Why Bluehost Is The Best Hosting For Beginner Bloggers (Compared & Tested 2022)

Updated: Jan 06, 2022 By: Dessign Team

best hosting for WordPress beginners "Bluehost"

In recent years, the number of web host providers has tremendously increased. If you’re a blogger looking to start your own blog site, finding the right hosting provider can be a daunting task. Doubly so if you’ve never created your own website before.

Easy to follow tutorial with step-by-step instructions how to start a blog or how to make a website using WordPress with build in drag and drop page builder. We would consider Bluehost to be best hosting for WordPress beginners and explain what is a blog in order to become the best blogger in your niche.

With so many simples to use options and easy navigation any beginner would find it super simple to use. If you just starting out and want to create your first WordPress blog, we put together a tutorial step by step how to start a WordPress blog in 2022. We put together a list of the best WordPress hosting providers for Beginners user friendly with 1-click install WordPress, Apps and any Add-Ons they provide in dashboard. Easy to follow Step by Step tutorial with video overview how to install WordPress on Bluehost in under 5 minutes for beginners.

When it comes to hosting providers, Bluehost is one that we recommend for beginner bloggers. Bluehost hosting has been a popular choice for those starting out and need a provider that offers all the basic necessity for starting a website or a blog.

When you are a beginner blogger you want something simple and easy to use, Bluehost interface is super simple and extremely easy to navigate. It gives you simple options to install your WordPress blog theme and automatically use it to create your blog or website.

Bluehost also has 24/7 chat support so if for any reason you get stuck, the support is always there to help you or fix the issue for you. You can read our full Bluehost review and what we think about hosting your website with Bluehost.

If you need help transfer or migrate your WordPress site to Bluehost with free Bluehost site migration so you don't have to worry about your site, let the experts take care of this for you.

Reason why Bluehost is best for beginner bloggers

Bluehost has many theme included in their marketplace, so its very easy for any blogger and website designer to buy or upload free WordPress theme through their marketplace.

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BlueHost New Dashboard for 2021 and Dessign WordPress Themes
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A full security suite and features

Safety is an absolute must when it comes to the internet and Bluehost offers some of the best security features around for your website.

For starters, you can enable two-factor authentication for your account, prevent spam with tools like SpamAssassin, Spam Hammer, and Spam Experts. They even have high-level information security by encrypting your site’s data (A very useful feature for eCommerce business owners).

If you’re worried about your blog’s data, they also provide a daily server backup option, in case you suffer an accidental data loss.

Fast page loading and fantastic uptimes

A hallmark of a good web host is its ability to load your blog fast and to continually have strong uptimes. Bluehost can do both for your blog!

Pages that loads slow will have a huge effect on your user experience. Even Google experienced a 20% drop in traffic a few years back just because of a half second delay. With Bluehost,  you won't have to worry about speed as they averaged at about 522ms, which is better than most hosting providers.

Bluehost uptime is equally impressive. It recorded a near perfect rate of 99.98%, which is remarkably better than the industry standard of 99.90%. That means less downtime for your blog on average and more time creating content for your audience.

Official WordPress integration

Bluehost has been an official web hosting partner for WordPress.org since 2005 and if you’re a WordPress blogger, they offer a special hosting server that’s optimized for WordPress. Aside from Bluehost, only two other hosting providers, SiteGround and Dreamhost, are recognized as official hosting partners of WordPress.

With a server build primarily for WordPress, you can expect a highly optimized and high capacity server that will take care of your blog. Plus, with WordPress, it’ll be easier to find and implement awesome themes for your blog if you’re too lazy to design the site yourself.

Plenty of Apps and eCommerce plugins support

Bluehost comes equipped with a dashboard that’s full of applications which you can use for your blog. You can integrate services such as Google Apps and CloudFlare into your blog to increase functionality.

With Google Apps, you can bring all of the perks of Google into your blog and CloudFlare, a popular free CDN service, will help boost your site and keep it secure.

You can even set up an online store with Bluehost by simply installing a shopping cart plugin. Among them, MOJO Marketplace is a shopping cart software that Bluehost recommends, or you can just hire a developer to create a custom shopping cart and manage it for you.

Beginner friendly user interface

For a beginner, managing the backend of a blog might seem overwhelming. Fortunately, the Bluehost new interface boasts a super beginner-friend cPanel that’s easy to pick up and learn.

Through their simplified interface, you can manage and access all of your blogs and email addresses in one place and they are highlighted with easy-to-identify icons. You won’t have to worry about clicking on a wrong button anytime soon.

The cPanel interface is also customizable, which means you can reorganize the way it lays out so that you can have the features you need at the top while removing the ones you don’t use.

24/7 customer and technical support

Having a competent customer and technical support is a must for any hosting provider and with Bluehost, they offer a customer and technical service that’s easily accessible through their Bluehost Help Center.

A few key persons and developers are actively involved in technical support. They believe technical support would be an important factor in customer satisfaction.

With a dedicated team and live phone support that’s available 24/7, you can be sure that the folks at Bluehost are more than capable to handle any troubleshooting issues that you might face.

30 Day trial and money back guarantee

For a blogger who is just starting out, you might not be comfortable or confident enough to commit to a host until you’ve tried them all out.

Which is why it’s awesome that Bluehost offers a 30-day money back guarantee for their customers!

The way it works is that, if you cancel Bluehost hosting plan within the first 30 days, then you’re entitled to a full refund from Bluehost. If you cancel your plan after 30 days, however, you’ll only be entitled to a prorated refund, depending on the remainder of your hosting term.


If you’re just starting out and you’re really sure what to look for in a hosting provider, we absolutely recommend you try out Bluehost. They offer the best features and services that you’ll need for a beginner blogger. Bluehost is the best hosting for beginner bloggers who are looking for easy to setup and maintain hosting solution.

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Yes, Bluehost hosting has been a popular choice for those starting out and need a provider that offers all the basic necessity for starting a website or a blog. When you are a beginner blogger you want something simple and easy to use, bluehost interface is super simple and extremely easy to navigate.

Yes, Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers for WordPress users. With 1-click WordPress install, 24/7 support and 99.99% uptime, Bluehost is a good host from beginner to advanced users.

BlueHost is hands down one of the most affordable hosting service providers. The basic plan for shared hosting starts for just $2.95 per month which is quite economical. Bluehost is cheap the first year, after that the price goes up. Bluehost is for entry level clients and then you can update your hosting.

Yes, Bluehost has 1-click WordPress install which is free with your hosting. Bluehost customer service can also install free WordPress on your hosting if you need help they have 24/7 support.

Yes, Bluehost is one of the easiest hosting to use, they have very user friendly interface and dashboard. Bluehost makes it easy and quick to get your website up and running with 1-click WordPress install you will be online under 5 min.

Yes, anyone looking for affordable and good hosting should use Bluehost, as they are recommended by WordPress.org as one of the best hosting company with 24/7 support and 99.99% uptime.