Bluehost Review – Is It the Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners 2021?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021 By: Dessign Team

Bluehost Review

Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton and located in Salt Lake City, UT USA. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts, collectively hosting well over 2 million domains. They are an official “WordPress.org” recommended hosting provider since 2005.

Bluehost offers the ultimate WordPress platform. Tuned for WordPress users, we offer WordPress-centric dashboards and tools along with 1-click installation, a FREE domain name, email, FTP, FREE SSL Certificate Included, and more. Easily scalable and backed by legendary 24/7 live chat support by over 700 in-house hosting experts. Their Shared WordPress hosting starts at $2.95/month and it's back by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bluehost Hosting Review

In this Bluehost review we will focus mainly on Bluehost Shared WordPress hosting, which is perfect solution and option for any beginner looking to build a WordPress website or start a WordPress blog, with a great introduction price at $2.95/month you will be able to register your free domain and get your website online in under 2 minutes or less. Bluehost also has free websites migration so if you not happy with your old hosting they will migrate your website for you for free.

What is Web Hosting? Video Overview

Before we go into Bluehost and why you should use it, lets watch a quick video done by Bluehost what web hosting is, and why Bluehost has the best and easiest hosting for beginners and advanced professionals.

Is Bluehost a good web hosting company? Yes, Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers with the best security, performance and 24/7 support. Bluehost is recommended by WordPress.org as the best overall hosting company for WordPress users who are looking to purchase affordable hosting for their website or blog.

Is Bluehost a good hosting for beginners? Yes, Bluehost is among the best hosting solutions for anyone looking for reliable hosting, and it's perfect and easy to use for beginners. If you thinking about a new website and looking for easy to use hosting, Bluehost has most of the features 1-click installs, and it's very straight forward to use and manage for beginners.

Dessign team uses Bluehost since 2010 for all of our clients and strongly recommends Bluehost to anyone starting a website, with Bluehost uptime at 99.99% and load speed at around 4-5 seconds we can say Bluehost hosting is our top pick for a reliable and professional hosting solution with amazing customer support and outstanding user experience dashboard. . Easy to follow Step by Step guide how to install WordPress on Bluehost in under 5 minutes for beginners.

What Products and Services Bluehost offers?

Domain Names Registrar: Bluehost offers a domain registrations, so you don't have to leave Bluehost in order to register your domain name and then have to transfer back to Bluehost, its all done inside Bluehost. When you register for Bluehost you will get free domain name which is great way to save some money for beginners.

WordPress Shared Hosting: Bluehost has the WordPress specific hosting which we strongly recommend to signup for vs the regular Shared hosting which is prices that same at $2.95/month

WordPress Managed Hosting: Managed hosting is much more expensive and more focus on mid level websites with already good traffic and more established online business prices at $19.95/month with more features, speed and performance.

Dedicated Hosting: This is more for websites with very high traffic, need privacy and control, this is one of the most expensive hosting plans priced at $79.99/month

VPS Hosting: Virtual Private Servers is hosting plan something in between WordPress shared hosting and dedicated hosting, more for mid level traffic websites who are looking for flexibility and control as this is more affordable plan for $18.99/month

eCommerce hosting: This hosting plan is more for WooCommerce online stores, if you looking to open professional WooCommerce shop this plan would be perfect for you with already pre install WordPress and WooCommerce prices at $15.95/month

Professional Services: Bluehost also has professional Web design, SEO and Marketing services which is great if you want a professional developer build your website so you can focus on your customers. They also have free migration services so if you want to transfer your website from other hosting it will be done for you for free.

Bluehost Shared WordPress Hosting

What is Shared WordPress Hosting? In addition to offering reliable and affordable WordPress hosting, Bluehost installs WordPress automatically upon the completion of signing up for an account.

You don't need to worry about finding the correct version of WordPress, Bluehost always installs the latest version so you have the most recent features available for your website. Bluehost has been the #1 recommended WordPress hosting provider since 2005 and we take pride in our customer service and expertise.

Bluehost Shared WordPress Hosting plan includes: Automatic WordPress Installation, Automatic WordPress Updates, Secure Configuration of Login Credentials, WordPress Staging Environment

Basic $2.95/mo*, Plus $5.45/mo*, Choice Plus $5.45/mo*

BasicPlusChoice Plus
Normally $8.99Normally $11.99Normally $16.99
1 WebsiteUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited Websites
Free SSL CertificateFree SSL CertificateFree SSL Certificate
50 GB SSD StorageUnmetered SSD StorageUnmetered SSD Storage
Free Domain for 1 YearFree Domain for 1 YearFree Domain for 1 Year
5 Parked DomainsUnlimited Parked DomainsUnlimited Parked Domains
25 SubdomainsUnlimited SubdomainsUnlimited Subdomains
Bluehost Shared WordPress Hosting price chart
Bluehost Shared WordPress Hosting
Recommended Shared WordPress Hosting since 2005
Recommended by WordPress.org since 2005

