7 Best Free Recipe WordPress Plugins (Most Popular 2023)

Updated: Feb 17, 2023 By: Dessign Team

If you looking for the best free recipe WordPress plugin? we have a great collection of the best free recipe plugins for your food blog or restaurant website to make it easy, responsive and SEO friendly to create beautiful recipe posts or pages. If you looking for the best free restaurant WordPress themes or best free food blog WordPress themes we also have great collections that will go well with the free recipe plugins.

Best Free recipe WordPress plugins for your restaurant or blog website

1. WP Recipe Maker

WP Recipe Maker

Active Installations: 40,000+ | Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (200+ Reviews) | Performance: 97% |
Updates & Support: Yes | WordPress: 5.3+

WP Recipe Maker is the easy recipe plugin that everyone can use. An easy workflow allows you to add recipes to any post or page with automatic JSON-LD metadata for your recipes. This metadata will improve your SEO and get you more visitors!


An overview of WP Recipe Maker features:

  • Compatible with both the Classic Editor and new Gutenberg editor
  • Includes an Elementor block and shortcode can be used in other page builders
  • Easy workflow to add recipes to any post or page
  • Uses schema.org/Recipe JSON-LD metadata optimised for Google Recipe search
  • Uses schema.org/How-to JSON-LD metadata optimised for non-food recipes and instructions
  • Supports both regular and Guided Recipes for Google metadata
  • Google AMP compatible
  • Integrates recipe metadata with Yoast SEO schema graph
  • Option to disable metadata per recipe if you want to publish non-food or DIY recipes
  • Compatible with Pinterest Rich Pins and a setting to easily opt out
  • Outputs ItemList metadata for Recipe Roundup posts
  • Keyboard accessible and AMP compatible ratings for comments
  • Interactive print recipe page with room for ads and optional credit to your website

2. Recipe Card Blocks

Recipe Card Blocks

Active Installations: 7,000+ | Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (10+ Reviews) | Performance: 97% |
Updates & Support: Yes | WordPress: 5.3+

Inspired by our popular food blog theme Foodica, Recipe Card Blocks by WPZOOM is our newest plugin that adds beautiful blocks to the new Gutenberg editor to help you create recipe cards easily in your posts.


  • Recipe Card (with Schema.org Markup)
  • Recipe Details
  • Ingredients
  • Directions
  • Nutrition Facts


  • AMP Support
  • Multiple Designs
  • Gutenberg-ready
  • Works with any theme
  • Video integration
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Bulk Add Ingredients and Directions

3. Cooked – Recipe Plugin

Cooked – Recipe Plugin

Active Installations: 8,000+ | Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (20+ Reviews) | Performance: 98% |
Updates & Support: Yes | WordPress: 5.3+

Cooked is the absolute best way to create & display recipes with WordPress. SEO optimized (rich snippets), galleries, cooking timers, printable recipes and much more. Check out the full list below.


Using the drag & drop recipe builder, you can create your recipes quickly and without limitations. Add ingredients, directions—and then add a gallery, nutrition facts, cooking times and much more.


Cooked automatically includes semantic structure and schema.org microdata into each and every recipe you publish. This allows Google to display your recipes across a variety of device sizes and platforms.

4. Recipe Maker For Your Food Blog

Recipe Maker For Your Food Blog

Active Installations: 4,000+ | Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (100+ Reviews) | Performance: 96% |
Updates & Support: Yes | WordPress: 5.3+

Get started with the intuitive template editor and create professional recipes for your food blog. With schema.org, Recipe JSON-LD metadata optimized for Google, your recipes will reach more people than before!

  1. Endless possibilities with the template editor and a wide range of settings.
  2. Optimize your recipes for Google and other search engines and increase your organic reach.
  3. Professional looking recipes for any device.
  4. WYSIWYG Editors for adding new recipes of creating your recipe template.
  5. Awesome support.

Zip Recipes is on GitHub as well!

5. Blossom Recipe Maker

Blossom Recipe Maker

Blossom Recipe Maker is a recipe plugin that every food blog needs. You can quickly create awesome recipes in less than 5 minutes, and post it in on your website. You can also readily add food recipes to any of your posts and pages using the shortcode.

