How to Install WordPress on Bluehost (Easy Guide for Beginners 2022)

Updated: Feb 18, 2022 By: Dessign Team

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost

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So how do you install WordPress on Bluehost? Its actually very simple almost with few clicks you will have install WordPress on your new Bluehost hosting. Bluehost is consider by many the easiest and best WordPress hosting available, their Ui user interface is very simple and easy to use. Bluehost is also recommended by WordPress.org as their first choice when it comes to hosting your WordPress websites, and Bluehost is the most affordable hosting around. If you want to read honest and comprehensive Bluehost review to make sure this is the best and most reliable hosting available.

How to install WordPress on Bluehost in 2022 Easy Guide to Follow for Beginners

Once you sign up for Bluehost, the next step is to install WordPress and setup your new website. Installing WordPress on Bluehost is very quick and simple, with few steps and clicks you will have your website all setup. Follow the instructions below for quick and easy WordPress setup. Bluehost also offers free migration on all their planes.

1. Login to Bluehost Dashboard

Login to your Bluehost account, once you login you will see My Sites tab on the left, click on My Sites and then click on Create Site button on the top right

create site with my sites tab

2. Fill out your Website Name and Tag Line

Fill in the basic site information such as: Site Name, example: My Travel Blog Site and then Site Tagline: Best World Traveler in 2020. You can always change that later, then Click Next to Continue

create new WordPress site details

3. Choose your domain name from dropdown menu

Under Domain click on the arrow and choose one of your domain names from the list. Once you select one, click Next button to continue

choose your domain name for WordPress new site

4. Ready to Install WordPress – Congratulations WordPress installed successfully!

Once WordPress is install successfully click on the “Login to WordPress” button below

Congratulations WordPress installed successfully! screen

It will take you to the next screen where WordPress is loading your Website, it will take few seconds and it will take you inside dashboard.

loading wordpress website screen

5. Inside WordPress dashboard

Your new website is now install on WordPress, now you can add new plugins or install your new theme. If you signup with our affiliate coupon code you will get access to our premium themes, we will setup and install any of our themes for free if you need any help. Bluehost different hosting options depending on what your needs are and different pricing options as what you might want to spend.

inside wordpress dashboard screen

6. How to install a WordPress theme on Bluehost Video Tutorial

Is it easy to install WordPress on Bluehost

Yes, it is very easy to install WordPress on Bluehost. In most cases it will take you less then 5 minutes to install WordPress on Bluehost. Its mostly 1-click install process, where you go step by step and simple install WordPress.

How long does it take to install WordPress on Bluehost?

It should take you under 5 minutes to install WordPress on Bluehost. You just have to follow few steps and your website will be installed on WordPress. Bluehost makes very easy for beginners to install WordPress with step-by-step wizard.