9+ Best Free Live Chat Plugins for WordPress (Updated 2020)

If you looking for the best free live chat plugins for WordPress, we put together a great list of the best and easiest live chat wp plugins that will help you instantly connect with your clients or visitors. If you running a eCommerce or WooCommerce store its important to have a live chat so your potential clients can ask questions or just see that you will be there to help them with any issues they might have it.

Best Free Live Chat Plugins for WordPress

LiveChat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress

LiveChat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress

Use the WordPress Live Chat Plugin by LiveChat to add live chat support to your WordPress website quickly and effortlessly. Provide instant communication with on-site visitors and customers and enable a prompt resolution to their questions or concerns.

Increase your sales and build stronger customer relationships with a fully functional WordPress live chat plugin.

LiveChat comes with a built-in ticketing system to provide customer support 24/7. Collect the tickets with messages that customers leave when you’re away and answer them when you’re back online. The ticketing system will also help you manage and track the cases that are more time-consuming to solve and require more than a single chat.

Floating Chat Widget: Contact Icons, Messages, Telegram, Email, SMS, Call Button – Chaty

Floating Chat Widget: Contact Icons, Messages, Telegram, Email, SMS, Call Button – Chaty

Chat with your website visitors via their favorite channels.
Show a chat button on the bottom of your site and communicate with your customers.

  • Get more leads and calls
  • Let your customers chat with you via their favorite channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Slack, Telegram and many other chat channels
  • Improve your customer support
  • Direct customers to your store’s location

Are you looking for a chat button or a click to call button? Want to make it easier for your potential customers to contact you via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram?

Chaty is the perfect chat plugin for you! With Chaty you can display call widget, Whatsapp button, email button, SMS button, Google Maps button, Vkontakte button, Line.me button, Viber button and other chat widgets. Your visitors are already using their favorite chat apps, and most of them prefer to contact you using those chat apps. By using Chaty, you give your website visitors the option to chat with you even after they leave your website. 

Pure Chat – Live Chat Plugin & More!

Pure Chat – Live Chat Plugin & More!

Pure Chat is a Live Chat plugin for WordPress. It offers unlimited chats. All chat widget customizations, transcript history, triggers, email forms (when unavailable), etc.

Tawk.To Live Chat

Tawk.To Live Chat

Over 3,800,000+ business users use the tawk.to FREE live chat app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your WordPress site. No catch. No spam. No Ads. It’s truly free and always will be.

tawk.to is the #1 most widely used chat applicationin the world.

  • Gain valuable insight when you monitor your website visitors in real time.
  • Stay connected anywhere, be in touch with your customers from your computer, or your mobile.
  • Live Chat is convenient for your customers, helping them through pain points and as a result helping you generate better customer support and higher conversions.

tawk.to is designed to increase the effectiveness in managing the online customer engagement experience, enabling multiple websites and agents in a single dashboard interface to chat with the visitors on your website.

Compatible with all modern browsers, tawk.to is free live chat software created out of the growing need for businesses to respond in real time, with real people.

WP Live Chat plugin for WordPress – Tidio

WP Live Chat plugin for WordPress – Tidio

Tidio Live Chat is a live chat service which allows you to communicate with your customers easily, also with the help of chatbots. It is designed specifically for the WordPress community. Once you install the plugin, you will be ready to take full advantage of the benefits our service provides. A free plan is available!


Tidio Live Chat allows you to chat with and convert your customers easily, also with the help of chatbots and email marketing. It is designed specifically for the WordPress community. Once you install the WordPress live chat plugin, you will be ready to take full advantage of the benefits our service provides. A free plan is available!

Click to Chat

Click to Chat

WhatsApp connectivity for WordPress websites! Engage customers and generate leads!

Let’s make your Web page visitors Contact you through “WhatsApp”, “WhatsApp Business” with a single Click (WhatsApp Chat, Group, Share)

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat

Did you know that 83% of consumers need some kind of customer support when making an online purchase? And 45% of customers abandon an online transaction if their questions or concerns are not addressed quickly.

Businesses that interact with potential customers online are better placed to build a connection and increase their revenues. The Zendesk Chat app will let you answer your customer’s questions in real time and ease them into a purchase.

Key Features

  • Mobile Optimized: Your customers can chat with you from any device using our mobile optimized chat widget
  • Proactive Chat: Rather than chatting with every single person yourself, you can increase the chances of high value engagement (and more sales) by using Triggers to automatically reach every visitor
  • Advanced Analytics: Our analytics dashboard lets you monitor visitor flow, usage patterns, and lets you jump in whenever a customer might need help

What makes Zendesk Chat the best choice for live chat?

  • We’re the most popular live chat provider in the world – loved by over 150,000 businesses
  • A simple and highly customizable chat widget to complement your website and taste
  • User friendly dashboard lets you monitor visitor activity and manage chats
  • 24 hour live chat support from our trained experts on any weekday (visit www.zendesk.com/chat)
  • Available in over 40 languages

WP-Chatbot for Messenger

WP-Chatbot for Messenger

WP-Chatbot adds an OmniChat™ chat widget to your website. OmniChat by MobileMonkey is patent-pending technology for creating a single chatbot that works in multiple messaging platforms. The OmniChat widget is the fastest and simplest way to add live chat to your WordPress website, convert more leads and engage your customers, even after they’ve left your website.

  • One-click installation for WordPress
  • Live chat with visitors 24/7, even while you sleep
  • Single inbox for all incoming messages, seamlessly integrated Facebook Messenger and native web chat conversations
  • Zero-hassle integration with powerful chatbot features
  • 100% integration with your Facebook Business Page and Facebook Messenger

3CX Live Chat

3CX Live Chat

Connect with your website visitors for free with the 3CX Live Chat plugin. With more than 1,900,000 downloads, 3CX Live Chat is the most popular, effective and reliable live chat plugin for WordPress. Increase conversions and boost customer satisfaction by communicating directly with your website visitors in real-time.

  • Easy and convenient for visitors
  • Build rapport with potential customers via live chat
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce customer support line costs by using live chat
  • Learn to understand the pain points of your customers

JivoChat Live Chat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress

JivoChat Live Chat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress

JivoChat is an all-in-one business messenger that is optimized for WordPress which teams use to talk to customers everywhere: live chat, phone, email, and social. JivoChat allows you to serve efficient customer support to your clients, thereby increasing your conversion and sales. Customize and configure freely, get the most out of it by reflecting your style and strategy.


  • Connect all of your communication channels and handle it from a single app efficiently
  • Engage with your visitors in real-time and convert them to paying customers
  • Manage your customers efficiently with in-app CRM as a team or connect your favorite CRM easily
  • Offer calls to your visitors via live chat widget and/or connect your phone number to make/receive calls via Jivo

What are the best Free Live Chat Plugin?

LiveChat is the best free chat plugin for WordPress sites. Provide instant communication with on-site visitors and customers and enable a prompt resolution to their questions or concerns.

What is the most popular free live chat plugin?

Tawk.To Live Chat is the most popular free live chat plugin with over 200,000+ active installs on WordPress. Over 3,800,000+ business users use the tawk.to FREE live chat app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your WordPress site.

What is the easiest live chat plugin for beginners?

WP-Chatbot for Messenger is the easiest live chat for beginners with One-click installation for WordPress it only takes minutes to setup your chat plugin very easy and simple to use.

Bluehost Free WordPress Migration By Team of Experts (Updated 2020)

Does Bluehost offers free site migration and Transfer? The simple answer is Yes, Bluehost now offers Free WordPress Site Migration. So if you are not 100% happy with your current hosting, Just signup with Bluehost any Hosting plan and get your site migrated for FREE.

Bluehost is one of the best and most recognized WordPress hosting solutions. They are an official “WordPress” recommended hosting provider since 2005. Bluehost offers the ultimate WordPress platform. Tuned for WordPress users, we offer WordPress-centric dashboards and tools along with 1-click installation, a FREE domain name, email, FTP, FREE SSL Certificate Included, and more. You can read our full Bluehost Review and see why this is the best and easiest hosting for WordPress sites, and also get a Bluehost coupon code to save over 63% OFF

bluehost free site migration

Get 65% OFF Discount + FREE Domain Name + Free Website Migration + ALL Premium WordPress Themes –
Limited Time Offer

How to Migrate Your Site to Bluehost?

  1. Select your plan (Basic – $2.95/mo Plus – $5.45/mo Choice Plus – $5.45/mo and create a Bluehost account.
  2. Once your account is created, locate the Migration Services page in the Bluehost Marketplace within your dashboard.
  3. In your Bluehost dashboard, fill out the free migration contact form.
  4. Our team of migration experts will contact you to review your WordPress website.
  5. Once qualified for a free site migration, we’ll take care of moving your website to Bluehost.
bluehost free migration plans

Why Migrate to Bluehost?