This intuitive plugin also allows your visitors to interact with the recipes. They can adjust the servings size to their requirements and also mark the ingredients and instructions as they progress through the recipe.

The plugin also features an advanced search feature which will help the visitors find their favorite recipe instantly.


  • Add & Sort Ingredients and Instructions.
  • Group Ingredients and Instructions using Heading Sections.
  • Add photos to demonstrate any step of the recipe.
  • Add a recipe gallery to the recipe posts.
  • Add a Youtube or Vimeo Video to the recipe posts.
  • A demo recipe post to demonstrate the workflow.
  • Add a recipe to any post or page using the Shortcode.
  • Visitors can adjust the ingredient quantities for more or fewer servings.
  • Visitors can check/mark the ingredients and instructions to find the progress status.
  • Author template to list recipes by a single author.
  • Add an image to all the taxonomy terms.
  • Templates to list recipes by Category, Cuisine & Cooking Methods.
  • Search Recipes by Category, Cuisine, Cooking Methods, and Tags.
  • Print image-less version of Recipes in just one-click.
  • Translation Ready.

6. Delicious Recipes – WordPress Recipe Plugin

Delicious Recipes – WordPress Recipe Plugin

Delicious Recipes is a powerful recipe plugin that is flexible and easy to use. It is an effective plugin to create & display recipes from your WordPress Dashboard. Delicious Recipes is SEO friendly, assets optimized plugin with lots of features like recipe image and video galleries, unlimited recipes creation, nutrition charts, detailed rich text instructions, printable recipe options, an advanced and powerful search, and many more. Learn about all features at WP Delicious.com.

Delicious Recipes uses the powerful WordPress REST API from WordPress core to create and manage recipes. The user interface is built using advanced WordPress development patterns using React JS and full compatibility with the new Gutenberg Editor.


  • Unlimited recipes – Create unlimited professional-looking recipes for your extensive recipes website needs.
  • SEO Friendly – Google Structured Data and schema support for recipes to help your recipes rank better on search engines.
  • Beautiful Recipe Card – A clean and beautiful recipe card to elegantly display your recipes.
  • Advanced Search – Includes an advanced search option to allow your readers easily filter and find the recipes
  • Pinterest Rich Pins Support – With our Schema markup, your recipes will appear on Pinterest as Rich Recipe Pins.
  • Recipe Archive – Amazing list and Grid layout available for displaying your recipes.
  • Star Rating – Your readers can rate your recipes and share their valuable feedback.
  • 6 Customizable Widgets – Highly customizable and easy to use recipe widgets like Featured Recipes, Recipe Tags, Recipe Category, Popular Recipes, Recent Recipes and Recipe Keys.

7. Chicory Recipe Activation

You’ve got the culinary expertise and a recipe library full of deliciousness. Now partner with Chicory to make your content work harder for you! Chicory takes your content and transforms it into an actionable, sales-driving tool that helps your readers make more of your recipes.

We’ve partnered with thousands of food publishers to integrate Chicory technology into millions of recipes, reaching more than 80 million consumers a month. Members of our network range from major publications like Food and Wine to niche cooking blogs.


By installing just one line of JavaScript, Chicory makes your entire online recipe catalogue shoppable. When consumers click our “Get Ingredients” button, an online shopping list instantaneously populates with corresponding products from a suite of online grocers. With a few clicks, Chicory users can get all of the ingredients they need to cook a recipe, delivered.

The best free recipe WordPress plugins are: WP Recipe Maker,WP Ultimate Recipe, Recipe Card Blocks, Cooked – Recipe Plugin, Blossom Recipe Maker

WP Recipe Maker. WP Recipe Maker is the easy recipe plugin that everyone can use. An easy workflow allows you to add recipes to any post or page with automatic JSON-LD metadata for your recipes. This metadata will improve your SEO and get you more visitors!

Recipe WordPress plugin is a software integrated with WordPress to help you easily build and create responsive and SEO friendly recipe for your food blog or restaurant website.