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Two-factor authentication for WordPress free plugins

Are you looking for the best free two-factor authentication plugin for WordPress site? One of the best ways to protect your WordPress website is by installing a two-factor authentication plugin witch add extra protection from any hackers or phishing and brute force.

Having 2FA plugin install on your site, makes harder for any hacker to break and take over your site, even if they crack your username and password they will still need your smartphone to get the access, so this gives you extra protection.

Even if you have install the best security WordPress plugins its best to get extra protection so you don't have to worry about using any of the malware removal plugins when your site gets hacked.

Best Free Two-Factor (2FA) Authentication WordPress Plugins to Protect Your Website

1. Two Factor Authentication

two factor authentication WordPress plugin Free

This plugin uses the industry standard TFA / 2FA algorithm TOTP or HOTP for creating One Time Passwords. These are used by Google Authenticator, Authy, and many other OTP applications that you can deploy on your phone etc.

Secure WordPress login with this two factor authentication (TFA / 2FA) plugin. Users for whom it is enabled will require a one-time code in order to log in.

2. WP 2FA – Two-factor authentication for WordPress

WP 2FA – Two-factor authentication for WordPress free

Add an extra layer of security to your WordPress website login pages and its users. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA), the best protection against users using weak passwords, and automated password guessing and brute force attacks.

Use the WP 2FA plugin to enable two-factor authentication for your WordPress administrator user, and to enforce your website users, or some of them to use 2FA. This plugin is very easy to use. It has wizards with clear instructions, so even non technical users can setup 2FA without requiring technical assistance.

3. Google Authenticator

miniOrange's Google Authenticator – WordPress Two Factor Authentication (2FA , Two Factor, OTP SMS and Email) | Passwordless login

Google Authenticator – Two-Factor (WP 2FA / OTP) –
Secure the login page for your WordPress website using TOTP-based/OTP Login 2FA methods like Duo/Microsoft/Google Authenticator.

Users can set up 2FA without access to the WordPress dashboard. Google Authenticator (WP 2FA) is OTP login based method which restricts users from sharing WordPress login credentials. The Google authenticator plugin also adds a session control feature that limits user sessions based on WordPress User activities

4. Two-Factor

two-factor free WordPress authentication plugin

Use the “Two-Factor Options” section under “Users” → “Your Profile” to enable and configure one or multiple two-factor authentication providers for your account:

  • Email codes
  • Time Based One-Time Passwords (TOTP)
  • FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F)
  • Backup Codes
  • Dummy Method (only for testing purposes)

5. Rublon Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Rublon Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) free plugin

Botnets carry out brute force attacks against thousands of WordPress sites and blogs every day, regardless of size. Once inside, botnets infect your visitors with malware. A compromised website leads to delisting by search engines or blocking by your hosting provider. Rublon Account Security prevents such attacks.

During the first login, confirm your identity by clicking on the link you’ll receive via email. Your next login from the same device will only require your WordPress password. For additional security, you can install the Rublon mobile app, which allows to use few others authentication methods, e.g. scans a Rublon Code to confirm your identity.

6. Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Duo Two-Factor Authentication free WordPress plugins

Duo Security provides two-factor authentication as a service to protect against account takeover and data theft. Using the Duo plugin you can easily add Duo two-factor authentication to your WordPress website in just a few minutes!

Rather than relying on a password alone, which can be phished or guessed, Duo’s authentication service adds a second layer of security to your WordPress accounts. Duo enables your admins or users to verify their identities using something they have—like their mobile phone or a hardware token—which provides strong authentication and dramatically enhances account security.

Duo is easy to setup and use. With Duo there’s no extra hardware or complicated software to install, just sign up for Duo’s service and install the plugin. Then you can set which user roles you want to enable two-factor authentication for—admins, editors, authors, contributors, and/or subscribers—without setting up user accounts, directory synchronization, servers, or hardware.

7. Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication (2FA , MFA, OTP SMS and Email)

Multi-Factor Authentication – Two Factor (2FA/OTP) – Multi-factor authentication can be configured for any TOTP-based authentication method like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, etc to secure your WordPress website. It also supports OTP Over SMS, OTP Over Email, Duo Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, OTP Over WhatsApp, OTP Over Telegram, and many more authentication methods.

You only need to configure Google Authenticator and other Two Factor Authentication ( 2FA ) methods once even on a multisite environment. This configuration will then be automatically reflected on the entire network. This is available for Google Authenticator, Duo Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Security Questions, LastPass, Authy, miniOrange methods, OTP over SMS, and OTP over Email. It is supported only if you are using our MFA cloud services.

8. Keyy Two Factor Authentication

Keyy Two Factor Authentication (like Clef) free WordPress plugin

Keyy gives you 2-factor authentication with a difference. It replaces passwords with sophisticated RSA public-key cryptography, which results in stronger security and a better user experience.

Keyy has been built on RSA public-key cryptography, which is the same tried-and-tested technology underlying secure websites (SSL) and many other industry standards.

It involves a 2048-bit RSA digital key, which is created and stored on the user’s mobile phone. Keyy doesn’t keep a central database of user profile and login details, so you’re not reliant upon any third parties. The digital key is secured in the Android Keystore or Apple Keychain, only accessible via each user’s mobile phone protected by a fingerprint scan or a 6-digit PIN, so data remains safe even if the phone becomes lost or stolen.