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Best Free Podcast Hosting Services

Looking for the best and free podcast hosting services? We put together a collection of the best free and some premium podcast services available. You can pick one of those services, try free or signup for premium options. Most of the podcast hosting services are free, so it will let you try your own podcast on a small budget, and when it takes off you can always upgrade to premium version.

Now its a great time to start a podcast and talk about any subject such as, business, entrepreneurship, fitness and health, cooking and food, motivation and much more..If you want to use your own website to host a podcast checkout the best free WordPress Podcast Plugins . If you looking for Best Free WordPress Podcast Themes we have a great selection for you.

Best Free Podcast Hosting Services!

1. Buzzsprout


Buzzsprout has helped over 100,000 people start their own podcast. It is the easiest way to host, promote, and track your podcast. Reach millions of potential listeners by listing your podcast in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. Buzzsprout feeds are compatible with all the top directories, so your podcast will appear wherever people are searching for it. Upload your audio file and Buzzsprout will take care of the rest. Publish your episodes immediately or schedule a day and time you'd like your episode to be available for your listeners.

Get to know your listeners with podcast statistics. See stats like your total downloads over time, what apps people are using to listen to your podcast, and where people are listening to your podcast.

2. Podbean


Podbean is an easy and powerful way to start a podcast. Everything you need for a
successful podcast. No difficult technology to learn.

Podbean is a podcast publishing and monetization service, providing free and premium hosting packages for individuals and businesses. Podbean offers a user-friendly interface that integrates publishing, management, syndication and analysis tools into an easy-to-use podcasting package.

This web-based system allows users to publish, manage and promote podcasts in a point-and-click, blog-like environment, requiring minimal technical knowledge. Podbean’s share and embed tools make it easy for publishers to integrate podcasts into their own websites, blogs and social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and WordPress.

The Podbean app is one of the most popular podcast apps for iOS and Android, and can also be used to play podcasts via Amazon Alexa. It’s a great option for podcast audiences to enjoy their favorite podcasts anywhere, anytime. Podcasters can also record and publish right from the Podbean app.

Flat-rate hosting plans with unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage provide affordability and predictability for Podbean podcasters. All Podbean accounts come with a customizable podcast site, a feed for iTunes, Google Play and other sites, and the ability to integrate with an existing website. Users can measure the success of their podcast with Podbean’s enhanced statistics.

Podbean offers integrated monetization tools for podcasters as well. This includes a patron program to raise a monthly income stream from supporters and a sponsorship marketplace to connect with advertisers. Both are available to podcasters no matter where they host. Additionally, Podbean podcasters can easily sell premium podcast content (episodes or subscriptions).

3. Ausha

Ausha is a powerful, all-in-one podcast marketing platform

Ausha is a powerful, all-in-one podcast marketing platform that combines all the tools a podcaster needs to launch and grow their show: hosting and distributing, promoting and monetizing.

On Ausha, podcasters can host as many episodes as they want, publish to YouTube in 1-click, easily distribute to 20+ world directories, create video clips, run social media campaigns, create a website, create newsletters, run dynamic ad campaigns, access advanced statistics, and more, all from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Ausha’s features are for both small and big shows, beginners and experienced podcasters, hobbyists and entrepreneurs, agencies, networks, companies and government organizations.

There's a free trial to try Ausha for free.

4. Spreaker


With thousands of podcasters hosting their shows on the platform and millions of active monthly users, Spreaker enables anyone to participate in and interact with a rich community of audio creators and listeners.

Podcasters will find all the tools necessary to simplify and speed up the podcasting process. Spreaker’s features include an easy-to-use recording app on both desktop and mobile, the ability to migrate content using an RSS feed importer, as well as ways to connect to external tools and mixers; audio storage space for hosting shows; automatic episodes sharing by connecting to social networks, one-click distribution to submit to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer and many more, and embeddable players; measurement tools with detailed audience analytics like plays, sources, and geolocation; and soon to be introduced monetization opportunities.

Listeners can find unique podcasts and podcasters, chat with hosts as they listen in live, leave comments on episode pages, follow networks, and like their favorite episodes.