From the moment you create your account, to when you are finally ready to publish, no provider offers a better all-in-one WordPress experience. Also if you switch or signup with Bluehost our hosting partner you will get Lifetime access to our Premium themes 100% FREE so you can use Premium themes to build your WooCommerce or WordPress website and we will help you get started for FREE.

How is the migration performed?

Our team of migration experts will review your website, and upon successful qualification, will securely FTP your website files onto our website hosting platform.

Bluehost has 24/7 support chat or phone call

Does Bluehost Offers Free WordPress Site Migration?

The free WordPress website migration is available for any WordPress users interested in migrating to Bluehost. Yes your site will be fully transfer / migrated to Bluehost for Free

How long does it take to Migrate my site to Bluehost?

Usually after review it take about 2-3 business days to fully transfer your site to Bluehost. Once expert reviews your site you will get better time frame but if all information is correct no more then 3 days.

How many websites Bluehost will migrate for Free?

Free WordPress website migration applies to only 1 WordPress website upon the purchase of a Bluehost hosting account. All free WordPress migrations are subject to review by our team of experts before the free migration can be completed.

14 Best Free Ghost Themes For Publishers & Bloggers 2020

If you looking for the best Free Ghost themes we put together a collections of the best free ghosts themes you can use for your next blogging or publisher open-source website in 2020. Before you download your free Ghost theme, you will need to get and install Ghost and also follow the online setup tutorial on how to install Ghost

What is Ghost?

Ghost is an entirely open source application which has been downloaded 2,000,000+ times by developers all over the world. It uses a modern technology stack with sensible components and abstractions. We release code which developers love; The inventors of JavaScript, Android and StackOverflow all use Ghost for their blogs.

Simple, powerful theming with Handlebars

Use beautiful Handlebars templates to build out your publication. Powerful helpers allow you to pull any data and display it however you want. Take complete control of your design, rather than being limited to a few little options.

Best Free Ghost Themes for Bloggers, Magazines, Photography and Publishers looking for simple blogging solution



Casper is a simple and original default ghost theme, 100% free to use with grid based layout and with main featured article on top.



This is Editorial, a news-oriented design built around a dynamic ‘locking’ sidebar (try the toggle to see it in action!) and purpose built for content-centric sites.



This is Massively, a text-heavy, article-oriented design built around a huge background image and scroll effects powered by Scrollex.


A custom, image-centric theme for Ghost. Made for publishers and portfolios with plenty of graphics to show off to the world. Completely free and fully responsive, released under the MIT license.


Liebling is a beautiful and clean Ghost theme that is easy and comfortable to use. It’s free and you can use it for any kind of content you might have. Now with dark mode


dope ghost theme free

A unique tag-based theme to arrange your publications into collections. Keep organized and let your readers explore your publications with ease. Completely free and fully responsive, released under the MIT license.


wave theme ghost free

A theme dedicated to podcasters and bloggers. Embrace your creativity with ease. Completely free and fully responsive, released under the MIT license.



ZVIKOV very simple and basic ghost theme for bloggers and online publishers with large featured image, large slider and fully responsive.



A content focused responsive theme, very simple and only focus on writing and text if you looking for clear and white theme this is perfect solution for you.



A multi-column theme with a unique card layout. Share your posts with contemporary style. Completely free and fully responsive, released under the MIT license.


ease theme

A versatile theme suitable for documentation. Publish your posts or business information with ease. Completely free and fully responsive, released under the MIT license.


edge theme ghost free

A visually aesthetic theme designed for creative professionals. Showcase your works with minimal style and presentation. Completely free and fully responsive, released under the MIT license.



A clean, minimalist theme featuring a light and dark mode. Launch your online publications with flair. Completely free and fully responsive, released under the MIT license.


dawn free ghost theme

What are the best Ghost themes?

The best Ghost themes are: Casper, Editorial, Massively, London and Dope

What is the best Ghost theme?

Casper. Casper is a simple and original default ghost theme, 100% free to use with grid based layout and with main featured article on top.

What is Ghost?

Ghost is an entirely open source application which has been downloaded 2,000,000+ times by developers all over the world. It uses a modern technology stack with sensible components and abstractions.

How to Find Your WordPress Login URL? Beginner’s Guide 2020

How do I login to my WordPress site? or how do I find my login screen? are two most asked questions every beginner asked when they need to login to WordPress dashboard to make new post, update existing page or install new plugin or theme. Its important that you have the best affordable WordPress hosting which will help you with security and support.

In this article we will show you few ways you can login to your WordPress dashboard and also later for security reason we will show you how to hide your login page from hackers, its easy and straightforward with hide login plugin.

How to Find Your WordPress Login URL

Why do I need my login url?

The WordPress login page is known as admin page where you enter your Username or Email Address and then your Password so you can login to the dashboard page. Since WordPress is CMS (Content Management System) the backend is your dashboard where you can install new themes, new plugins, add new users, make new pages or posts. The WordPress dashboard is the key component of your website where you control all the aspects of your website.

You can access any WordPress based website in two ways with admin or login at the end of your domain name. Important: Later we will cover how to hide admin and login so hackers will not try to guess your username and password to access your site.




So just replace www.mysitename.com with your website name and just add login or admin after the slash-back (/) symbol. What is the difference between login and admin? There is no difference between those files… wp-admin is the directory in which your administrative PHP files (WordPress dashboard) live and wp-login.php is the actual file that runs the login page. So both of those url’s will redirect you to your login page.

If you install your WordPress under subfolder example: demo then you will need to add the subfolder name as well..




How to hide login from hackers for Security reasons?

Once you know how to find your login url link, now its time to change it so you can remember and for security reason. Every hacker knows that WordPress sites can be hacked using wp-admin.php and wp-login.php added to end of your domain. So to protect you from hackers lets use this simple plugin to wps hide login wp-login and wp-admin as the default login options. It will also make easier for you to remember your login because you can use any name you like.

wps hide login plugin

WPS Hide Login is a very light plugin that lets you easily and safely change the url of the login form page to anything you want. It doesn’t literally rename or change files in core, nor does it add rewrite rules. It simply intercepts page requests and works on any WordPress website. The wp-admin directory and wp-login.php page become inaccessible, so you should bookmark or remember the url. Deactivating this plugin brings your site back exactly to the state it was before.

How to add custom login page in WordPress?

As you can see the default login page looks kind of simple and not very excited. So if you have many users or different authors you want to make the page little more appealing and fun. We recommend a free plugin Theme My Login that lets you create very nice and simple login page that looks and feels more like your website.

theme my login page plugin

Ever wished that your WordPress login page matched the rest of your site? Your wish has come true! Theme My Login allows you to bypass the default WordPress-branded login page that looks nothing like the rest of your site. Instead, your users will be presented with the login, registration and password recovery pages right within your theme. The best part? It works right out of the box, with no configuration necessary! Take back your login page, WordPress users!

FEATURES for users login page

  • Have you users log in from the frontend of your site.
  • Have your users register from the frontend of your site.
  • Have your users recover their password from the frontend of your site.
  • Customize the slugs used for login, registration, password recovery and other pages.
  • Allow your users to register with only their email.
  • Allow your users to set their own passwords upon registration.
  • Allow your users to log in using either their email and password, username and password or a combination of the two.
  • Allow your users to be logged in automatically after registration with auto-login.

How to login to WordPress dashboard from hosting providers?

Another option to login to your WordPress dashboard is from your hosting providers. We will cover Bluehost and SiteGround as we recommend them as the best WordPress hosting providers for any WordPress site.

How to login to WordPress dashboard from Bluehost?

We recommend Bluehost as the best WordPress hosting for any beginner and they have very simple and best UX WordPress dashboard so it will be very simple for you to find your login options. Check our Bluehost review to find out why Bluehost is the best and most recommended WordPress hosting. And if you looking for Bluehost coupon to save 65% off we recommend you signup and take advantage of this discount.

Once you Login to Bluehost dashboard simply go to “My Sites” tab where you will see all your WordPress websites available, then just hover over any site you want to login and click on “Login into WordPress” button then you will simply login to your desire site.

How to login to WordPress dashboard from SiteGround?

SiteGround is one of the best managed WordPress hosting company around, we strongly recommend SiteGround as its little more expensive then Bluehost but if you looking for more advanced features and better support this might be better option for you. If you need to read our SiteGround review and find out why SiteGround is on top of WordPress hosting providers we strongly recommend it. Also if you decide to signup with SiteGround we have a SiteGround Coupon to help you save over 63% off on your hosting plan.

Once you login to SiteGround dashboard its simple just click on the ‘Websites’ tab on the top find your desired site that you want to login to, you might have just one or many websites hosted on SiteGround. Pick the one you need to login to and click on “WordPress Kit” button.

This will bring up a popup box where one of the option will be WordPress Admin just click ok and this will redirect you staring to your WordPress admin dashboard.

