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  • WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org – What's the difference?

    WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org – What’s the difference?

    After getting many email asking why can’t I install your themes on my WordPress blog? I decided to write quick explanation about WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org and how are they different.. 1. WordPress.com – Free Platform where you can only install themes that WordPress.com provides “Because of the way WordPress.com’s technical infrastructure is designed, we are…

  • Responsive Plugin – WordPress Plugin For Responsive Design

    Responsive Plugin – WordPress Plugin For Responsive Design

    With all the buzz going around on how Responsive Design is the future, and your website or blog should be design for the mobile and tablet. And all the design predictions for 2012+ are all about Responsive Layout. After getting many emails asking if I be designing and developing Responsive Themes, and if I be…