Spreaker both podcasting and listening apps are available on iOS and Android devices.

5. Podiant


Podiant was founded in 2016, by podcaster and web developer Mark Steadman. It was created out of a need for a simple-to-use but powerful tool that would allow him to upload podcasts quickly and easily.

Mark built it using the MVP (minimum viable product) model, so only the most necessary features existed in its first version. As the platform expanded, Podiant has offered features that rival even the larger, more established offerings, but has remained small and nimble.

You've got this. We've got your back.

You’ve spent years honing your skills and growing your unique pool of knowledge. Our job is to make it as easy as possible for you to spread your message. We do that by giving you

  •  ✓ Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  •  ✓ Simple-to-understand analytics
  •  ✓ A flexible website that reflects your brand
  •  ✓ One-click listing with all major directories
  •  ✓ Third-party integrations

6. Anchor

anchor podcast

Our mission is to democratize audio. We believe everyone should be able to have their voice heard, regardless of background or experience level. If you've ever tried to start a podcast, you know all the logistical barriers that can stand in your way. At Anchor, we aim to remove all of these barriers. Our goal is to make podcasting easy and fun, without sacrificing the quality every podcaster deserves.

Creators first.

Everything we do, we do it for podcasters. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your podcasting journey, Anchor was built to solve the pain points around podcasting, while remaining powerful enough to make your wildest podcasting dreams come true.

Tools that are really, really easy to use.

We’ve reimagined podcasting from the ground up. Every feature in Anchor is designed to be so straightforward that anyone (even people with zero podcasting experience) can pick it up and start using it right away.

Powerful technology that solves real problems.

We build intelligent tools that minimize the grunt work, and help you navigate podcasting best practices so you can focus on making something amazing. Whether it’s recording, editing, or getting listeners, we want you to feel like nothing is standing in the way of you telling your story.

7. Blubrry Podcast

blubrry podcast

Blubrry.com is a podcasting community and directory that gives creators the power to make money, get detailed audience measurements and host their audio and video. Whether you are a media creator, advertiser or media consumer, Blubrry is your digital media interface.

Why Choose Blubrry?

  • Blubrry, subsidiary of RawVoice, is a privately owned and operated company that – unlike other podcasting companies – is based 100 percent in the United States.
  • We utilize a state of the art content delivery network to guarantee best-in-class performance.
  • We have the most accurate podcast statistics included in every hosting account. Our stats are trusted by advertisers and used by major TV and radio networks.
  • Our hosting is integrated with WordPress via PowerPress; you do not have to go to another site to publish your podcast.
  • We provide the PowerPress plugin with easy integration into your individual websites.
  • Blubrry has a strong support team and is the only podcast company with free phone support, and scheduled video conferences. One-on-one consulting is also available.

But you ask, why choose us over another hosting platform?

  • If we were a venture-funded company we could price our service at a loss, but venture capital is high risk and we will not gamble with our clients’ trust, shows or funding.
  • We provide services specifically for the podcasting industry — no distractions with other business ventures, no stock market or shareholders to manipulate our long term goals, no venture capital firm to pull our plug.
  • We have been in business since 2005 and will be in business for many years to come.

8. Transistor

Transistor free podcast

We make podcasting less confusing

Podcasting is an incredible medium, but it can be confusing for newcomers.

At Transistor, we guide you through the confusing podcasting landscape. All you'll need to do is record your audio, and upload it to Transistor. We'll help you submit your show to platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

What is needed to start a podcast?

Every podcast needs:

  • A web server to host MP3 files,
  • A way to create new episodes, and add show notes,
  • A way to publish new episodes, and update the podcast's RSS feed,
  • And a way to generate a valid RSS feed.

Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts are podcast players but they're not hosting platforms. When you click “download” or “subscribe” in these apps, the request gets sent to whichever host your favorite podcast is using (like Transistor.fm!). The podcast player will then download the MP3 file from that server.