Conclusion of Simple way to find your WordPress login URL

We covered the basic of how you can easily find your website WordPress url login page either from your website by adding wp-admin or wp-login.php to the end of your domain name, and also how easy it is to login from your hosting provider dashboard. Most important don’t forget to hide your login page by installing the wps hide login plugin for security so hackers will not gain access to your site and take advantage of your content.

9+ Best Booking and Appointment Plugins WordPress (Free & Premium 2020)

If you looking for the Best Free and Premium Booking and Appointment Plugins for WordPress we have a collection of the best free booking plugins for WordPress in 2020. The best booking plugins will help you easily create page where clients or visitors can book an appointment for any kind of business you have, restaurant, meeting, doctor, dentist and many more.

Best Booking and Appointment Plugins For WordPress 2020 – Free and Premium

WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings

Save time and effort by letting customers book at their convenience

Let your customers book reservations, appointments or rentals on their own – no phone calls required. Save yourself time and fill up your calendar by letting your site do the work for you.

Let customers book classes, schedule appointments, or reserve items

Never get double-booked

Avoid double bookings by assigning the needed resources to a particular booking. For example, if your 2:00 bride books a fitting and a stylist until 3:30, that stylist won’t appear available for the bride scheduling a fitting at 3:00. You’ll never have to worry about offering the same resource to two customers at the same time.

Manage your calendar, your way – including syncing with Google Calendar

Sagenda – Free booking system

Sagenda – Free booking system

Sagenda is an online booking software that helps your clients fix appointments and meetings with you online. Sagenda is available at absolutely NO COST for you or your clients! And the best thing about it is that you may have an unlimited number of bookings and/or customers. Our users always come first; that’s why Sagenda doesn’t display ads!

This is an “Online Booking System” which gives customers the opportunity to choose the date and the time of an appointment according to one’s own preferences and the booking can now be done online.

Using this WP plugin is a better way to display your booking on your WP frontend than using an iFrame. Using this Plugin will required a free Sagenda’s account.

You can use PayPal as payment gateway to make your customers pay for bookings. They can pay via PayPal account but also via direct credit card payment (without creating a PayPal account). Following cards are accepted : Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club, EnRoute…


#1 WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

Want to manage appointments and bookings on your WordPress site?

WooCommerce Appointments is the perfect plugin for handling appointments on your own website. Fully integrated with WooCommerceWordPress and Google Calendar. It is the best appointment scheduling software you can get right now. Request payments or accept appointments for free. This WooCommerce extension allows you to receive payments for appointments with little to no effort.

Appointment Hour Booking – WordPress Booking Plugin

Appointment Hour Booking – WordPress Booking Plugin

Appointment Hour Booking is a WordPress plugin for creating booking forms for appointments with a start time and a defined duration over a schedule. The start time is visually selected by the end user from a set of start times calculated based in the “open” hours and service duration. The duration/schedule is defined in the “service” selected by the customer. Each calendar can have multiple services with different duration and prices.

This plugin is useful for different cases like booking of medical serviceswhere services with different duration and prices may be available, for personal training sessions, for booking rooms for events, for reserving language classes or other type of classes and other type of services/resources booking where start times are selected and the availability is automatically managed using the defined service duration to avoid double-booking (the booked time is blocked once the booking is completed).

WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar

Do you need a booking calendar to show the availability of your holiday home? If you are renting your holiday home to tourists from around the world, you should use this Free plugin on your website! This booking calendar comes in handy any time you want to display the availability of a holiday home, room, bed & breakfast, office or even a piece of equipment.


Thanks to the latest updates, this availability calendar is now easier to use than ever. What WP Simple Booking Calendar does is allow your website visitors to check the availability of your holiday home with just a few clicks. Plus, it gives you complete editing freedom!

The Free version gives you access to all the basic features you might need to keep track of your bookings. For advanced features such as custom legend items and advanced editing and publishing options, you can always upgrade to the Premium version. By ordering the calendar’s Premium version, you’ll gain access to a wide range of customization options and editing features.

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar plugin enable awesome booking system for your site. Simply show availability and receive bookings for your property or service in easy to use booking system with clean and smooth interface. Your website visitors can check availability of property (like apartment, house, hotel room, etc.) or any service you offer and make a booking in a minute for a full day(s) or specific timeslot (in Booking Calendar Free version). Different versions of WP Booking Calendar provide hundreds of features to complete almost any booking functionality for your business.

WordPress Online Booking and Scheduling Plugin – Bookly

WordPress Online Booking and Scheduling Plugin – Bookly

Bookly is a free scheduling plugin for WordPress that allows accepting online bookings on your website and automating your reservation system. Manage your booking calendar, services, client base, save time and money – all in one place. Join more than 40,000 businesses all around the world that have already automated their online booking system! Bookly is designed to grow your online sales and make easy appointments. This is a one-stop shop for any businesses from hair salons or photography to wealth management and transportation. You can starteasily with the free version of Bookly and once your business scales you can operate ultimate scheduling software with the paid version available with the Bookly Pro add-on, and various add-ons.

Easy Appointments

Easy Appointments

Add Booking Appointments system to your WordPress site and manage Appointments with ease. Extremely flexible time management. Multiple location, services and workers. Email notifications.

Can be used for : LawyersSalonsMechanicCleaning servicesDoctorsSpasPersonal trainers Private LessonsEscape rooms etc,

Five Star Restaurant Reservations – WordPress Booking Plugin

Five Star Restaurant Reservations – WordPress Booking Plugin

Restaurant reservations made easy. Accept reservations and table bookings online. Quickly confirm or reject restaurant reservations, send out custom email notifications, restrict booking times and more.

Includes Gutenberg restaurant block for displaying your reservation form! You can also use the handy restaurant reservation shortcode or set the reservation page directly in the plugin settings.


  • Create a customized restaurant reservation form
  • Responsive booking form layout that looks great for mobile reservations and on all devices
  • Add your reservation form to any page via the included Gutenberg restaurant booking block or shortcode, or just choose your reservation page in the settings
  • Quickly confirm or reject a booking
  • Notify a customer by email when their request is confirmed or rejected
  • Receive an email notification when a booking request is made

WP Booking System – Booking Calendar

WP Booking System – Booking Calendar

The booking calendar plugin for WordPress. WP Booking System is used by more than 9,000 active users, with a satisfaction rate that borders on 5*!

Is this booking calendar for you?

  • Do you rent something out, like a holiday home, a boat or something else?
  • Do you have a WordPress website and need a bit of help to keep track of your rentals through a booking calendar?

…then yes! The WP Booking System is perfect for your needs.

Get easy online booking with this lightweight and powerful booking system.


WP Booking System is a simple booking calendar for WordPress. You will be up and running in just a few minutes. You can create booking calendars and forms, and you can manage your bookings. You can easily customize the booking calendar to fit your needs.

Start receiving bookings from your visitors today!


With just one click you can create the first booking calendar for your holiday home or rental business. Already have bookings made? You can manually manage the calendar’s availability in just a few seconds.

Now your booking calendar is up to date with the latest bookings and available dates!


The beauty of this WordPress booking calendar is that it allows your website visitors to book available calendar dates on the spot through a fully customizable booking calendar form.

Enable your clients to use the rental calendar fast and easy. In just three simple steps, clients will be able to reserve a slot on your booking calendar:

  • Hover over the booking calendar to pick a starting date. Click on it, then move the cursor to select the number of days to book. (clients can easily see booked days by using the booking system legend)
  • Next, fill in the booking system form (you can edit the form fields at any time to make sure clients submit the most relevant information you need; mark fields as compulsory or optional)
  • Finally, click the booking button to make a reservation.

9+ Best Event Calendar Plugins for WordPress (FREE 2020)

If you looking for the Best Free and Premium Event Calendar for WordPress we put together a list of the best events calendar plugins to help you pick the perfect one for your needs. If you need a event calendar plugin for music band, community events, meetings, booking services and much more. If you looking for the best free event WordPress themes we have a great collection for you in 2020.

Best Free and Premium Event Calendar Plugins for WordPress in 2020

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar

Easily create and manage an events calendar on your website with The Events Calendar. Whether your events are in-person or virtual events, this plugin boasts professional features backed by our world-class team of developers and designers.

Packed with loads of features, The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe is ready to go out of the box. It’s also extensible, easy to use, and completely customizable.

Events Manager

Events Manager

Events Manager is a full-featured event registration plugin for WordPress based on the principles of flexibility, reliability and powerful features!

  • Easy event registration (single day with start/end times)
  • Recurring and long (multi-day) event registration
  • Bookings Management (including approval/rejections, export CVS, and more!)
  • Multiple Tickets
  • MultiSite Support
  • Multiple Location Types

Modern Events Calendar Lite

Modern Events Calendar Lite

WordPress event calendar plugin is the best tool used for managing events websites. Modern Events Calendar is a comprehensive events management plugin Modern Events Calendar is a responsive, mobile-friendly, FREE, and comprehensive events management plugin which is extremely user-friendly and well-designed for displaying the events calendar on the websites, ever easier.