Bluehost Pros and Cons

Pros of Using Bluehost

  • Low Introductory Website or blog Hosting Price starting $2.95/month
  • 99.99% Uptime which is very important as you never want your website to be down.
  • WordPress.org recommendation as the best WordPress Hosting Solution.
  • Easy to use and setup, with the best User Interface Dashboard
  • Best Security powered by Cloudflare, sitelock and two-factor authentication
  • 30-day money-back guaranteed
  • We believed that Bluehost has the best customer support available 24/7
  • Free Domain Name and 1-Click WordPress Install
  • FREE SSL Certificate Included

Cons of Using Bluehost

  • Higher renewal pricing so we recommend getting for 36/months at $2.95/month
  • No refund on the domain name, but you can transfer the domain to another hosting provider so no loss on your side.
  • Some people give Bluehost a poor customer service review, we been with Bluehost for over 10 years we consider them at 5 stars
  • Upselling addons which you can just un-check at the checkout section

Bluehost Performance – Desktop & Mobile – Uptime at 99.99% and Load Speed at around 348ms

As we all know uptime in any hosting is the most important thing besides customer service. If your site is down you know that is not good and clients and customers get angry and frustrated. Being with Bluehost for over 10 years we can say that Bluehost uptime is 99.99% and it's one of the most reliable hosting out there.

The loading speed if your website is running on WordPress which we highly recommend and you are using the main W3 Total Cache plugins which we also recommend you should get around 348ms website load time.

Bluehost GTmetrix Page Speed Performance

bluehost GTmetrix speed test
Bluehost GTmetrix Speed Test

We tested one of our websites hosted on Bluehost with GTmetrix to see how fast it opens and what is the PageSpeed Score. So how fast does a Bluehost website load? Our website loaded in 2.5 s with PageSpeed Score of A.

  • PageSpeed Score Performance – A (94%)
  • YSlow Score – A (93%)
  • Fully Loaded Time – 2.5 seconds
  • Total Page Size – 225KB
  • Requests – 7
  • Optimized images – C (77%)
  • Leverage browser caching – B (88%)
  • Optimize the order of styles and scripts – A (92%)
  • Defer parsing of JavaScript – A (93%)
  • Specify a cache validator – A (98%)
  • Minify HTML – A (99%)
  • Minify JavaScript – A (99%)

Bluehost Website Speed Test 25 Locations Average 3.7 sec

bluehost page load results
Bluehost Page Load Results

We also tested Page Load Speed from 25 Locations around the world to see how fast it opens in different locations. The Page Load Results are by Website Speed Test it shows that the average first-time visit is around 2.8 sec and the average repeat visit is around 2.1 sec which is very fast around 2 sec.

  • Minneapolis – First Visit 2.1 sec – Repeat Visit 1.8 sec
  • New York – First Visit 2.4 sec – Repeat Visit 1.8 sec
  • London – First Visit 3.1 sec – Repeat Visit 2.8 sec
  • San Francisco – First Visit 2.6 sec – Repeat Visit 2.1 sec
  • Miami – First Visit 2.1 sec – Repeat Visit 2.6 sec
  • Hong Kong – First Visit 5.0 sec – Repeat Visit 3.1 sec
  • Montreal – First Visit 2.1 sec – Repeat Visit 2.3 sec
  • Frankfurt – First Visit 3.8 sec – Repeat Visit 2.5 sec

Google PageSpeed Insights Mobile Performance 98 Score

Bluehost pagespeed inside
Bluehost Google PageSpeed Insights

Last page speed we did was from Google PageSpeed Insights where our Bluehost website score on a mobile device with a score of 98 % with an average of 1.8 s performance which is very fast in a top performance in green score 90-100 our site score top rank at 98.

  • First Contentful Paint – 1.8 s
  • First Meaningful Paint – 1.8 s
  • Speed Index – 2.9 s
  • First CPU Idle – 1.8 s
  • Time to Interactive – 1.8 s
  • Max Potential First Input Delay 20 ms

Bluehost 2021 New User Interface Dashboard

I will take you through the new Bluehost 2021 dashboard so you can see what to expect. Bluehost dashboard has Home, My Sites, Marketplace, Email & Office, Domains and Advance buttons on the left navigation and all your Account, Profile, Billing, Security and Support on the bottom very easy to use and navigate.

Bluehost Review dashboard
Bluehost Dashboard Updated
BlueHost Dashboard 202
BlueHost new Dashboard

Below we will review Bluehost hosting options and see which one best fits your need from WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WooCommerce hosting, WP Pro hosting we will review and cover all the details from pricing to storage and speed. Are you ready to find out more? and see if Bluehost is the perfect option for you and your website or blog. Below you will learn and find out if Bluehost is or is NOT the choice for you.

Bluehost 30-Days Refund Policy

You can cancel your hosting plan within the first 30 days for a full refund. 

  • If you cancel within 30 days you receive a full refund on your hosting service only. The money-back guarantee does not apply to most add-on products, such as domains, given the unique nature of their costs.
  • If you cancel within 30 days and your plan includes a free domain, Bluehost will deduct a non-refundable domain fee of 15.99 from your refund. This not only covers our costs, but ensures that you won't lose your domain name. You may transfer it to another registrar or simply point it elsewhere at your convenience. Please note newly registered domains cannot be transferred to another registrar during the first 60 days of the registration period. You retain ownership of your domain until the end of its registration period unless you renew it.
  • Bluehost does not offer any refunds for cancellations that occur after 30 days.

