use a Section block as a parent element for any other block. Put inside it any block, whether it is an animated box or stunning posts layouts, and you don’t ever need to worry about spacing or gaps. 

ZeGuten collection of blocks for Gutenberg is regularly updated. The team of knowledgeable developers is working on new modern blocks and release them every month. 

The price for ZeGuten is always the same for one or multiple sites as it’s released under the GPL license. 

JetElements plugin is as well a powerful tool for building webpages, but it expands the possibilities of the Elementor editor. The plugin is also regularly updated, therefore you are able to apply a new version of the plugin in the admin dashboard of your website. 

elementor page

The JetElements plugin also comes with a set of widgets for ELementor, which may help you to quickly start the page building process. 

It doesn’t have layout widgets, like ZeGuten does, however, it’s understandable, as Elementor already provides this feature. 

The plugin’s price for a single site license and for multiple websites varies a little, you will have a restriction in using the plugin on many sites if you don’t have a proper licensing.  

Multiple customization features to choose from

Talking about the customization, both ZeGuten and JetElements plugins can totally amaze you with a bunch of options and effects. This means you can customize the content and give your website a unique appearance using style settings that are pretty precise. 

ZeGuten's collection of blocks for Gutenberg proposes a bunch of custom controls for changing background and text color, but its possibilities don’t stop here. In fact, they are almost limitless and will be in hand for everyone, who strives to build a fully-fledged website. To start with, you can set the background of the full page and fill it with an image or video. 

What is more, once you put any block inside a section, you become able to set color, image or video background. Set a gradient background by picking one of the 8 gradient layouts. You can also create a custom shape for the background and even mix various background types. 

Gutenberg blocks

As for the JetElements plugin, it works with Elementor, so you are able to make multiple changes in the interface of your website. All the settings are gathered in the three tabs: Content, Style and Advanced. 

elementor page builder

The Content tab helps add the relevant content and set various content options when you work with a specific widget. 

The Style tab will assist you in styling and designing the elements of the widgets, like heading, text, image, etc. More additional options you can always find in the Advanced tab – these are the options that are provided by Elementor itself. 

Also, the JetElements plugin provides a parallax effect. You can apply a parallax effect to the Sections of your website, which will be a great solution for catching the visitors’ attention.

Display posts in versatile layouts

As for the Post block layouts, ZeGuten provides 5 posts layouts: classic listing, modern grid, unusual chess, innovative masonry, and animated carousel. That is what makes it one of the best Gutenberg block plugins for building any kind of blog. 

Gutenberg Blocks builder

One of the most useful JetElements features is as well the Posts widget, which comes with a set of 5 blocks: Posts Navigation, Pagination, Posts List, Tiles, and Posts itself. The plugin also provides the ability to turn on the carousel mode for posts. 

Explore the static content blocks and widgets 

Let’s take a look at the blocks, which are similar for both plugins, and make a brief overview of them. 

The Banner block is the one work amazingly for promotion and CTAs, business offers and announcements. Both plugins provide you with the possibility of adding an image and setting its size. Write down the title and subtitle and add a link. You can also add an overlay and choose the proper background type. JetElements additionally provide you with different animation effects. While ZeGuten gives you a chance to set vertical alignment, add two buttons and style them up or hover and normal states.

Let’s move to the Animated box block. Both plugins have a pack of settings for the front and back sides of the block. Pick one of the amazing flip effects, set the box height and choose whether you want a color, image or gradient background. You can also set content alignment and customize text elements the way you want. Add an image or SVG icon and don’t forget about the border settings. Although JetElemnts has more customizing settings because the Elementor is longer on the market, ZeGuten is a true king of responsiveness for block elements.

The next block to overview is a Progress bar. Both JetElements and ZeGuten allow you to set progress value, but ZGuten additionally allows you to set the value suffix and make a block animated. Set the progress height and set color or gradient background. Apply border or shadow. As for the value settings, they are really limitless and very similar for both plugins. 

The Image Comparison block allows you to set a before and after image. Similarly, JetElelemnts and ZeGuten give you the ability to set the dividing line and add arrows. However, JetElements allows you to choose one of 9 icon styles, whereas ZeGuten has a bunch of design options to style the block. 

Both JetElements and ZeGuten have an Advanced map. This block is highly important for delivery websites, business organizations, fitness studious and a great variety of website, who needs to track or showcase locations. The plugins provide users with the ability to set a location pin and zoom level. You can also set the map height and pick a layout from a bunch of proposed. Enable zoom and fullscreen buttons, and street or satellite view. JetElements also equips you with Scrollwheel Zoom and Map Dragged options. Whereas, ZeGuten gives the ability to set map height and spacing for various devices.