Fortunately, though WordPress doesn’t enable these functions out of the box, there’s a plugin you can use. Modern Events Calendar is an easy way to manage events of all kinds on your WordPress site. As the name suggests, the core benefit of Modern Events Calendar is that it lets you create an events calendar that looks pretty great out of the box. That latter part is important because some popular event calendar plugins require a lot of custom styling to make them look good, which is tough if you don’t know your way around CSS.

Amelia – Events & Appointments Booking Calendar

Amelia – Events & Appointments Booking Calendar

Amelia Lite is a free appointment booking WordPress plugin that allows to set up a fully-featured automated booking system on your WordPress website and is a handy tool for small businesses and individuals that depend on stable appointment booking processes. Amelia Lite was built with newest Enterprise-level of technology both on front-end and back-end, ensuring smooth and slick user experience. Amelia elements are applying single-page-app approach, work without page reloading, and all elements were designed with the mobile first concept in mind – so all the admin and customer interfaces are perfectly responsive.

All-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-One Event Calendar

The free All-in-One Event Calendar from Timely is a beautiful way to list your events in WordPress and easily share them with the rest of the world.

Our events calendar is easy to manage. Combines clean visual design with a powerful set of features to create the most advanced website calendar system available for WordPress.

This plugin is a service provided by Timely and requires that you create and activate an account in order to use it.


Download our free website events calendar software and get the following features:

  • Recurring events including complex patterns.
  • Filtering by event category or tag.
  • Easy sharing with Google Calendar, Apple iCal, MS Outlook and any other system that accepts iCalendar (.ics) feeds.
  • Embedded Google Maps.
  • Color-coded events based on category.
  • Featured event images and category images.
  • Day view
  • Week view
  • Month view
  • Agenda view
  • Posterboard view
  • Upcoming Events widget.
  • Direct links to filtered calendar views.

Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin

Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin

Simple Calendar is the easiest way to add Google Calendar events to your WordPress site. Quick to setup. Fine tune to your needs. Mobile responsive. Beautifully designed.


  • Display events from any public Google Calendar.
  • Keep managing events in Google Calendar. No need to create events in WordPress.
  • Out-of-the-box designs that match your theme’s look and feel.
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly monthly grid and list views.
  • Customize event content display using simple tags. No coding required.
  • Combine multiple calendars into single displays explicitly or using categories.
  • Intuitive, simple display configuration changes for fine tuning.
  • Advanced settings to adjust time zones, date/time formats and start of the week.

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar


Booking Calendar plugin enable awesome booking system for your site. Simply show availability and receive bookings for your property or service in easy to use booking system with clean and smooth interface.

Your website visitors can check availability of property (like apartment, house, hotel room, etc.) or any service you offer and make a booking in a minute for a full day(s) or specific timeslot (in Booking Calendar Free version). Different versions of WP Booking Calendar provide hundreds of features to complete almost any booking functionality for your business.

My Calendar

My Calendar

My Calendar does WordPress event management with richly customizable ways to display events. The plug-in supports individual event calendars within WordPress Multisite, multiple calendars displayed by categories, locations or author, or simple lists of upcoming events.

Easy to use for anybody, My Calendar provides enormous flexibility for designers and developers needing a custom calendar. My Calendar is built with accessibility in mind, so all your users can get equal access and experience in your calendar.

Event Organiser

Event Organiser

Event Organiser adds event management that integrates well with your WordPress site. By using WordPress’ in-built ‘custom post type’, this plug-in allows you to create events that have the same functionality as posts, while adding further features that allow you to manage your events. This includes the possibility of repeating your event according to complex schedules and assign your events to venues. This can all be done through an intuitive user interface, which allows you to view your events in the familiar WordPress list or in a calendar page in the admin area.

EventPrime – Events Calendar

EventPrime – Events Calendar

EventPrime is an easy to use, beginner-friendly WordPress Events Calendar plugin. Using the EventPrime events plugin, you can now create events with a single click. Just click on a date from the Events Calendar  in the WordPress backend and begin creating an event starting from that date. Create free as well as paid Events by enabling Bookings from EventPrime’s Event Settings. Booking payments via PayPal, frontend event submission, and email customizations are some of the features also supported for free in our WordPress Events Calendar plugin.

9 Best Free Video Compressors For Mac & Windows in 2020

If you looking for the best free video converter or compressor we put a list of the best free video compressors both software video compressor or online video compressor. Freemake Video Converter converts video and movies between 500+ formats and gadgets for free!
Convert to MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, DVD, iPhone, Android. Convert video file of any size or format. Absolutely free.  If you looking for the best free video themes we have a great list to help you pick some of the best free WordPress video themes available in 2020.

Best Free Video Compressors for Mac and Windows both Software and Online MP4 Compressor 2020


VideoProc comes as the No.1 fast video processing software that peaks Level-3 Hardware Acceleration fully powered by Intel®, AMD® and NVIDIA® GPUs, delivering buttery smooth (4K) video editing and transcoding without compromising quality. A-to-B video conversion: Encompassing 370 input codecs and 420+ output formats, the impeccable 4K-capable video converter answers all simple and complicated transcoding needs, e.g. H264 to H265 (HEVC), MKV to iPhone/MP4, AVI to YouTube, 3D to 2D.

Clideo – Compress Video

The tool will do everything for you, just upload your file and it’ll set the best parameters to reduce its size and to keep quality as much as possible. You’re the only one who has access to your files because all the communications are performed via secure channels. The video compressor is completely online which means that you don’t have to download and install anything to your device. Clideo works with any popular format like MP4, WMV, MOV, VOB, AVI, and with more rare ones as well.

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter converts video and movies between 500+ formats and gadgets for free!
Convert to MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, DVD, iPhone, Android. Convert video file of any size or format.
Absolutely free. No trials or limitations.

Movavi Video Converter

Need a simple conversion app that lets you access any popular file format? This powerful software by Movavi can be used not only as a tool for processing videos, but also as an audio converter for your Mac, a video-to-audio encoder, and a photo converter. Try the program now and unleash the full potential of your Mac!

Video Compressor

World’s best video compressor to compress MP4, AVI, MKV, or any other video file. Choose the default options to compress video size by 40%, or choose a custom size.

How To Compress a Video?

  1. Click the “Choose Video” button to select your video file 
  2. Keep the default options (they do a great job!) or specify advanced options 
  3. Click on the “Compress Video” button to start compression 
  4. When the status change to “Done” click the “Download Video” button 

Which Encoder Is Best for Compressing Video?

We use two popular video encoding methods that are supported by most modern devices and browsers: H.264 and H.265. Out of these two encoding methods, H.265 yields better compression, especially at higher resolutions such as 1080p or 4k.

Advanced Methods of Video Compression

There are two main methods to compress a video. You can either optimize the bitrate or resize the video to a smaller size. We provide 4 settings related to both methods. Here’s an explanation:

1. By Video Quality

CRF (Constant Rate Factor): CRF method attempts to keep a constant perceived video quality. To do that, it uses different compression levels on different frames. For H264 encoder, possible CRF values range from 0 to 51. Higher values mean more compression (reduced file size), lower values mean better quality (but bigger file size). The default is set at 23.

Preset: Presets refers to the video compression speed. Choosing a slower preset allows better optimization (lower bitrate/file size) for a given video quality level. If you prefer lower file size over encoding time, choose a slower preset.

2. As a Percentage of the Original Size (Default)

This method allows you to set a target file size for your video as a percentage of the original size. For example, if you set it to 60% for a 1Gb file, we will attempt to make your compressed file size 600Mb or less. 

The pros of this method is, you can achieve a certain target size. The downside is you don’t know how the target size will affect video quality. To overcome this, start with a decent size (as a percentage of original), then test for video quality. Increase the target size if you need better quality.

This is the default video compression method used.

3. Set Max Bitrate

This method allows you to set the max bitrate for given video quality. The quality is set by CRF (constant rate factor). Select this method if you are using the video in a streaming application where you want to control the streaming bandwidth rate. To choose this option, select “By Max Bitrate” from the “Video Compress” dropdown.

For more info: read video bitrate control

4: Make Video Size Smaller (Re-Size)

Choosing a smaller video resolution (dimensions) can also save file size. For example, if you have a 4K (4320p) video but your target device is 1080p, you can downsize the video to fit 1080p and save file size. To choose this option, choose “Re-size video” from “Advanced Settings” above.

How to play compressed video?

