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20+ Free Simple, Clean & Minimalist WordPress Themes 2018

Best Free Simple, Clean and Minimalist WordPress Themes available. Hand pick from a large collection and well know theme shops, who support and release free themes to be used and share around the world. Special Thanks to the Theme Shops who share and give their hard work for public use under GPL License. Clean, Simple and Minimalist are the best way to go when it comes to having modern and clean website best free minimalist themes.

Free Simple, Clean & Minimalist WordPress Themes

Updated: Feb 06, 2018

Free Minimalist

Free Minimalist WordPress theme comes with modern build in fully responsive slider. It has large logo up top and responsive navigation on the left. Its super minimal just with a simple slider on the homepage, with portfolio section in a grid based layout. Clean and modern minimalist is focus on your work and show your best portfolio.





Basic is a clean and fully responsive free simple and minimal WordPress theme. With a large slider with video option fully responsive you can add your vimeo or youtube video and your images. It comes with 3 featured image posts under the slider. If you looking for simple wordpress theme with just a slider and few featured posts this is one modern simple WordPress theme.



Madd Magazine

Madd Magazine beautiful and simple free WordPress theme for bloggers, writers and journalists. Madd magazine is fully responsive modern theme with build in responsive slider, left and right custom widgets options. It has many options to add advertisement, newsletter signups and custom about widget text. Easy to setup with many customization features, colors, fonts, banners, etc..


















Hatch free minimal WordPress theme with main featured image and sub category posts under it in a grid style layout. Super minimal and clean WordPress theme for creatives or photographers looking for that minimalism look. This theme is very easy to setup and install,  free clean themes and free minimal themes add your posts and show it in clean and modern way.


Belise Lite

Belise Lite is beautiful free minimal theme with focus on restaurants or personal chefs looking for modern and simple website. Belise offer many features options, but keeps the overall design modern and classy. This is true minimal and simple theme for any food lover or restaurant owner.




Blogger free minimal and simple wordpress theme for bloggers looking for clean and white solutions. It comes with build in infinite scroll. Blogger is build on 2 column layout with right side custom widgets for your widgets needs. Blogger is minimal and clean easy to use and setup perfect for any new blogger trying to setup free modern wordpress theme.





Simple is a great theme for any free simple business looking to update their website with this fully responsive minimal WordPress theme. Perfect for your small business solutions when you need to start small and then add more content. This simple minimal wordpress theme is exactly what you need free clean themes and free minimal themes in order to get started on your new adventure and business solutions.




Zillah is simple and minimal free WordPress theme for bloggers in mind. With build in modern slider and one column post layout this is clean and minimalistic theme solutions for your new blog. Perfect combination of classy and simple yet very modern look, great theme for any blogger looking to start blogging and using easy to install and setup theme.



Personal Grid

Personal gird is one modern and simple wordpress theme for personal resume website. Build in responsive menu and large background image area with feature text over it, its one of the modern and grid based themes. Easy to show you latest portfolio or recent work. Great option for SEO optimized minimal wordpress theme.




Gille is a free simple minimalist WordPress theme with large background image and featured text with call out bottom. Perfect simple solution for your next modern and minimal website, SEO optimized and easy and simple to setup. This is well design and coded modern simple wordpress theme.


Kustrix Lite

Kustrix Lite is modern minimal and simple wordpress free theme with large slider and one column posts, it also comes with build in right side widget for your personal touches, tags, search box and archives. Beautiful and well design simple yet sophisticated free simple wordpress theme for professional free clean themes and free minimal themes bloggers.



Aesterion is a clean and modern simple free portfolio wordpress theme with large background image to showcase your best work with overlay text and call out button. Perfect clean theme for your next creative portfolio, simple and minimalist look is what you need to focus free simple themes on your work and not on the free clean themes and free minimal themes theme itself.




First is one of the simplest and modest free wordpress themes available, if you looking to just write and setup your website in minutes this is perfect clean and minimalist theme for you. With a black navigation bar and simple images under it, this theme makes it looks so simple to just get started free simple themes on your new blog.




Simpleshift is a simple one page wordpress theme, with clean and modern look. Large background image cover the fullscreen with featured text overview and call out button. Under the main focus you have simple text boxes to use for writing about your company, product, services..etc. Beautiful and well design free simple themes modern simple free wordpress theme.




Freedom is a simple and cool fully responsive wordpress theme with main foal image slider and grid based layout for category posts. Super simple and minimal look if you need a modern and creative wordpress theme, to get your next website or blog started. SEO optimized for better search engine results, free simple themes easy to install and setup so you don’t need to spend hours trying to get your blog online.




Write or just write is super simple wordpress theme for writers in general. The focus here is on your text and not the graphics, best theme for simple and modern writers looking to just express themselves. If words is what you need then this write wordpress theme is perfect free simple themes minimal and clean solution for you.




Sentience is another great looking free minimal and simple wordpress theme, with large focal image and shortcodes.  Sentience is perfect example of modern free clean wordpress theme where you don’t need to spend time thinking about images or layouts, just write your posts and focus on your main idea.




Blogger perfect modern minimal wordpress theme with large build in motion slider. If you looking for minimal looking theme but with large images in motion slide this is the best option for you. Classy and elegant loaded with options to customize your needs, perfect modern and beautiful wordpress theme for your next free simple themes simple website.




Expositio is classic modern minimal wordpress theme with sliding images full page from right to left, this is minimal and unique effect if you looking for something modern and new to impress your customers and visitors with modern innovation. Perfect free simple themes for someone who whats to go outside the box and show the world the modern style.




Juliet free simple wordpress theme with build in responsive navigation, large main image and grid based featured posts. Beautiful fully responsive modern and clean wordpress theme for your next website or blog. Perfect solution for building your modern and minimalist WordPress free simple themes website, with great features and easy customization.



Silk Lite

Silk lite is light and grid based simple minimalist free wordpress theme perfect for any blogger. If you looking for simple grid based wordpress theme with dark navigation and sidebar widgets this might be the most beautiful theme you can get for free. Well design and coded Silk lite is perfect option to create your next minimalist wordpress theme site.



Regina Lite

Regina lite is one clean and simple looking theme, yet its well build and coded for best SEO optimization for your next modern business solution. Regina is clean and modern, easy to setup, free simple themes and install with large image and call out box to get your visitors attention. It comes with option for our services where you can specify you best offers for your customer.


Bandana Lite

Bandana lite is modern classy minimal free wordpress theme for any modern blogger looking for clean look. Bandana is classic example of well build blog wordpress free simple themes with one column posts and right sidebar widgets. Perfect for clean looking blog, easy to setup and customize and its perfect for SEO optimization, this theme will make your next wordpress blog looking amazing.