9. Libsyn


Libsyn is the combination of Liberated and Syndication and has from the start stayed true to developing a platform where podcasters have the freedom they need to deliver the kind of podcast they want. Everyone from a hobby podcaster to enterprise level corporations find a home and support they need through Libsyn or LibsynPro.

Your podcasting story is best written when you have the freedom to write it the way you want and the confidence of knowing that is it always yours to keep no matter how many downloads you have or how famous you become.

We believe in empowering brands and thought leaders to expand their influence with podcast hosting services that simplify workflows, transform content delivery, engage communities everywhere and always keep the podcast creator in control of their work and at the heart of ours.

10. Castos


Here at Castos our goal is easy: Make podcasting easy and accessible to all.

We do this through things like our Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin integration, easy to understand and unlimited publishing pricing plans, and customer support that is truly heroic.

As the podcasting medium continues to explode in popularity more and more new podcasters are coming into this form of content, and we’re here to help you every step along the way.

With over 10,000 installs of our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin and thousands of active customers on the Castos hosting platform, we’ve learned a few things about how to help set you up for podcasting success.

Our team has more than a decade of podcasting experience, which we deliver straight to you through our products, services, and free training content.

But we think that just as important (if not more so) as knowledge and experience is curiosity, a thirst for learning, and a constant strive for improvement.  And we are very fortunate to live that every day through creating great tools for podcasters and working right alongside them.

11. SimpleCast


Say hello to the modern independent podcast hosting and analytics platform. Simplecast remains the easiest way for podcasters to publish audio to the world—with one-click publishing to Apple Podcasts , Spotify , or wherever your audience listens.

For nearly 7 years, Simplecast has provided podcasters with industry-leading publishing, distribution, analytics, and sharing tools. Simplecast exists for the podcaster, giving shows of all shapes and sizes access to the same tools powering shows from some of the world's biggest brands.

One Click, Millions of Listeners

Publishing and distributing an episode is easier than ever before. All-new streamlined workflows and forthcoming episode templates take your episode from post production to ears around the globe, nearly instantly. Use one-click publishing to distribute your episodes wherever your listeners are: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and many more. Not gonna lie–it feels a little like magic.

A Powerful Framework Built For Audio

At our core, Simplecast is a podcast technologies company. That means that under the hood you'll find the industry's most robust audio streaming infrastructure–delivering millions of minutes of audio content every single day. Sleep soundly knowing your podcast is bulletproof–because no one wants to lose listeners to problems or outages. We've spent 7 years perfecting our infrastructure so we can watch you and your show's back.

12. Captivate


The Perfect Place To Build The Home Of Your Podcast.

Not quite ready to dive into a heavy website yet? Maybe you're dipping your toe into the podcasting waters?

That doesn't mean your show shouldn't look great online! With Captivate Sites™ your show looks stunning from day one, on any device!

Your Audio Brand, In Sync On Your Own Website.

A little more seasoned or run your own WordPress website? Or maybe you use our Podcast Websites managed WordPress platform?

Manage your show from your website or your Captivate account, remain in sync and auto-publish new episodes to your WordPress website instantly to give your listeners a consistent listening experience, no matter where they are with CaptivateSync™.

Podcasting doesn't have to be complicated yet simplicity shouldn't sacrifice usefulness.

Our podcast download statistics give you everything that you'd find with any podcast host to monitor the performance of your show, and the standard stats compliance levels that you've come to expect.

As we work further with the IAB and create even more usable intel for you, your podcast will become more insightful as the industry grows.

And there's more to come as we bring you features that will truly deliver on our promise of being the world's only growth-oriented podcast host™!

13. SoundCloud


As the world’s largest music and audio platform, SoundCloud lets people discover and enjoy the greatest selection of music from the most diverse creator community on earth. Since launching in 2008, the platform has become renowned for its unique content and features, including the ability to share music and connect directly with artists, as well as unearth breakthrough tracks, raw demos, podcasts and more. This is made possible by an open platform that directly connects creators and their fans across the globe. Music and audio creators use SoundCloud to both share and monetise their content with a global audience, as well as receive detailed stats and feedback from the SoundCloud community.