Codecs we use for compression are supported by all major browsers and devices. So you should not have any playback issues. If any issues, try opening the video with the free VLC player (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile versions available). Allowed file types are: mp4, m4v, mkv, avi, wmv, f4v, f4p, mov, qt, vob, mpeg, m1v, mpv, 3gp, 3g2, rmvb, mts, m2ts, xvid, flv, rm, divx, asf, webm, wtv, dvr-ms, ogv, swf, mpg, 3gpp

Wondershare – Video Compressor

You can compress video online via a web browser without any software download and installation, Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported.
Save the compressed video to Dropbox and share on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can compress video online free in any resolution including 4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, and other non-standard options. Video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV can be compressed online. Smart video compressor to reduce video file size with one click, further customization like video resolution, output size, and format are also available.


HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs.

Reasons you’ll love HandBrake:

  • Convert video from nearly any format
  • Free and Open Source
  • Multi-Platform (Windows, Mac and Linux)

YouCompress – Free Online File Compressor

Easiest Way to Compress Files Online

This free online file compression tool lets you quickly compress files online, it supports MP4, MOV, MP3, PDF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF files. No registration is required, you can compress unlimited files and no watermark is added.

Free Video Compressor

Free Video Compressor is a free and lightweight video compression software that can compress almost common video files, it can help you to easily shrink a video clip and reduce video file size. This software can work with many popular video formats, such as MP4 (MPEG4), MPG, AVI, FLV, F4V, M4V, WMV, MOV, MKV, ASF, RMVB (RM) and more.

First of all, the most important option is “Desired Video Size”. After software open a source video, it will read and show key video information, such as: File Size, Bitrate, Duration, Video Format, Video Bitrate, Audio Format, Audio Bitrate and Video Dimension (Width / Height), then software will calculate an estimated output video size, that is “Desired Video Size”. This desired video size is approximate value, resulting file may be smaller or larger than this size, you can change this value as you need. (Bitrate information is displayed as KB/S, KB/S = kiloBits/second).

The generated video format is MP4 container format with H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec. The encoding video quality is based output file size, output file size is more bigger and resulting video quality is more higher and more clearer.

What are the Best Free Video Compressors?

The best Free Video Compressors are: VideoProc, Clideo – Compress Video, Freemake Video Converter, Movavi Video Converter, Video Compressor

What is the best Free Video Compressor for Mac?

Movavi Video Converter. This powerful software by Movavi can be used not only as a tool for processing videos, but also as an audio converter for your Mac, a video-to-audio encoder, and a photo converter. Try the program now and unleash the full potential of your Mac!

What is the Best Free Video Converter?

Freemake Video Converter Freemake Video Converter converts video and movies between 500+ formats and gadgets for free! Convert to MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, DVD, iPhone, Android. Convert video file of any size or format. Absolutely free. No trials or limitations.

17 Best Free Shopify Apps For Any Shopify Store (UPDATED 2020)

If you looking for the best free Shopify apps or plugins we put together a great collection of the best free Shopify apps that everyone should install once they open their new Shopify online store. All the apps are 100% free to use and install, they will help you with your SEO, trust badge, dropshipping, reviews, Google optimizations and page building. If you looking for a Free Shopify Themes to either update or just try some of the free ones to build your new ecommerce store.

Best Free Shopify Apps to help you get started with your online eCommerce store in 2020

Omnisend Email Marketing

Omnisend Email Marketing

Join fellow Shopify merchants that have trusted their email and marketing automation to top rated app Omnisend. Our marketing automation platform connects your ecommerce business with potential and existing customers across multiple channels: email, SMS, Facebook, Google, and others. Omnisend Best Free Shopify App in Marketing 2020

Drive sales at scale across multiple channels

Marketing automation is all about sending anticipated and relevant messages at the right time. We take it a step further – add SMS messages into your automated workflows. You can then follow up by syncing your subscribers segments to Google and Facebook ads.

Capitalize on pre-built automation workflows that you need to set up only once

  • Welcome – greet your shoppers and introduce your brand right after signup.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery – win back lost orders by reaching your shoppers that have abandoned their shopping cart
  • Confirmation – send branded and automatic order, shipment and cancellation confirmations.
  • Post-Purchase – reactivate your customers with a series of messages designed to drive repeat sale.

Oberlo ‑ Dropshipping App

Oberlo ‑ Dropshipping App

Looking for products to sell online? Find millions of them with Oberlo!

Oberlo is a dropshipping app which allows you to find trending products to sell online, add them to your Shopify store, and start selling today.

Never worry about packaging or shipping, worry about the things which matter – making sales, and growing your business.



Kit is the extra set of hands you’ve been looking for to help with marketing your store. As your FREE virtual employee, Kit will recommend the marketing activities most likely to drive sales.

With a few quick messages to Kit using Shopify Ping or SMS, you can create a discount code and promote it, start a retargeting campaign to bring visitors back to your store, send thank you emails to customers, and much more!

Exclusive to Shopify merchants, Kit helps small business owners overcome three big challenges:

  1. No time to learn or execute marketing
  2. No budget to hire a marketing expert
  3. No experience in online advertising to drive traffic and make sale

Kit isn’t just another marketing app. Kit is a proactive, artificially-intelligent assistant that you’ll talk to everyday, who’s on call 24/7, working whenever you are and even when you aren’t.

Kit looks at your products, visitors, and customers to make informed recommendations for your next marketing move.

Kit is an official Facebook Marketing Partner for small business. Kit helps you manage your Instagram and Facebook ads, email marketing, and social posts to drive sales and grow your business—all for free.

Google channel

google channel

Get your products discovered with Shopify’s Google channel.

Reach shoppers on Google – on any budget

The Google channel makes it easy for you to reach the millions of shoppers that use Google to find the products they need. Eligible merchants can:

  • Run paid Smart Shopping campaigns to promote products across Google
  • List products for free on Google (merchants selling in the U.S. only)

Regardless of your budget, you can get your products in front of shoppers when they are looking for them.

Smart Shopping campaigns are paid ads that help you reach shoppers on YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, and across Google Display Network. To set up a Smart Shopping campaign, just sync your products and set a daily budget. Google will optimize your campaign and choose the best time and place to show your products to shoppers.

Additionally, free listings on Google help you get in front of the millions of shoppers that use the search engine to discover and purchase all types of products. Free listings are rolling out to eligible merchants selling in the U.S. and Google aims to make them available to more Shopify merchants globally before the end of 2020.

Free Shipping Bar

Free Shipping Bar

You can translate the free shipping bars into multiple languages, reach global audience and increase sales.

Consumers today expect free shipping to be available at retail sites as a bonus for buying multiple items. According to recent data, 88% of consumers would be more likely to shop at a site online if they were promised free shipping

Free Shipping Offers with Progressive Messages:

  • Display your free shipping offer in a slide out and customizable bar
  • Show progressive messages when customers put more items in their shopping carts
  • Congratulate customers when they get free shipping offers
  • Track the performance of each bar, so you know which free shipping goals generate the most sales

Trust Me ‑ Free Trust Badges

Trust Me ‑ Free Trust Badges

New trust badges!!!

McAfee, Shop pay, GCash, Knet, Affirm; Worldwide Shipping, 24/7 Customer Service, etc.

Faster and Faster

  • We use our own CDN server, which is the same speed as Shopify CDN, sometimes even faster! Now it was trusted by 10,000+ merchants, We look forward to having you join us!
EU Cookie Bar GDPR ‑ 100% FREE

Instant cookie compliance with EU law in one click

Ensure you are in compliance with the GDPR European Cookie Law.

EU Cookie Bar will present your customers with a banner informing them that your store is using cookies. Once the customer agrees to the terms the banner will be hidden from that customer.

Present customers with your cookie policy page to fully comply with EU the EU Cookie Law

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Shopify Product reviews allows you to add a customer review feature to your products. This provides a way for your customers to engage with you, as well as each other to encourage sales.


  • Theme-friendly design Reviews automatically match your store’s look and feel
  • Easy customization – Edit layout options, text and colours without needing to code
  • Bulk actions – Publish, hide, filter, and manage reviews quickly and easily
  • CSV import and Export – Import and export your reviews as a spreadsheet
  • SEO-friendly review scores – Add review scores to your Google search results.

Page Speed Optimizer ‑ [FREE]

Page Speed Optimizer ‑ [FREE]

Instantly speed up your Shopify store in one click!

In just one click – the app will improve the page speed and load times for your store.

Who is the app for?

Any Shopify store of any size! Any store can benefit from using the app!

How will the app benefit my store?

Increase the chances of conversion by having a site that loads quicker! Page speed can be directly correlated to improved conversions.


  • One-Click pagespeed improvement
  • No coding
  • Instantly turn on or off
  • and thats it! Nice and Simple!

Free Trust Badge

Free Trust Badge

Just released – Drag & Drop

Now you can easily drag and drop your trust badges nearly anywhere on your store. Just move your cursor over the area you want the badges placed and click. It opens up nearly unlimited possibilities for where your badges can be placed in your theme.

