Joomla vs WordPress: Which CMS is better? (Expert Pick 2022)

Updated: Jan 06, 2022 By: Dessign Team

Choosing a perfect match for your brand-new blog is not the most challenging task ever. It is easier than selecting the entire content management. For the reason that people do not require some sophisticated tools to write and publish their posts. However, it does not mean that you can opt for the common platform that offers the lowest number of functions. Today, we have decided to compare two variants that might suit your needs. These are WordPress and Joomla. Let us compare their components and possibilities to understand which one is better. Joomla and WordPress are both considered best free blogging sites to get your blog online.

Joomla vs WordPress: Speaking About Basics and Numbers

To start with, WordPress and Joomla and open-source and self-hosted content management systems.


The team launched WordPress in 2003 as a blogging platform. Nowadays, it turns out to be a multi-functional CMS that powers the highest number of online projects.


Joomla appeared in 2005, and it became the second most popular CMS all over the world. You can get familiar with a market share showcased by Kinsta.


Before we start speaking about details, it is better to get focused on the general advantages of these platforms.

Easy-to-Use PlatformMany people consider WordPress to be the most comfortable CMS. It is suitable for both non-developers and those people who are good at codingAdvanced ManagementYou have access to different options that allow controlling your blog and its functionality
Blogging ExperienceWordPress has a distinction between static pages and blog posts. Availability of Various Content TypesJoomla includes many elements and tools that make it possible to display a high number of content types
Extension CapabilitiesThe number of WordPress themes and plugins impresses the imagination. For this reason, it takes nothing to enhance the overall functionality and improve the user experience.Multilingual SupportThis CMS has built-in multilingual support that allows attracting more readers to your blog
Large CommunityYou might have heard that WordPress has a massive community. If one faces some issues, he or she can visit many forums, blogs, Facebook groups, and other resources to ask the desired questions.Collection of High-Quality ThemesYou have the freedom to choose from many Joomla templates crafted for the most recognized topics
Cheaper Development CostsWhen it comes to website-building, WordPress does not require investing lots of money on your upcoming blog

Joomla vs WordPress: Focusing on The Essential Aspects

Now, it is crucial to look through extra things that everyone should take into consideration. We are going to focus on such details as:

  • search engine optimization;
  • security;
  • customization opportunities;
  • content management;
  • support.

In such a way, comparing Joomla vs WordPress and choosing the best one for blogging will be quicker. By the way, before we get familiar with these aspects, you can check out ten things to know before starting a blog.

Search Engine Optimization

To be honest, we need to speak about SEO in terms of plugins and extensions available. 

1. If we are talking about WordPress, you can take advantage of the Yoast SEO plugin. It allows categorizing the SEO score based on the areas. There is a traffic light system that includes green, red, and yellow colors. Then, the plugin gives a chance to improve the score in every area and rates the readability of your blog posts.

2. Joomla makes it possible to work with meta descriptions and keywords in your new posts. Yet, ThemeIsle researched some Joomla plugins that can help you with the same tasks. They have chosen Easy Frontend SEO for this purpose. It allows you to:

  • edit the necessary meta-information;
  • work with the automatic mode to generate data without your input.

Anyway, we should say that Yoast SEO is more compelling than Easy Frontend SEO. For this reason, in terms of SEO for your blog, WordPress is going to be a more excellent choice.

Security Matters

It is no doubt that everyone needs a secure blogging platform. Keeping your pieces of content safe is essential.

1. What can we say about WordPress? The most popular platform is always the main target of many hackers. However, the team does everything to make sure your blog is secure. They provide regular updates that take care of its system. There are also many WordPress security-related plugins crafted to protect your online-project. In this case, one might face problems connected with them. As an example, it can include compatibility with the newest platform versions.

2. Joomla gives a chance to include a few essential tools that:

  • power connections over SSL;
  • enable two-factor authentication.

Its developers also provide an extensive set of security extensions to work with the most necessary vulnerabilities.

