Creating Illustration-inspired WordPress Site: TOP 10 Resources

The World Wide Web is peppered with business websites, multibrand e-stores,and personal blogs. Now, we’re not saying that’s a bad thing, but wouldn’t it be good if you could see a splash of color and creativity every now and then? Where are the illustrators and graphic artists? Using illustrations is a fantastic way to break free from the uniformity of traditional web designs and stand out in the crowd. Best Free WordPress Themes for Artists to build online portfolio website with simple to use themes.

We’re not condemning stock photography, but there’s something very informal and intimate about illustrations that immediately catches the viewer’s eye. Listed below are the top 10 resources for building free illustrations inspired WordPress site:


If you’re an amateur illustrator looking for the ultimate guide to conquer WordPress, then Vectips the best place for you. Vectips focuses solely on developing attractive illustrations for the web. The blog was started by Ryan Putnam, the founder of Ryan Arts and an exclusive designer at iStockPhotos. It is co-managed by Kevin Sanderson who writes all the tutorials and help posts for budding designers. Here, you’ll find posts dealing with the simplest of things like Abstract Backgrounds to the most complicated topics like illustrative animation and halftone effects. You will even find a fun and interactive interview or Q&A section where you can connect with a team of professionals.


Anyone who’s looking for ideas and inspiration to createordinary or advertising illustrations can pay a visit to Vectortuts; it’s free, intuitive and very user-friendly. Vectortuts is a relatively new resource on the web, yet it has managed to become a fan favorite among budding and established illustrators alike. The platform belongs to the Envato family that is better known for platforms like PSDTUTS and NETTUTS. Here, you can find some great posts on stuff like creating realistic vector fire, developing animated characters and even advanced digital collage mixing ideas. You’ll even find a Basicx section that caters to newbies teaching them how to create basic shapes, gradients,andcolor blends.

Veerle’s Blog

Veerle’s Blog covers a variety of topics on graphic designing, online illustrating and web development that you can benefit from. The platform doesn’t just dole out lengthy blog posts and complicated video tutorials, no sir! Here, you can expect to-the-point and actionable advise by some of the best illustrators of the industry. Most of the illustration tips are easy to apply and practically possible for amateurs to follow. For example, some of the posts like creating simple organic shapes, using patterns, managing the Align tool are useful for beginner-level artists who are struggling with their illustrations.


Blog.SpoonGraphics is a blogging space owned and developed by graphic designer Chris Spooner. He has posted over a dozen tutorials and blog posts on a variety of topics that would interest photographers and illustrators alike. Here, you will find simple and effective solutions for all your web designing problems, especially if you have a WordPress page. Some of the popular blogs here are on creating vector safari compass, geometrical lines,and wavy designs. Users can also find helpful articles on using Adobe Photoshop and other image editing tools as well.


GoMediaZine is the place where you will find the quirkiest, most fascinating artworks and illustrations on the internet. For you see, the platforms are not just used for posting tutorials but also promoting artworks of other established illustrators in the industry. You will find limited but quality posts that discuss the latest trends and advancements made in illustrations these days. From making fancy stars to detailed eerie skulls- everything is discussed here. Other popular blog topics include the art of intricate illustrations online and undersea painting using vector skills. We recommend the podcasts for first-timers where famous illustrators share their experiences and offer some quick tips on how to be a successful web illustrator.


AiVault is the best place for finding some useful and practical tips on illustrating web pages online. This illustrator specific platform is free (although, you need to register and have a membership to access some of the premium content offered), quick to navigate through and extremely organized. All the tutorials, blog posts,and other elements are neatly arranged in separate sections that are easy to access and understand. This space not only caters to illustrators but also budding photographers, web designers and developers. Get access to free brushes, vector graphs, digital stamps and more, each being categorized under specific drop-down lists.


BittBox caters to the professional illustrators, people who have a basic idea of what web designing entails. The platform is mostly inactive and doesn’t feature a lot of blogs and posts on illustration, but be rest assured that you’ll find only quality content here. BittBox does away with all the preliminary topics and focuses on only the complications and advanced areas of virtual illustrating. Hence, don’t go about looking for topics like designing basic shapes and sizes, color gradient etc. A few of their more popular blog posts are on creating 3D vector vintage stars and using art brushes.

N.Design Studio

N.Design Studio has some of the best tutorials you’ll ever find, pity that they’re not very consistent with their posts or else we would have featured them much higher on the list. So, even though you won’t find an abundance of tutorials like the other platforms discussed above, it’s still worth it and we’ll tell you why. N.Design Studio covers some of the most coveted and complex topics that every illustrator has troubles with. Their posts cover a wide range of topics like picture tracing, 3D imaging and animation, comic style strokes, and integrating Adobe Bridge Icon in their illustrations.


iStockDiary, as the name suggests, is an archive of sorts where you can find all sorts of posts and tutorials on illustrating websites. The platform focuses on quality and quantity- there is no dearth of posts here. And while most of its content is available for free, you can subscribe to a membership and get access to the more advanced tutorials that are up for sale. These premium tutorials deal with the more complex topics like animation and 3D imaging. However, if you’re a beginner, we suggest you check out the basic posts first that deal with creating the perfect diamond shape and stamp tutorials etc.

Deviant Art

Most people are familiar with the artworks posted by Deviant Art. The platform is a great place for young artists, illustrators and graphic designers who want to post and improve their sketching and illustrating skills. It is a community where budding artists and professionals can post their work and get appreciated for it. Theblogging space has a quirky mix of classic and contemporary content that is eye-catching and easy to understand. Deviant Art also has its fair share of tutorials and blogs for amateurs who want to learn the basics of illustrating WordPress pages.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a professional developer, WordPress has something for everybody. Whether you want a full-fledged illustrated WordPress site or just some bits and pieces of the page that looks hand-drawn, these options are suitable for all your web development endeavors. So, hop in and browse through our list of the bestWordPress resources! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.