Full-color badges with multiple designs (Premium version)

Unlock over 670 premium payment badges including full-color with multiple design options to choose from. NOTE: We are regularly updating badges. Check the app for the latest selections.

SEO Site Audit, fix SEO issues

SEO Site Audit, fix SEO issues

Looking to grow your business? You’ve landed in the right place!

A complete and detailed SEO site audit will give you a deeper understanding as to why your site is not generating the traffic you think it should or why your sales and conversions are not improving. This free site audit is based on large stores (7 and 8 figures) benchmark.

Below you’ll find a few of the parameters we will check in this free site audit:

  1. Your Customers Value
  2. What is the percentage of your recurring customers?
  3. What is the lifetime value of your customers?
  4. How fast is your site?
  5. How faster can it be?
  6. How much more sales can that bring you?
  7. How trustworthy is your web store?
  8. How do customers see your site?
  9. How does Google scan your site?
  10. How can you easily improve it?

Improved Contact Form

Improved Contact Form

Install this app and you’ll instantly have a “contact us” page and popup form for your shop. Easily get messages from visitors and customers without editing your theme or signing up with a paid service.

  • Free “Contact Us” page for your shop which you can link to from your menu
  • Free “Contact Us” optional button in the corner of each page of your site that pops up an in-page contact form
  • Customize what fields you want on your contact form (name, e-mail, phone, etc.)
  • Receive contact form submissions at your existing mailbox, no need to log in to a website to check messages
  • Smart contact form tells you the submitter’s location (city, state, country), their IP address, how they found your site and a list of pages they viewed before contacting you
  • Built-in bot spam protection
  • Responsive design for mobile browsers

You can use Improved Contact Form 100% for free. There are no limits to how many people can contact you.

How to Install

Click the “Add App” button above to install this app. That’s it! Zero coding. Your contact form is instantly added to your site. If you change your mind, you can uninstall it with one click too.

Exit Intent Popup by OptiMonk

40,000+ websites trust OptiMonk to convert their visitors into customers by displaying user-friendly popups and onsite messages.

A popup provides you a powerful and simple way to convert more visitors to buyers and build your email or Messenger list. Choose from over 200 pre-made templates and put your offer in front of the right people.

How OptiMonk’s free popups help you to grow your business?

  • Grow your email, Messenger or SMS list
  • Recommend products
  • Promote special offers
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Collect feedback
  • Facilitate social sharing

Klaviyo: Email Marketing

Klaviyo: Email Marketing

When you control the customer experience you have the ability to deliver personalized, memorable experiences that lead to lasting, high-value relationships with customers. Klaviyo helps businesses create memorable experiences across owned marketing channels—email, SMS, web and in-app notifications—by listening for and understanding cues from visitors, subscribers, and customers, and turning that information into valuable, relevant messages.

In fact, ecommerce stores switching to Klaviyo see an average 67x increase in ROI—that’s real growth driven by channels owned and controlled by the business.

Join brands you love like Chubbies, Huckberry, and ColourPop growing faster & building amazing customer experiences across their owned marketing channels.

Listen to your customers

1. Powerful Integrations—Klaviyo offers 100+ pre-built integrations ranging from shipping solutions to rewards programs. Top integrations include Facebook, ShipStation, Yotpo, Smile, Privy, and more.

2.Dynamic Forms and Personalization—Leverage Klaviyo’s free Form Builder to collect more information about your customers and grow your email list without any coding. Target forms to specific segments, devices, or pages and easily analyze results.

3.Centralized customer profiles—The customer profile provides a unified view of your customer’s actions, preferences, behaviors, and history.

PushOwl Web Push Notification

PushOwl Web Push Notification

Collect unlimited subscribers and send 500 notifications per month! PushOwl works out of the box without setup or code changes.

PushOwl – Highest rated web push notification app

Web Push Notifications make Abandoned Cart Recovery a breeze: Recovering an order no longer needs personal information such as an email address or phone number. Reach your subscribers with an automatic sequence of push notifications that brings them automatically back to their cart.

Customer Support that makes a difference

Find us on the dashboard chat! Our proactive customer support team strives to make you successful with web push notifications. For no other reason, PushOwl became Shopify’s highest-rated app in the App Store. We help young brands to get started for free, enable businesses to scale with impressive push campaigns and powerful automations, as well as large-scale Enterprise stores sending 1mn+ notifications per day.

Thank You Email Marketing Tool

Thank You Email Marketing Tool

1. Thank You Email Marketing Tool with current useful features:

  • Express your interest to each customer
  • Automatically send a thank-you email after customers subscribe or make a purchase
  • Emails to notify successful delivery
  • Provide eye-catching templates with available content
  • Report about sent emails, opened emails, spam, and subscribers
  • Suggest email content
  • Adjust email delivery time
  • Show the number of emails sent and emails opened
  • Promote your brand in every email
  • Save time and money on advertising
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to use

AZEXO Free Page Builder

AZEXO Free Page Builder

AZEXO Builder is a stand alone Shopify app that is compatible with any theme, and can be used to create beautiful and fluid layouts inside content areas of any size and shape.


AZEXO Shopify Page Builder complete design platform to offer pixel perfect design, yet produces 100% clean code. Take your design vision and turn it into a stunning custom-made Shopify website.


Product Title, Product Image, Product Price, Product Variant, Product Quantity, Product Image Gallery and Catalog, Product Add to Cart Button, and Product Collection and Description.


App allow to make full width image lookbook, gallery lookbook, slider lookbook, lookbook with simple hotspots and lookbook with products previews.


When you have the perfect tool in hand, you can go beyond your imagination. AZEXO Builder is such a web page composer app that empowers you to create a great Shopify website easily. You can build a classy professional Shopify store with this tool that can attract the maximum number of visitors.

What are the best Free Shopify apps?

The best free Shopify apps are: Omnisend Email Marketing, Oberlo ‑ Dropshipping App, Google channel, Free Shipping Bar, Trust Me ‑ Free Trust Badges

What is the best Free Shopify app?

Omnisend Email Marketing. Marketing automation is all about sending anticipated and relevant messages at the right time. We take it a step further – add SMS messages into your automated workflows. You can then follow up by syncing your subscribers segments to Google and Facebook ads.

What is Shopify app?

Shopify app lets you manage orders, products, staff, and customers — from your desk, your couch, or anywhere in‑between. Either free or premium Shopify app are add-ons to your store to help you better run and manage your store.

15+ Best Free Event WordPress Themes (UPDATED 2020)

If you looking for the best free event WordPress themes we put together a collection of the best free event themes for any special even you might have such as, music, concert, wedding, birthday, baby shower, store opening etc. So if you looking for the best event theme and 100% free we have the perfect collection for you. If you need free event booking plugins for WordPress we have a great list to chose from.

Best Free Event WordPress Themes for any event, music, concerts, wedding, birthdays etc..



Event is Ultra Responsive, multipurpose, retina-ready and SEO optimized multifunction Event Conference, Business and Blog WordPress theme. It is designed for Event but this is competent for every kind of site which is designed and developed by Theme Freesia. This theme supports popular plugins like Breadcrumb NavXT, WP-PageNavi, Contact Form 7, Jetpack by WordPress.com, Polylang, bbPress, wooCommerce and many more. It is also translation ready and easily customizable with lots of options using Customizer. It consists contact us template, gallery template, widgets and sidebar.

Neve Music Band

Neve Music Band

Neve is a super fast, easily customizable, multi-purpose theme. It’s perfect for blogs, small business, startups, agencies, firms, e-commerce shops (WooCommerce storefront) as well as personal portfolio sites and most types of projects. A fully AMP optimized and responsive theme, Neve will load in mere seconds and adapt perfectly on any viewing device. While it is lightweight and has a minimalist design, the theme is highly extendable, it has a highly SEO optimized code, resulting in top rankings in Google search results. Neve works perfectly with Gutenberg and the most popular page builders (Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi). Neve is also WooCommerce ready, responsive, RTL & translation ready. Look no further. Neve is the perfect theme for you!

Business Event

Business Event

Business Event theme is a dedicated event WordPress theme for business meetups, technology conferences and exhibitions, product release events, business conferences and all other sorts of marketing and business events. A theme compatible with WP Event Manager plugin. Also, It offers special features and templates so it works perfectly with all page builders like Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin, Divi, etc. This Free WordPress theme is fully responsive, cross-browser compatible, translation ready & SEO friendly. If you run into any problem while using our theme, you can refer to extensive documentation or contact our friendly support team. It fully supports Elementor, all the sections are made from Elementor.

Catch Wedding

catch wedding

Catch Wedding is a free, simple yet feature-rich wedding WordPress theme that comes with responsive design and interesting wedding features. It provides crucial wedding features, like accommodation, featured content, featured slider, header media, hero content options, and more. It is a unique and systematic WordPress theme for weddings that follows a simplistic and minimal design. With the completely-responsive design, your website looks flawless across all devices. It fulfills your desire to create a whimsical wedding theme of your choice. It is a simple, attractive and modern wedding WordPress theme for people getting ready to tie the knot. The theme is extraordinarily stunning, aesthetic, and eye-appealing—perfect to show off your wedding plans elegantly. Download Catch Wedding today and announce your wedding in an aesthetic manner! 

