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Nine WordPress Plugins for the Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, you want to take advantage of every opportunity to showcase your skills and spread the word about your expertise, and a blog is a great way to do that. Using the right plugins on your WordPress site can make your blog stand out. The following plugins are some of the best.

BuddyPress lists BuddyPress as one of the top WordPress plugins for designers because of its power to help you connect. It allows you to gather friends, message fellow users, and host forums. It is a useful tool for sharing concepts gathering new ideas, and collaborating on projects.



Image via Flickr by TAKA@P.P.R.S

With mobile devices quickly becoming the go-to for Internet access, having a site that looks great on a small screen is essential. WPTouch gives you a quick and simple way to make sure that your site shows off your talents in the best way on every platform, whether viewers are sitting in front of a huge desktop computer or a much smaller Lenovo tablet.

NextGen Gallery

As a graphic designer, you are all about appealing to the eyes. That means that you want the ability to share beautiful and memorable images on your blog in a way that is easy to navigate. says, “It’s open to debate whether NextGen Gallery is the best WordPress plugin for creating image galleries, but it’s certainly one of the most feature-rich…” With NextGen, you can make slide shows, organize albums, and use themes to help you optimally display your images.

Antispam Bee

You’re a professional, and the last thing you want is for spammers to clutter up your website with useless comments. Antispam Bee, one of the essential WordPress plugins for designers and, well, everyone, takes care of the spam. You can set it to immediately delete spammy comments or mark them so you can review them later. Your website viewers will appreciate that you have a clean site.

Editorial Calendar Plugin

Making and sticking to a schedule for rolling out new content on your blog can pose a challenge, but the Editorial Calendar Plugin is a great way to help you stay organized. You can look at past and future posts in a calendar view, giving you a nice overall feel for your schedule. Consistently rolling out new content will drive more traffic to your site, and this plugin helps you make sure that your blog doesn’t get lost in the chaos that is everyday life.

WP Greet Box calls WP Greet Box an “ingenious plugin that provides visitors to your site with a tailored welcome message…” Which greeting each visitor receives depends on where they came from. If they found a link to your website on Facebook, for example, the greeting might invite them to share or like your posts on Facebook. This is a good way to expand your social media marketing and ignite conversations about you and your work.

WP Invoice

If you’re looking to streamline, WP Invoice can help you out. It allows you to creative invoices in WordPress and mail those invoices to clients. Clients can then pay via a card or PayPal. Of course, if you are comfortable with the invoice system you already use, you might not salivate at the mention of this plugin, but don’t judge too quickly. It could save you some time.

Global Translator


Image via Flickr by Mark Carter

This plugin lives up to its name; it translates your blog into many languages (41, to be exact), helping you get global exposure. As cool as the idea is, however, a caution goes along with this plugin. A machine does all the translating, which means that errors and misunderstandings are inevitable. If your blog is mostly image-based or you just want to attract attention to your portfolio, the potential for problems decreases with this plugin.

About Me

WordPress already allows you to create an “About Me” sidebar on your blog, so you might wonder if using a separate plugin is worth it. This widget, however, makes the process super simple so you don’t have to fret about formatting or alignment issues. It’s worth a try.

A well-presented blog can serve as a stepping stone to growing your business and really showing off your design talents. The above plugins can help you craft that beautiful blog.


Teddy Hunt is a freelance content writer and designer with a focus on technology. When not behind a computer, Teddy spends the majority of his free time outdoors and resides in Tampa, Florida.