How to integrate Amazon Payment with WooCommerce?

Nowadays, everyone prefers online shopping to get things on their doorstep. This is because it is a convenient way of shopping and there are a lot of choices for customers. One of the pivotal factors that we trust an online shopping site is the safe and secure payment method they provide. The online payment should be safe, fast, and moreover should avoid errors while the transactions. Hence, you should do research on all the features and check whether a payment gateway plugin will satisfy you and your customers.

Many customers like to choose their favorite payment method since they have been using and trusting that particular payment method. This favorite payment will be different for one customer and different for another one. So it is important to check whether the payment gateway plugin you are going to integrate supports all the payment methods your customers prefer.

Why should you choose Amazon Payment?

Amazon Pay is an established online payment processing service by Amazon, that uses the consumer base of Amazon Payment mainly focuses on providing users the option to proceed with the payments with their Amazon accounts on external eCommerce websites. Many customers prefer Amazon Payment as it is a fast and secure payment method. So if they could not find their favorite payment method in your store, they will not be satisfied and confident to purchase from your store. 

There are many free and premium plugins available for integrating Amazon Pay with your WooCommerce store.  ELEX Amazon Pay WooCommerce Plugin is a robust and handy freemium plugin that helps to easily integrate your WooCommerce to Amazon Pay and process error-free transactions. 

Why ELEX Amazon Pay WooCommerce Plugin?

This plugin offers many advanced features besides basic Amazon Payment integration. Its easy navigation and user-friendly interface let you configure the plugin on your store in simple clicks. The plugin helps in the following aspects:

  • It keeps your customers on your store even after the checkout, rather than redirecting them into a third party web page. This  increases the conversion rate.
  • Option to add Amazon Pay checkout button on the cart page. It reduces the checkout time and leads to fast transactions.
  • Easy process of partial and full refunds in simple clicks.
  • Supports recurring payments for subscription-based products.
  • Provide an overview report of all transactions through Amazon Pay.
  • Higher security and customization features.

How to integrate ELEX Amazon Pay WooCommerce Plugin to your WooCommerce store?

First, you have to install the ELEX Amazon Pay WooCommerce Plugin on your WooCommerce store. After activating it, you can go to ELEX Amazon Payments Gateway for WooCommerce -> Settings.

For the Amazon Overview page, go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Amazon Payments.

First, you have to enable/disable Amazon Payments and Amazon Overview Page, set a custom title, regular description, and choose SSL mode of your store from the drop-down list.

For that, go to Checkout tab and click on Amazon Payments.

Tick the Amazon Payment Gateway checkbox to enable Amazon Payment Gateway. And if you want to get the Amazon payment overview which displays a report of all transactions and refunds processed through Amazon Pay, enable Amazon Payment Overview checkbox.

Enter a custom Title for displaying it on the checkout page under the payment modes. Similarly, you can enter a custom regular description on the text area to display it on the checkout page under the Amazon payment title. And choose the SSL (secure socket layer) mode of your WooCommerce store from the list. SSL is used for encrypting the communication between a browser and a server. Since payment gateway plugins deal with sensitive information like bank account details, it is necessary to set your SSL mode here. There are two options available here: HTTPS and HTTP.

With HTTPS secure mode, you can customize text, color, and size of the payment button and also set a custom store language. With HTTP secure mode, none of the customization options are available.

For integrating Amazon Pay with your WooCommerce store, you need to have an Amazon account. You can register to open a live account or a sandbox account. After registering to the Amazon account, they will send your account credentials.

In the Environment, you can select the API mode you require for the payment gateway. You can either choose Sandbox or Live mode.

  • Sandbox mode: This is a testing mode. You can use this mode while you are configuring the plugin. In this mode, no real transactions will proceed.
  • Live mode: You can switch to live mode when real purchases and money transactions want to process.

Amazon will provide your Merchant ID, Access Key, and Secret Key. You can enter them into the respective text boxes. 

As I have mentioned earlier, you can display Amazon Pay on the cart page as well as the checkout page. Check the screenshot: 

You can simply enable the checkboxes to display Amazon Pay on the cart page and checkout pages.

Here, in the Payment Action, you can select how the payment action should be captured. You have 2 options here:

  1. Capture: This will help to immediately get paid from the customer once he/she placed the order.
  2. Authorize: With this option, you can authorize the payment amount before capturing the payment.

Since ELEX Amazon Pay WooCommerce Plugin offers various customization options, you can customize the buttons, labels, and colors, etc of the Amazon Pay checkout.

  • Use Amazon Address Widget: Using this option, you can fetch the shipping address from your Amazon account and this address will be displayed as a widget on the checkout page instead of the default billing and shipping address fields. You can choose 3 options such as Billing & Shipping Address, Billing Address, and Shipping Address.
  • Button Size: Set a Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large sized Amazon checkout button.
  • Button Color: Set Gold, Light Grey, or Dark Grey color for Amazon checkout button.
  • Button Text: Select a text to be displayed on the checkout button available. You can choose Pay with Amazon, Pay, or Amazon Logo as button text.
  • You can enable Amazon Language for setting your store language as Amazon Payment Language.
  • Custom Language: You can set a custom language by unchecking Amazon Language mentioned above. You have 5 language choices such as English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.
  • Position of Button – Cart: You can set it Above or Below to make the Amazon checkout to appear above or below the WooCommerce checkout button on the cart page.
  • Position of Button – Checkout: You have 4 options here. Above to make the Amazon checkout button appear above the WooCommerce checkout button. Or you can display it Above Order Review, Above Order Payment, or Below the WooCommerce checkout button.
  • Amazon Display Banners: You can choose an Amazon banner from the list for displaying it on your home page and throughout the checkout process.
  • Pay with Amazon Description: You can set a custom description here to display it during the Amazon payment.
  • Seller Policy: You can add a seller policy description to be displayed on the order view page.

If you find any error during transactions, you can enable Logging to switch to the developer mode for troubleshooting issues with the plugin. Check the screenshot:

After you have configured these features properly, you can save it. And the cart page will display the Amazon Pay while user adds products to the cart as:

Partial and Full Refund Processing

Order cancellation and refund processes are common in online shopping. When a customer requests for cancellation or return of products, the amount they have paid must be refunded. This could be a partial or full amount. You can go to the order admin page and initiate it in simple clicks. You can do the same on the Amazon Overview page.

Amazon Pay Overview

For checking the entire transactions through Amazon and the details of refund, you can check the Overview page, which you can use as a report for analysis. From here also, you can process the refunds.

Let us wrap it up.

Wrap Up

Amazon Pay is one of the most popular and trusted payment methods by online shoppers. Hence it is vital to choose the right Amazon payment gateway plugin to choose for the integration with your WooCommerce store. If you are looking for a safe and fast plugin for integrating Amazon Pay with your WooCommerce store, ELEX Amazon Pay WooCommerce Plugin is the right choice. You can also check ELEX’s Plugin for integrating Authorize.Net with your WooCommerce store.