Event Bell

Event Bell

EventBell is a modern WordPress theme that comes with high-quality features and minimal design. The theme is a perfect fit for Music programs, event, blogs and also for business . EventBell is a fully responsive design that always remains mobile-friendly and will render perfectly on all devices. EventBell is mainly suitable for programs and events

Event Listing

Event Listing

Event Listing is a fast, fully customizable & beautiful WordPress theme suitable for any event, blog, portfolio, business website and WooCommerce storefront. A theme compatible with WP Event Manager plugin. Also, It offers special features and templates so it works perfectly with all page builders like Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin, Divi, etc. Some of the other features: # Responsive # RTL #Translation Ready #SEO Friendly # WooCommerce Ready # Extendible with WP Event Manager addons # Regularly updated # Designed, Developed, Maintained & Supported by WP Event Manager’s dedicated team. Looking for a perfect base theme for event listing? Look no further. You can use an event listing theme for building any kind of event website!

Happy Wedding Day

Happy Wedding Day

Happy Wedding Day is child theme of Bizberg WordPress Theme. With Happy Wedding Day you can create a website for any business related to wedding, save the day, wedding location, wedding flowers, wedding atelier and set up your site in a few easy steps. It can also be used for anniversaries, birthday parties, family functions, wedding bands or for art and design website. You can design a portfolio out of it to make your journey of love all the more memorable. It is a feature-rich theme with gorgeous layout. The very base of the theme is built on Bootstrap framework which makes the theme very handy and east to use. This WordPress theme is fully responsive, cross-browser compatible, translation ready & SEO friendly. if you run into any problem while using our theme, you can refer to extensive documentation or contact our friendly support team. It fully supports Elementor, all the sections are made from Elementor.



Eventsia is a WordPress theme exclusively built for Event Conference, blogger, news and education. It is clean, super flexible, fully responsive designs, amazing new features and lifetime free updates. Eventsia design can be used for any type of website but this theme is mainly focus on event. You will find a lots of options to customize the theme. 

Event Press

Event Press

EventPress is a Seasonal WordPress theme. It comes with lots of powerful features. EventPress is suited for Christmas, New Year, Valentine, Wedding, Seminar, Webinar, Birthday, Concerts, and any type of websites. Awesome features included in this theme such as Slider, Organizer, Coming Soon, Donation Features, Gallery, Event Schedule, Background Music, etc. Fully compatible with Give Donation Plugin, Contact Form 7, Revolution Slider, Elementor, Visual Composer, Yoast SEO, and WooCommerce. Various page templates ready in the theme like Blog Sidebar Left & Right, Masonry and many more. 

VW Event Planner

VW Event Planner

VW Event Planner is a gorgeous, feature-rich and technically advanced WordPress theme for event planners. It has fresh and youthful feel to perfectly match this active profession. It is an ideal theme for event planners whether they deal at small level to organize birthday parties, anniversaries, house warming, corporate meetings and conferences or handling big events like weddings, concerts, award functions, opening ceremonies of games and events. It also suits party decorators, music bands, catering services and party wear and dress designers to showcase your best work on the online space to generate potential leads. VW Event Planner is a fully responsive, cross-browser compatible, translation ready and SEO friendly theme to make a super-efficient website that will work everywhere. It is retina ready to show sharp images; offers unlimited colours and Google web fonts to colour website with any vibrant colour that suits your brand. Social media icons are unforgettably included in the theme to help promote your services at a larger platform. As the theme offers all the features and functionality of an online store through WooCommerce integration, this event planner theme can also be used by florists and bouquet stores and gift shops; 

Wedding Band

Wedding Band

Wedding Band is an elegantly designed WordPress theme for wedding websites. Wedding Band has been created as a solution for couples or wedding planners in need of a solid, easy to use and highly effective platform for putting together amazingly stylish wedding websites within minutes, Wedding band has been carefully crafted with attention to detail in every single nook and cranny to ensure you can build a perfectly visually appealing website using the theme. This exceptional and multipurpose template is customizable, well-organized and equipped with extraordinary features that you can use for building a website for your wedding. The theme is SEO friendly with optimized codes, which make it easy for your site to rank on Google and other search engines. The theme is rigorously tested and optimized for speed and faster page load time and has a secure and clean code. The theme is also translation ready. Designed with visitor engagement in mind, Wedding Band helps you to easily and intuitively create beautiful and appealing websites. 

Event Planners

Event Planners

SKT Event Planners is a celebration, marriage, conference, grand events, bookings, parties, happenings, outreach campaigns, competition, contest, tournament, game, fixture, meetings, encounter type of website template which is responsive and Gutenberg editor friendly. It comes with ready to import 63+ Elementor templates. On any occasion, business, incident or similar such conferences or parties with speakers, guests are organized. Can be used by community centers, event managers, wedding, engagement, naming ceremony, motivational coach. Compatible with WooCommerce, multilingual plugins, contact form plugins for call to action. 

Utsav Event Planner

Utsav Event Planner

Utsav event planner is an exoticWordPress theme for the celebration or any kind of event related to the marriage. It is also good for the grand events, bookings of parties, competition contest, tournament, game, meetings and much more. Since it came in the market, it has done well in the popularity charts and is a preferred one for the fixtures as well as meetings. Armed with some of the exclusive features suitable for business, this is multipurpose to the core and apart from that is highly responsive. It is a good one for the professional decorators and the event planners and is latest, elegant, user friendly and fine for the banquet mangers and also for the individuals as well as the agencies. It is good for the planners of special occasions and the credit goes to its classic features like call to action button, professionalism, Bootstrap framework, modern looks and much more. With Utsav events planner, an occasion becomes special and is an exclusive theme for birthdays and engagement parties as well as the anniversaries. It is a good one in case you are interested to open the wedding planning agency.

Event Star

Event Star

Event Star is a colourful, bright, modern, responsive and highly attractive multipurpose event and conference management WordPress theme. It is well coded, optimized, fast and SEO-friendly theme which has all the features you will need to successfully promote and manage your event online. If you are just going to promote a single event or have an agency to manage events and conference, the theme perfectly suits you. The theme comes with highly customized theme options and advanced widgets, almost every aspect of your website can be controlled with the Event Star theme. Feature Slider with a countdown timer, Event Count Down Widget makes the theme perfect for Event and conference. About/Service, Event Schedule, Speakers/Team, FAQ/Accordion, Gallery/Upcoming events, Testimonial, Blog, Contact Us section and Footer widgets makes this themes Multipurpose WordPress Theme, that you can use any kind of Corporate, Busines or Blog Sites.



Audioman is a well-designed, modern and trendy music WordPress theme built for musicians and bands that focuses on promoting their music and events. Simple modules and features are available in Audioman so you can build a complete and custom website right away. The theme comes with an array of features — such as header media, featured slider, featured content, hero content, playlist, portfolio, testimonials, and more — to keep your music website on the forefront. Audioman is completely responsive, which means your website will look incredibly sleek and visually appealing on all the devices with different screen resolution. The theme is deeply engaging, and the features provided in it will assist you in gaining genuine followers in a short period of time. To top it all, the theme is translation ready. 

Perfect Event Lite

Perfect Event Lite

Free event WordPress Theme and its explanation

Many speakers and conference arrangers and event management companies need websites to showcase the events that they are going to host. Even the locations which are famous for holding various events should have an online website where they can post the tickets for sale and as well as let users and people around them know that such events are being planned and upcoming.

Thus more interest in generated among audiences and early bird contests and late tickets at more price can be sold online.

Charitable events also get organized and hence it is for such organizations to connect with more and more people so that they can raise donations and funds for the required and needy people.

Hence free event WordPress theme focusses on having such companies and people into its reach and trying to have a simple information website so that one can list the events and get tickets also for sale online through this website.

Slider has been shown which gives an option for users to define and describe about the latest 3 slides for latest 3 events that are going to happen. The slider has a nice call to action using read more and hence it can be redirected to either any page or external URL.

Enough call to action has been provided in this template with the header having phone number and email address and social icons.

Free Event WordPress theme also has a nice area in the homepage which describes why choose this location or why this speaker is the best speaker for this event.

Inner page displays a sidebar which is completely widget friendly. Hence any number of widgets as well as feeds of social media can be showcased on the sidebar. Also contact form and call to action items for more sales or leads can be added too.

Location map and contact form plugin compatible this is a really user friendly free event WordPress theme which brings in with itself lots of features which can be added through compatible plugins.

Forum plugin, Event calendar plugin which can be helpful in listing events in both grid and list format as well as registration of event using contact form or sale of tickets is also possible.