Moving to the Heading block, plugins allow you to choose an HTML tag, alignment ad a bunch of typography settings. JetElelemts additionally allows to add a before or after icon. Besides, the plugin provides you with a huge variety of design options and the ability to separate text on to parts. As for ZeGuten, the plugin is very young and its possibilities in styling headings will only grow.

Take a look at the Circle Progress block, where JetElements and ZeGuen plugin provides you with the ability to set progress value, prefix and suffix. A bunch of styling options to improve the circle and content designs are also on-board. Change the color of the circle area and background line. Regulate the size of each element. Multiple features for text and value are also included. 

One of the most multifunctional blocks of both products is a Pricing Table block. It allows informing users about the pricing policy of your company. Our plugins are almost equal here. You can set a feature label, edit it according to your needs, and change a label text. Choose the background color for your item, as well as a color scheme for the whole pricing table. Work with the text typography. Set text color, background for this element, and borders. Furthermore, with a pricing table to edit each block separately.

The last, but the most important block is a Carousel by ZeGuten collection of blocks for Gutenberg. In JetElements there re two blocks with similar functionality: Slider and Advanced Carousel. Let’s highlight the main functions of all blocks.

Each block allows to choose the number of items, how many slides to show, and how many slides to scroll. Add arrows, dots or both, enable infinite loop or autoplay, as well as fade effect and pause on hover. You can also set an autoplay speed. Attune your arrows and dots. Change the color, position and border properties. You may also change the Hover settings if you need. Choose the background type for each item, write subtitles, titles, and descriptions, and change the content of the buttons. Additionally, you can customize each part of your block separately.

We know that JetElements was around for a while, and people who work with Elementor love it. However, ZeGuten is growing every day and a young team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable developers is working on updates and releases a block every month. ZeGuten is an analog of JetElements, but for Gutenberg. We hope there will be more collection of blocks for Gutenberg with the same exact options.

Multipurpose typography properties

A great variety of font settings are provided both by ZeGuten and JetElements. You are able to choose the proper font among 100+ others and set its size for multiple devices. Moreover, you can also set font weight, style and decoration. Text transform option is also available, as well as line height and letter spacing.  

However, ZeGuten plugin also gives you an ability to set the font subset and choose the proper tag for text element: div, span, paragraph, or one of six headings.

gutenberg headings

What about the responsiveness

Responsiveness is a key feature of any website because nowadays most users commonly use mobile or tablet. That is why not only desktop experience is important. ZeGuten provides developers with a bunch of spacing features. Set gaps, margins, and paddings in pixels or percentages for desktop, tablet and mobile phone. Vary font and icon size, the number of columns, and items to showcase on various devices. 

The JetElements plugin provides you with almost every responsive feature that ZeGuten has. Some of them are similar, somewhere there is a little difference. However, both plugins have quite powerful tools to make a website responsive and user-friendly.


Both plugins are paid ones because they have a wide and powerful range of tools and features.

ZeGuten plugin contains 14 blocks:

  • Section block, which can be a parent element for any other one; 
  • Countdown timer, Circle progress, Icon list, Pricing table, and Progress bar to display infographics, upcoming events, discounts and business offers; 
  • Animated box, Blurbs, Banners, Carousel to make your website engaging and animated; 
  • other multifunctional blocks: Advanced map, Image comparison, Posts, and Headings.

JetElements plugin includes 42 blocks:

  • Advanced Carousel, Slider, Images Layout, Portfolio, Image Comparison, Instagram, Banner and Inline SVG blocks for showcasing creative portfolios;
  • Animated Box, Scroll Navigation, Animated Text, Headline, Dropbar and Countdown Timer to apply visual effects;
  • Posts block to display any publications;
  • Services, Price List, Pricing Table, Testimonials, Team Member, Logo showcase to present your business;
  • Table, Pie Chart, Progress Bar, Circle Progress, Vertical Timeline, and Horizontal Timeline blocks to arrange content;
  • Button and Download button blocks;
  • other stylish and useful blocks.

ZeGuten has fewer blocks, however, its popularity is only growing. Moreover, it's quite hard to compare plugins, which comes for different editors. Elementor is a little bit more popular than Gutenberg, but Gutenberg is native and perspective. 

Each of these plugins is worth developers’ attention. One is for Elementor, while the other represents a collection of blocks for Gutenberg. However, it’s you to decide which plugin you’d choose to work with while building pages. The one thing we are certain about is that both of them will improve the experience of page-building and give you the ability to create a fully-fledged website. 

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