Create Your Own Website Using WordPress in a Weekend – Book Review

Alannah Moore is the author of Create Your Website the Easy Way(2016), Create Your Own Website Using WordPress in a Weekend(2013; an Amazon bestseller), The Creative Person’s Website Builder (2013), and Create Your Own Online Store in a Weekend(2014).

Alannah is passionate about demystifying the website-creation process so that ordinary non-techie people can get themselves or their businesses up online without a technical headache, or spending a fortune. How to Make a website or how to start a blog in 2018 follow those simple tutorial.

She lives in Paris most of the time.


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Create Your Own Website Using WordPress in a Weekend – Had a pleasure reviewing Alannah Moore book, which covers step by step instructions how to build your own WordPress website in very short time. Anyone looking to start your own blog or a WordPress portfolio website will find this book easy to follow and use. With great example and screenshots to follow through. The book is very well written with beautiful examples of how to.. Either you are beginner or expert there is always something new to learn.

See few screenshots from inside the book..


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