User Behaviour Analytics: Why to do it and how?

The key to success in an eCommerce business is to feel the pulse of the potential customers and then design the website to meet their level of expectation. User behaviour analytics is the most widely used tool to read the minds of the target groups. It gives you a detailed picture of the needs, preferences and expectations of the prospect customers. In this article, we will tell you about how to use user behaviour analytics to improve your online business. At the end of the article, we will also guide you about how to conduct a behavioural analysis of your visitors using a free tool with a step by step illustration.   

What is user behaviour analytics? 

User behaviour analytics is a way to get a deep insight into the user experience. It helps in addressing critical website errors. Such issues are problems that are faced by website visitors. These issues together lead to a large number of cart abandonments. Hene, our primary objective of user behaviour analytics is to optimize a website conversion. 

What problems do users face on a website?

  • Complex navigation

Navigation is one of the most crucial elements of a website. It helps users go to the desired pages and find the information they came looking for. Hence, It must be simple and smooth. If website users face any difficulty in going to the inner pages of a website, it is quite obvious that they will leave the site. Many times people don’t even understand how to find a specific page due to the complex navigational menu.

It is a  responsibility of the website operator to guide users in the right direction. For this, there is a need to implement smooth navigation on a website. If you fail to do so, no wonder, you will face the problem of cart abandonment and low conversion rate. 

  • Inactive CTAs

Unresponsive call to action buttons are the most common issues that the customers face while completing the transaction process. If the buttons are inactive, it is impossible for the visitors to complete your desired action. You have to keep checking whether all the buttons on your website are functioning properly or not

  • Broken Checkout

Many times people face technical issues and get stuck while completing the transaction process. Sometimes they face difficulties in making the payment. You have to make sure that the checkout flow works properly. 

  • Too Many Pop-Ups

Repetitive pop-ups irritate the viewers most of the time.  People are seen to complain that it breaks their concentration. If there are too many popups,  users will feel like switching to some other site. To retain the website users, you should be careful about how many popups you are using and at what intervals.   

  • Unclear Buying Process

If the buying process is not clear to the customers, how will the sales increase? A shopping website must be simple. The elements on the screen should be self-explanatory. The visitors should get a clear picture at the very first glance about where to go to find what they are looking for. There should not be any scope of ambiguity or confusion. Otherwise your sales will go down. 

  • Cart Page Issues

On many eCommerce websites, customers face difficulty while proceeding to make the payment after adding items to their carts. Sometimes users can’t even add products to carts or make changes to the existing cart or order. Empty carts are another common problem. After adding products to cart, you find that there is nothing in cart. A thorough user analysis is required to fix these problems. Cart page is one of the important pages of the checkout flow. Hence, it shall be given importance and made sure that it functions correctly every time. 

  • Too Slow website

No one likes a slow website. Nowadays all people are busy and have tight schedules. If they have to wait for a long time for a web page to appear, it is quite natural for them to leave in between. A fast loading site is everyone’s preference. Check the performance of your site and take all the necessary actions to speed it up for the better result.  

  • Miscellaneous

All the above-mentioned issues are very generic in nature. These are the problems people usually face while shopping online. There are many different types of problems that the customers face. You need to see what issue your website has and then take corrective actions to fix it. 

Ways to analyze user behaviour 

Here are the most popular ways to analyze user behaviour – 

  • Session Recordings

Visitors’ session recording or session replay is the process of recording the movements of the users on a particular website. It is done with the help of a specifically designed software for the purpose. Studying browsing patterns, marketers come to know about the interest of the visitors. Session recordings give us very useful insight into user behaviour. Visitor recording is a crucial factor in user behaviour analytics. 

  • Checkout Flow Analysis

Checkout flow analysis helps marketers find out whether all the features and elements of a website are functioning properly. Many times people leave because of facing problems while checking out. A smoothly functioning website is a must for holding back the visitors and compelling them to buy what they came looking for. 

  • Cart Abandonment Analysis

Cart abandonment analysis gives you a deeper understanding of why people are not converting. It helps you find out what stops them from completing the buying process. For increasing sales, analysing cart abandonment is very important. There could be many reasons why a visitor decides to cart products to the cart and leave without buying. User analysis along with cart abandonment is an important study to conduct in behavioural analytics.

  • Feedbacks & Surveys

Feedback and surveys are one of the most effective ways of user behaviour analytics. It helps you to know thoroughly what your users want to have on your websites. What problems they face and in what way you can help them.  

What are the key elements of user behaviour analytics? 

  • Buying Process Experience

User experience is the most important factor behind the success of an eCommerce or a business website. If the users are happy with a site, they keep coming back and also recommend the site to their peers. If the online shopping experience is smooth on your site, revisits will increase. Also, people will appreciate the smooth experience through positive reviews about the store.

  • Clicks – Dead, Rage, etc.

The actions your visitors take on your site, speak quite a lot about their likings and dislikings. It gives you an idea of what they expect to see on your site. This data is of the utmost importance for user tracking. Clicks, Scrolls and Moves on a given webpage can tell us about the shortcomings of that particular page. If there are any prominent areas that are most favoured by the users, the click tracking can help us find it out. That is why Clicks and Scrolls are important for user tracking and to be able to optimize a website to become more user-centric.

  • Clear Navigation

You must ensure that your site has a smooth navigation pattern. It helps the users to visit the inner pages easily. You can drive the navigation by many tools like a well-crafted menubar, nicely designed buttons for specific purposes etc. The most important navigational aspect is to be able to find out the correct information on the website. In case of an eCommerce website, it can be the right product or product-related information.    

  • Conversion Rate

Boosting up conversion rate is the ultimate goal of any eCommerce website. Conversion rate is the most powerful metric to measure the success of a website. If the rate is nor increasing, you should definitely do something about it. If it is increasing, you should attempt to keep it stable and to increase it further.

HumCommerce for user behaviour analytics 

HumCommerce is an all in one WordPress Plugin for user behaviour analytics and conversion rate optimization. It is a free plugin for visitor recording and user tracking. It’s advanced session recording features help you to study the activities and navigation patterns of the users on your site minutely. Based on the detailed report, if you can redesign your website for its users, the conversion rate is bound to increase.

What makes HumCommerce different from the rest of the plugins in the market is it lets you replay the visitors’ sessions at different speeds. You can go directly to the more specific pages and skip the less important ones. You can find out exactly at which stage of the conversion funnel visitors are leaving and why. In the process, you can discover the best-performing pages and also the underperforming ones. This gives an idea of what elements work better for your target groups.  If you increase the number of those types of elements, it will improve your click-through rate, decrease the bounce rate and finally boost up conversions.

Here is how to use HumCommerce – 

User behaviour analytics has never been so easy before. With HumCommerce, you can fix whatever issues your visitors are facing following just four easy steps – Install the plugin, start visitors’ recording, replay and analyze the sessions, & take corrective actions. Here, we will discuss all the steps in details –   

  • Step 1 – Install the plugin 

The first and foremost step is to install and activate the plugin. For that, you need to follow the steps below – 

  • Download the plugin from its official website www.HumCommerce.com 
  • Go to your WordPress dashboard 
  • Go to Appearance – Plugins – Add New 
  • Click on the Upload button 
  • Look for the HumCommerce plugin zip and click on it 
  • The installation process will begin 
  • After the installation is over, click on the Activate button to get the plugin activated   
  • Step 2 – Start session recording 

The next step is to start the session recording. Here are the steps to follow – 

  • After installing the plugin, click on the “Click to complete” button and accept the terms and conditions for starting the session recording. 
  • After 24 – 48 hours, the data will be ready to view on your WordPress dashboard 
  • You will get an email notification once the sessions are ready to view 
  • Data for the last 7 days will be stored 
  • The process will continue on a regular basis unless you  deactivate the plugin 
  • Step 3 – Analyze the session 

To replay and analyze the sessions, follow the steps below – 

  • On your dashboard, in the left sidebar, you will find the HumCommerce icon. 
  • Click on the icon to get started 
  • You will be able to see 20 session recordings at a time 
  • Find the pages you want to study 
  • Replay the recording at a convenient speed and analyze the visitors’ movements on your site minutely 
  • Step 4 – Take corrective actions   

The final step is to take corrective actions. Once you find out what problems your users are facing with the help of HumCommerce daily reports, fixing them is not a big deal. See the issue and get an easy solution. Never forget to notify the abandoned visitors the issue has been resolved. Also,  make use of remarketing to recover the abandoned carts. 


In this article, we gave you an overview of the process of user behaviour analytics. We have given a detailed account of how to use it to make your site popular and boost up your sales.  We have also suggested a free tool for user analysis. The plugin is beginner-friendly and well documented. You can install it with just a few clicks. It will give you a detailed report on the browsing patterns of your users. You will be able to find out why people are leaving. Accordingly, if you take corrective measures, your conversion rate will start increasing in a few days.