Customization Capabilities

It is no doubt that having a wide range of personalization tools is excellent. When it comes to ready-to-use themes, both WordPress and Joomla offer many choices. Yet, you need to remember that the number of WordPress is higher. It will be easier to find the most suitable ready-made personal blog themes for WordPress. In addition to this, they might have better support and offer a better user experience.

Do not forget that you can always turn to extra features and install them on your online-project.

  1. WordPress gives a chance to take advantage of add-on plugins. There are more than 50,000 plugins included in its official directory.
  2. Joomla also has a collection of extensions. There are approximately 8,000 extensions included in its official directory.

Content Management

WordPress and Joomla are sophisticated platforms that make it possible to create many website types. We have already mentioned people associated the former CMS only with blogs in the beginning. However, it does not mean that you cannot use the second CMS for your upcoming blog.

  1. WordPress makes it comfortable to create pages, work with custom post types, and publish posts. Furthermore, it takes nothing to manage various multimedia files. As you can understand, the overall management process is going to be intuitive. 
  1. Joomla can be a perfect match for more complicated online-projects. Without a doubt, you can run a successful blog using it, but it will take more time managing the website. For this reason, you can opt for this platform if you have some coding experience.
article joomla

In our opinion, if you look for relative ease in content management, WordPress should meet your needs.


Starting with the chosen platform might turn out to be a little bit hard. When you do not know how to program, making sure everything you will not face difficulties is crucial. For this reason, keeping silent about support and help is impossible.

  1. WordPress has an official support page. Here, every novice can find the essential pieces of information to get started. They explain basics that allow understanding of what you need to know in the beginning. There are also many support forums with an enormous number of active users. It is also possible to turn to social media groups and other resources that offer assistance. Thanks to them, researching the issue you face should be more relaxed. Unfortunately, you cannot get any professional support because WordPress does not provide any official phone number or emails. If your budget is big enough, the Internet offers different maintenance services.
support wordpress
  1. Joomla also has an official support page. Its huge active community is also ready to help you. If you require help, it is possible to look through tutorials, articles, and videos. Moreover, asking your questions on the forum will not be a challenge too. It might be more challenging to find experts in the field of Joomla to do customization and managing instead of you.

Joomla vs WordPress: Getting Familiar with a Comparison Table

It seems to us that a comparison table simplifies understanding the difference between Joomla vs WordPress.

SimplicityA user-friendly platform that does not require learning much before building your blog.A more sophisticated platform that takes time to learn basics in terms of content management and customization.
Extensions Availability The official directory offers more than 50,000 extensions. You can find additional ones on other accessible resources.The official directory includes around 8,000 extensions. In the same way, you can visit more resources to download more.
Blogging ExperienceA perfect match for crafting a blog.A more suitable option for complicated websites. Keep in mind that having basic CMS and programming knowledge will be better.
SupportAn official support page with the necessary information, forums, social media groups.An official support page with the required information, forums, social media groups.
SecurityThis CMS gets regular security-related updates. In addition to this, you have the freedom to install the related plugins to enhance this aspect.This CMS also gets regular security-related updates. In addition to this, you have the freedom to install the related extensions to improve this aspect.
Multilingual SupportIt requires installing a third-party plugin.Joomla has built-in multilingual support.

A Few Words in Conclusion

When we compare Joomla vs WordPress in terms of blogging, it might seem that these are almost similar. In some aspects, it is true. Yet, it is impossible to leave some differences out of your consideration.

In our opinion, WordPress will be a better choice for bloggers. It is more suitable for novices who have never launched an online-project before. Then, after getting familiar with the basics, you can expand the functionality and get the complex website. You have the freedom to get access to various themes and plugins. Without a doubt, the overall popularity makes it quicker to find professional programmers and designers who work with this platform.

Yet, if you have programming knowledge and require something complicated, Joomla can also assist you. It has a high number of built-in options. As an example, it offers a customizable system that allows making any changes your soul wants. You do not need to install extensions to personalize the website. However, they might require more time in terms of learning. For a non-developer, starting a casual blog in a flash can be hard.


As you can understand, each platform has its advantageous options that assist in the website-building process. Now, it is crucial to learn what you expect from the blogging platform. We hope that you have already managed to opt for the best variant. Thanks for reading!

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