10+ Must-Check Elementor Page Builder Themes + Tricks & Essentials for 2022

Updated: Jan 06, 2022 Reviewed by: Dessign Team

If you are about to run a popular site, well, you have 100% heard about Elementor. For today, it is the most comfortable and feature-rich content editor. Elementor Page Builder is FREE. Still, it has many UX/UI components in the pack. You can find numerous Elementor Page Builder themes to choose from. The question is: which one is your must-have?

It is impossible to name a single product that would be the best theme for Elementor. Most of today’s WP Elementor themes come with all essentials. Still, in this post, I tried to list all the must-haves a good product should contain. Read our full Elementor Review to see why this is one of the best page builders.

Before we get started, take a quick look at the video below. Though Elementor is a super-simple tool, there are several tricks any modern site owner should know about. It will show you how to quickly improve a website with the help of Gradient Buttons, Inline Text Styles, Negative Margins, etc.

One Space – Modern & Clean Elementor Template

Before everything else, One Space comes with a miraculous drag & drop functionality. It is code-free and lets one effortlessly set up a professional site. All you have to do for it is to select the needed UI or UX element. Then simply drag it to the editor’s window. Everything is just as simple as it gets. Users of all skill levels and ages can build their projects with One Space thanks to the newest technologies.

As expected, One Space is a responsive Elementor magazine theme. It suits many online projects but mostly the ones related to blogs, magazines, and art. You can open the template’s live demo to see how its elements look in action. 

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Monstroid2 – Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme

To make a long story short, Monstroid2 is a well-known WP flagship. I won’t say this is the best theme for Elementor just because the variety is too god damn wide. However, the pack of this following item has all the essentials of today’s Elementor Page Builder themes required. For example, it contains Slider Revolution 6. Use this amazing tool to apply multiple visual effects to the site pages. For example, the feature allows speedy content building that is 100% time-saving. One can add an impressive 3D Parallax effect on the pages design and beautifully guide people through the project’s content. Besides, there would be lots of animation effects for your custom text or pics. Plus, you can create interactive video layers to promote and much more!

Among the other features of Monstroid2, there are the next:

  • Magic Button,
  • 1K+ Sections & Pages,
  • JetFamilt Addon.

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One Fantasy – Elementor Template

To start with, One Fantasy is extra lightweight, which makes the website load immediately. People hate waiting, especially when it comes to websites. You are not going to be the only one who transfers their business online. And prospects may simply go to the other projects in case of delay. That is why a rocket-fast website speed should be your #1 must-have. Also, it is critical to let prospects contact you directly. One Fantasy comes with an easy-to-use Quick Contact Form. It is wholly editable via Elementor. On the first hand, the feature would improve your relations with would-be-customers. On the other hand, it can also help you to collect prospects’ emails for the newsletter. We have a great collection of free and premium elementor templates for 2021

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Bake-a-cake – Cakery Elementor WordPress Theme

Back to the essentials, all Elementor best templates should contain, I recommend you to look for JetFamily plugins. Bake-a-cake comes with all the necessary add-ons in the pack. There is a stunning JetMenu plugin. It allows creating engaging menus of any complicity. Users can enrich them with numerous elements, like multimedia, portfolio, custom files, and blog layouts. To say more, you can even add some products to promote them right on the menu. The add-on is simple to change or navigate. All its elements are versatile. Among the other plugins Bake-a-cake includes, there are the following:

  • JetDataImporter,
  • JetPluginWizard,
  • JetTabs,
  • JetThemeCore,
  • JetTricks,
  • JetBlog,
  • JetBlocks,
  • JetElements.

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One Agency – Voguish Elementor Template

Are you still searching for stylish WP Elementor themes to craft a groundbreaking online presence? I recommend you to take a closer look at the design of One Agency in this case. To begin with, the template comes with a cross-browser-compatible design. It means your website would look great and work properly no matter which browser a prospect prefers. As a result, you can forget about this boring testing process. Also, One Agency contains the next features in the package:

  • Hamburger Menu,
  • Changeable Color Schemes,
  • Featured Clients, 
  • Header & Footer Widgets, etc.

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StartEricus – Clean and Minimalistic Startup Landing Page WordPress Theme

At the outset, SrartEricus is a minimalist product that would be an ideal tool for agencies, startups, and young companies. Like all Elementor best templates, the theme allows customizing pages on a fly. It contains JetTricks add-on that would enrich the design of your pages. For these simple reasons, you get such trendy elements, as Hotspots, Parallax components, Tooltips, and more visuals. Besides, there is a fantastic JetWooBuilder. The add-on lets you experiment with new pages and rapidly create fresh layouts. Plus, it comes with eCommerce functionality. You can craft some shop pages and sell the needed items right on the website.

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One Media – Elementor Template

In a word, One Media has a clean and multipurpose design that fits almost any needs. The template would be a perfect solution for marketers, advertisement agencies, young company owners, etc. The template pack contains many pre-styled essential pages, including About Us, Our Team, Work, and Services. There are some Gallery & Blog layouts. All of them are ready-to-use, and adding custom content is all you need to do. To finish with, One Madia contains lots of attractive visuals in the pack. For example, you have the Counters feature. It allows presenting important info concisely. It both improves the site look and makes people remind the mentioned numerals.

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Cody Miles – Graphic Design Portfolio Websites to Grow Your Business WordPress Theme

What else should you look for when choosing Elementor Page Builder themes? Here are several helpful add-ons Cody Miles has in the package. No wonder blogs are still popular these days. They allow site owners to present different info with no trouble to become closer to the audience. What is more important, blogs can improve your SEO results. That is why Cody Miles has a cool JetBlog plugin. The add-on comes with Smart Tiles, Video Playlist, and many other useful features to improve your would-be-blog. 

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24. Storycle – Multipurpose News Portal Elementor WordPress Theme

Multipurpose design is what many site owners long for when selecting an Elementor magazine theme. All in all, it is comfortable and time-saving to have a plan that suits different needs. What is more, such a smart solution allows creating online projects without overrunning the budget. 24. Storycle comes with so many ready-made demos! Personal Blog, News Portal, Lifestyle, Sports, Fashion, Tech, Corporate, Photographer, Woman, and Travel – these are just to name a few.

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Plain – Minimal Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Last but not least, let’s take a look at Plain. This clean theme has four pre-designed color styles. Plus, you gave 6 Post Formats to choose from. Thanks to the magical mobile-first design, you can run a small-screen site when its full version is in progress. Each web design component is versatile so that it would automatically adapt to the visitor’s device. Among the other features of Plain, there are the following:

  • Social Buttons,
  • Testimonials,
  • Neat Gallery.

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In Closing

These were all the products I wanted to review today. No need to say, all these themes and templates would help both pros and novices. However, running a stylish online project is not enough to get the audience. You should make people love what you do, and the introduced Elementor Page Builder themes have lotta time-saving features for it. Still, before everything else, you have to make a would-be-customer notice the website. Only 0.13% of traffic comes from paid ads. Here is where the rest comes from:

  • 44.08% – search engines,
  • 22%+ relate to referrals,
  • Nearly 5% are from SM,
  • Only 1% – from mail.