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Frequently Asked Questions? FAQ

What is divi website?
Divi theme is a drag and drop builder by elegant themes. … If you are looking for a stylish WordPress theme with a powerful page builder, Divi theme is the most perfect solution for you. As Divi is one of the Elegant Theme’s best product, so they regularly update it while features are added continuously.

How much does elegant themes cost?
Premium themes average around $70/year with our 20% off coupon code. This is usually a one-time fee. If you really want to get the best bang for your buck you should get the lifetime access for $199 when you use the coupon code, regularly its $249.

Can you use Divi builder with other themes?
If your site uses a theme that you‘re happy with, simply install Divi Builder, and you can enjoy all the benefits of the Divi Theme approach, without the need to code. Your theme’s functionality will be intact, so if you have a feature coded into the existing theme files, you can change your design without losing it. Divi also comes with many rebuild themes where you can use a pre build blocks or sections to easily layout your pages.

Is Divi easy to use?
Yes Divi WordPress theme is known for its flexibility and versatility. … The features and options of the Elegant themes Divi builder make creating websites all those options and the power of the drag and drop editor are now available as the Divi builder plugin so that you can use it with any theme of your choice. Once you learn divi you be able to build websites for yourself or your clients. Divi is very powerful builder, so you can easy build any website you like.

Does Divi need a child theme?
Why You Need a Divi Child Theme Divi is a WordPress theme. Whenever you need to make modifications to any WordPress theme, it is best practice to create a child theme that inherits the design and functionality of that parent theme. So any css changes you made will not be effected, and only your core files will be updated.

What are divi layouts?
Divi Layouts are pre-made modules, rows, sections and pages for you to load directly from the Divi builder or via your Divi library and use in your Divi websites. They are very easy to use and very helpful in building your website where you can just add existing pages or sections to any layout you like, you can also bring page and sections from other templates.