How to Install WordPress on SiteGround (Easy Setup 2022)

Updated: Oct 06, 2022 By: Dessign Team

How to install WordPress on SiteGround

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So how do you install WordPress and Setup your Website on SiteGround? Its easy with the simple and easy wizard it will take you less than 5 minutes to have everything install and setup. As you know most of the setups on SiteGround are 1-click install options which is very helpful for beginners and people who are not web savvy.

Since 2021 SiteGround has new UI interface, so if you see different layout on other websites it means that they are using outdated images and interface. In this tutorial we are using the 2022 SiteGround new and improved interface dashboard so it looks exactly as you have it on your new SiteGround dashboard. We have extensive SiteGround Review to help you decide which plan to pick and its right for you.

How to Install WordPress and Setup Your Website On SiteGround Hosting in 2022?

1. Easy to Follow for Beginners Documentation & Images Overview Easy Setup Wizard

Once you login to your SiteGround dashboard Under Home – Click “Setup Site” You can Start New Website or Migrate Website. For this tutorial please select Start New Website

SiteGround add new website WordPress

Once you elected Start New Site – Now you will choose Application – Please now Select WordPress

choose WordPress application from the screen

Once you select WordPress, Then Set up Login screen appears – Please enter your Email Address and Password then select Continue

set up your login info for WordPress install

Once you select Continue – It will take few minutes for your website to be created using WordPress. Creating Your Website Screen Will appear

creating your website screen

Congratulations you set up your new Website using WordPress – You can now login to your WordPress dashboard and upload new theme or add new users or applications

2. Easy to Follow for Beginners Video Tutorial Overview 2022