How to Cancel Bluehost Hosting Account?

Your hosting account with Bluehost can be canceled for the first 30 days for a full refund. To cancel your hosting account, please contact us by phone at 888-401-4678. 

Canceling Your Hosting Account at the End of the Current Term

  • Login to your Bluehost Control Panel.
  • Click the account icon in the top right-hand corner, then click Products from the drop-down. 
cancel bluehost account
Cancel Bluehost Account
  • Click the Renew button next to your Hosting account.
bluehost renewal button
Click Renewal Button For More Options
  • Choose Do Not Renew from the renewal options presented.
Click Do Not Renewal
Click Do Not Renewal
  • Select a reason for cancellation (optional) to provide feedback, then click the Continue button.

Bluehost Customer Service Details

We been using Bluehost for over 10 years for our customers and also personal projects. We can honestly say that Bluehost has the best customer service and one of the nicest people working in the customer section.

We use both phone customer service where you can call 888-401-4678 and talk with a real person. Or we also use the chat support where if you don't feel like talking to someone you can helpchat with them, just describe your problem and they will fix it as soon as possible, we never had any major issues with Bluehost and the support always was able to fix the issue in few minutes without any problems.

Here is the direct page to contact Bluehost or connect via social: @Facebook, @Twitter, @LinkedIn

Address: Bluehost – Endurance International Group
10 Corporate Drive
Suite #300
Burlington, MA 01803

bluehost support
BlueHost chat Support

Is Bluehost the best reliable hosting company for anyone? Beginner to Expert

We believe so, if you are a beginner looking for simple affordable hosting that is within your budget with great support and security then Bluehost is the perfect option for you. If you are store owner or want to open an online store with WooCommerce and Bluehost then you will find it affordable and secure.

Bluehost has all the tools and integration to get you online as soon as possible, with the experts on your side you will be able to open or update your existing online store. If you are a professional WordPress developer or freelancer who builds a website or eCommerce solutions for many clients you have the Dedicated hosting plan that fits the big-budget clients looking for more advanced hosting solutions.

So no matter who you are a small personal blogger or WordPress freelancer Bluehost has a hosting solution for you and your budget. If you decide to go with Bluehost and need a tutorial how to start a WordPress blog in 2021 we have a great tutorial for you.

How to Make a WordPress Website Video Overview

If you decide that Bluehost is the right option for you, please watch this video step by step how to make a WordPress website using Bluehost and WordPress themes.

Conclusion: Is Bluehost the Right Choice for Your Website?

We truly believe that Bluehost is one of the best Website and Blog WordPress hosting available. Bluehost is often ranked #1 hosting company by many websites and most important is recommended by WordPress.org itself which means Bluehost must be always innovating and best in customer satisfaction to be recommended by WordPress.org where only very few hosting are.

We been using Bluehost for over 10 years now for our clients and our personal projects we are more then pleased with the customer service and uptime of 99.99%. Bluehost is very reliable hosting provider with amazing uptime and support.

Bluehost Alternatives

After reading our Bluehost review you decided that Bluehost just is not for you, thats ok we have some great alternative WordPress hosting providers at affordable prices for beginners.

SiteGround is probably the top contender when it comes to Bluehost alternative, its a fully managed WordPress hosting with 100% uptime, amazing 24/7 support by experts, and top performance when it comes to page load.

Another alternative with affordable price is DreamHost, this is great alternative because it comes with pre-install WordPress and month to month payment option so if you don't want to be stuck with long time contract you can try their monthly billing.

When it comes to fully managed WordPress hosting, HostGator is also a great contender with free domain and 45-day money back guarantee, its worth to take a look and see if this could be better hosting than Bluehost.

Yes, WordPress.org recommends Bluehost as its number one web hosting provider. Bluehost has the best customer service 24/7, 99.99% Uptime, PageSpeed Score Performance A (94%), Free Domain Name and its Affordable. Bluehost is the best hosting solution for WordPress.

Yes, to have a Bluehost CodeGuard is worth spending the extra money knowing that your site is always backup, and its monitored 24/7 and you have 1-click restore point and Redundancy. You can get CodeGuard with Bluehost Choice Plus $5.45/mo*

Yes, Bluehost offers a eCommerce WooCommerce Solution hosting for $6.95/month. Bluehost will automatically install WooCommerce on top of your WordPress website while also providing a free WooCommerce SSL to keep your site and transactions secure.

Yes, Bluehost is perfect provider for small business because it's affordable. When you start any business you might be tight on budget, Bluehost makes affordable for any small business to host website for as low as $2.95/month

Yes, Bluehost offers Dedicated Hosting which is the most expensive professional hosting starting at $79.99/month. Dedicated hosting is the most expensive hosting Bluehost offers but its the best one because is for websites that require the ultimate in performance, security, and control.