Most Common WordPress Errors – Fix Them

WordPress is a great platform to publish your content and do a whole slew of things but sometimes bad things happen and things break so it’s handy to have some really helpful resources that you can turn to when in such a desperate situation. Easy to follow tutorial with step-by-step instructions how to start a blog or how to make a website using WordPress with build in drag and drop page builder.

The most common errors that seem to crop up time and time again are usually due to things like memory consumption or conflicts between your websites theme and plugins. And due to this fact the debugging process can be as simple as changing a number in a file or deactivating a plugin or 2 to weed out the problem.

The following infographic from Newt Labs takes a closer look at the most common WordPress errors and gives you a clear process on how you can fix them. Check it out and refer to it when needed to save you precious time and money.