How to Reset a WordPress Site? Using WP Reset Plugin 2023

Updated: Jan 03, 2023 By: Dessign Team

If you’re tinkering a little bit with your website, or if you’re a full-time developer who’s constantly tasked with implementing new features, the chances are that you will eventually come to the point when you need to simply wipe the slate clean and start from the beginning. In other words, you will need to reset your website. 

At first, this may seem like something that can set you back a whole lot, but this need not be the case. All you need is the right tool with which you can manage the reset process. At this point, you probably won’t be surprised when I tell you that there’s a perfect plugin for the job, given how many plugins there are out there, but let’s take things from the top and discuss the issue more thoroughly.

How to Reset a WordPress site
How to Reset a WordPress site
  • When to reset your WordPress website?

There are many reasons why one would want to reset their WordPress site, but they can generally be placed in the testing category. In other words, you may want to check compatibility or see how a new theme will go with your site. 

Maybe something doesn’t work properly, maybe you’re dealing with a staging site or maybe you’re determined to completely recreate your website. In all of these cases, what you’ll essentially be doing is reverting every aspect of your site to its default setting.

If you’re aiming to reset everything, doing it manually can take quite a while and be a very tedious activity. However, it is also possible that you only have to reset a part of the website and leave the rest intact. You can see how things can get complicated here if you’re doing it manually.

Fortunately, there are plenty of plugins you can use to speed everything up and make the whole process so much easier on you. Among them, one stands out in particular, and you will seriously want to think about acquiring it if you’re faced with resetting websites on a regular basis.

  • WP Reset Plugin
wp reset plugin
Download WP Reset Plugin

Yes, WP Reset is the tool in question, and with it you can be sure that your development process will be much smoother, no matter if you’re developing plugins and themes, or if you’re creating a whole new site altogether. What’s more, the plugin is exceptionally easy to use and it does its job quickly and efficiently (in just a few seconds, actually), so you will be able to quickly continue your work once you complete the reset.

WP Reset
WP Reset

And there are a couple of main options when it comes to that process, too. You have the so-called Nuclear Reset which resets EVERYTHING, but you also have the option to choose which elements of your website you want to preserve. For example, you can decide to reset just the themes, or media, or any other particular aspect of your website like that. Once you have chosen what to reset, all you have to do is click a button.

Don’t worry, though, it’s not like you can by accident wipe out your entire website. No, there are various mechanism that will make sure you are absolutely certain you’re about to initiate a reset. But apart from these basic features, however, WP Reset offers so much more.

  • Additional WP Reset features

First of all, you’ll be happy to know that the plugin also comes with the Emergency Script Recovery feature, so if any technical difficulties arise you will be able to resolve all of that with just a click. You are also able to change the version of WordPress you’re using by upgrading and downgrading it, something that can be extremely useful if you’re worried how the changes you’re implementing will work with other WordPress versions.

Additional WP Reset features
Additional WP Reset features

But that’s still not all, not by a long shot. The plugin allows you to create a list of your favorite themes and other plugins which you can then install as soon as the reset is complete. That way you save even more time because you will always have them at hand. 

Databases are also heavily emphasized because you will easily be able to note the changes in them every new installation brings. WP-CLI compatibility is also something to consider, plus you can even choose a database snapshot as a basis if you’re looking to restore something. As you can see, you are in complete control, with loads of various and useful options.

  • WP Reset support

With products like these, it’s really important to have good support, and the team behind this plugin really puts their money where their mouth is. This is because this product was created out of sheer necessity, given that the guys at WebFactory Ltd are developers themselves. 

WP Reset support
WP Reset support

As a matter of fact, WP Reset is absolutely vital to their everyday operations because they use it to check up on loads of different plugins and themes. Therefore, they have created something they deem necessary in a developer’s career and then went on and offered it to the market. You can be certain WP Reset is everything it needs to be because – they use it too.

WP Reset
WP Reset

But not only do they use it, they also answer all your questions themselves. Nothing is outsourced to a third party in this regard, and whenever you pose a question you will be talking to people who actually worked on this plugin and know it inside and out. They respond quickly too, so you will always get a competent answer if you need something cleared up.

And best of all, the plugin is completely free!

WP Reset
WP Reset
  • Wrapping up…

If you are at all dealing with web development, WP Reset is an essential plugin to have. Not only does it have the ability to reset your WordPress quickly and in a matter of seconds, partially and completely, but it also offers so many other interesting features. All of this is designed to save you time, loads of it, and it’s all completely FREE, so the benefits of getting your hands on this plugin is immense.

Not to mention that it was created by a group of developers for themselves, to help them with their work. Because of that, you can really be sure these people firmly believe they are providing you with the best possible product. Oh, and they also man the support too, meaning you will be talking directly to them if you have any question.

If you have ever found yourself in need of a website reset, you know how time-consuming that can be if you’re doing it manually. You also know how many things there is to be mindful of when resetting. So make your life a whole lot easier and just download WP Reset instead.