6+ Popular WordPress Plugins to Install Right Now WordPress 2021

WordPress market is loaded with thousands of plug-ins. While many of them could be enormously helpful for you, some of them could be nothing more than just the dead-extensions increasing your loading time. Whether is a business website, or an online boutique you started recently, choosing a good quality plugin makes your website dynamically functional. 

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We found out that most of the top ranking websites are using specific plugins for improving functionality, instead of adding multiple plugins. This article will help you find the right plugins for your site; instead weighing it with add-ons, just choose one of the followings in accordance with your ultimate purpose.

Updated: January 03, 2021

Note- The list provided here is for unique and popular plug-in, and is in no particular arrangement for their popularity or website popularity. 

Let’s get started! 

  1. Bloom- list building plug-in

Bloom is a highly useful list building the plugin that helps you grow your audience. This email marketing tool offers an explicit inclusion for eloquently putting up your content with multiple and unique display forms. It uses a geo-locating feature allowing you to provide a specific piece of content, based on the visitor's location. 

Bloom team added over 99+ customizable template design options means you could set up your mail marketing campaign in 100 ways. You could tailor each template design via the extensive settings. 

There are over six types of opt-in forms designed for varying website type means you could use the different configuration for each unique page. The hex opt-ins design includes automatic popups, fly-ins, inline, below content; widget area and unlock-content opt-in. You can also select delay time for opt-in forms, it can appear after a set time or a set content scrolling, while commenting or after a purchase, you can totally customize this part as per your email marketing tactics. 

Other then these blooming features, it offers more than 100 editable templates, 16 email marketing integrations and unlimited color options. It provides tailored email marketing campaign with the best features available out there. Bloom is responsive and easily readable from any of the gadget.  


  • Ease of use
  • Multiple customizable templates


  • Less fancy template design than optin monster 

2. Author-hreview– Rich snippets with author rating 

Hreview is an actionable plug-in, packed with some useful features. If you are writing a review on a product or a service, then this plugin is definitely for you! 

Author hreview increases organic traffic by making the search snippet more eye-catchy and crunchy. Your review/post can stand out on the search engine ranking page with minimal effort. 

This plug-in makes the Google rich snippets more compelling and engages more audience into it. You can rate the featured product out of 5 stars with a reviewed-by tag. For those who don’t know, Snippets are small pieces of descriptions that appear on the search engine. Adding structural markup makes the content much easily accessible and brings higher click rate. Rich snippets tell the user what the page is about and increases specificity. 

This plugin is available in both the free as well as premium version. You can get multi-site license by just spending twenty dollars. 

You can totally customize your rating box via hreview options and settings. You can choose whether the rating box would be on the homepage or every single post. Select the width, box alignment, and the button color, and you are ready to go. Additionally, you can add more flakes within your review via widget option, i.e. show more reviews in the sidebar.  


  • Variable Rich snippets
  • Price efficient 
  • Great functionality 


  • Pricey add-ons

3. Jetpack Website monetization for self-hosted websites 

Jetpack by automatic is one of the most useful plug-ins from our favorite add-ons list. While it is not for those using wordpress.com hosting, it’s a boom for wordpress.org followers. Of course, a self-hosted website avails proper look-up and management over the services. But, there are some impressive and useful features like visitors’ details, website traffic, user engagement and overall statics. It is, however, a problem from a few months back, because right now we have the automatic jetpack! 

 Jetpack connects your website to your wordpress.com account serving you all of the missing features for better traffic monetization. There are multiple inbuilt modules packed within this WP plug-in. While not all of them would be useful for a single website, you can thus, change it via settings. There are various modules for monetizing purpose. You can get many useful features in the free module. For instance, Engagement module provides site stats, analytics, automatic social sharing and related posts for showing similar content to the audience.   

That being said, paid modules include- security module, writing module, and appearance module. These are responsible for secure login attempts, best advertisement programs from every platform, SEO tools for WordPress.com, social media and search engines. You can also add customizable contact form button to your jetpack; this form can be easily added to any site page.  


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent support 


  • Can slow down your site (we recommend cutting 2-3 regular plugins before installing Jetpack) 

4. Yoast SEO Optimizing content for better ranking 

If you are frequent WordPress user, then you have had previously heard of this expert optimizing plug-in. 

Yoast SEO is the ultimate ranking plugin that not only improves your SERP but also, makes your content theft free. While most of the websites focus on high-ranking keywords, Yoast SEO provides smart practices to optimize your write-up. Yoast offers content management, and other features like adding Meta keywords, saving duplication, delivering rich snippets, XML sitemaps and so forth. 

You can add your Meta description and keywords via the Yoast and try it in the post production editing box. You will get in-depth content analysis, stating every single detail about your blog posts. 

For those having advertisement or sales page, Yoast provides no-indexing feature, means Google won’t be able to see this page. Also, it offers canonical links on the archive pages, which contain some part of your content. These canonical links re-direct Google to your original page and avoid duplicity. 

Another major feature of this plug-in is preventing content theft. Many thefters have created website scrapping tools which can the content from different sites using the RSS feeds and create a new publishable content. Unfortunately, Google ranks better content which is now on those websites. To save you from this, Yoast links your RSS feed to your published article telling the Google about the high originality of your content and hence, provide the better ranking for your pages. 

Yoast SEO is a perfect plug-in for Description management, content analysis, and optimizations. 


  • Great Support
  • Easy Navigation through Settings 


  • Support missing in free version

5. AD rotateAd management 

Add rotate is an all-rounder advertisement solution plug-in that provides you full access to the ad details including the impressions, daily click and more. 

Manually adding ad banners via the code is an old technique and is still used by some website owners. That being said, the smart word pressors rather prefer the full-service ad management plugin for the same purpose. And when that’s the case, Ad rotate is already the best choice. 

Ad rotate allows the user to manage both the private advertisements and the third party banners (like Google Adsense). You can monetize how many impressions and click your site is getting, and change the flag orientation, alignment or place to bring more advertisement interaction. 

In the free version, you can schedule your ad timings, clicks and so forth. However, for the premium ad rotate there are more advanced features than any other ad management plug-ins. Such as geo-targeting your ad banners means a particular ad will appear on each visitor’s screen as per the location and previous experience. Further, it provides sync options for individual ads to get direct payments into the user’s account and full access to the banner stats. 

This freemium plugin also provides the user to set up their customized ads and get a live preview before the same. However, you need to approve each add banner manually. You can start notification feature for getting an update as and when the ad is submitted. 


  • Appreciable features in free version 
  • Easy to use 
  • Monetize the slightest ad details


  • shows Ad images incompatibility and picture movement (very rarely) 

6. Contact form 7creating contact us page 

While there are paid add-ons for like Gravity forms available on your website, Contact form 7 is much better plug-ins. One of the most downloaded free plug-in Contact forms 7 increase your visitors' interaction and let them systematically enter every single detail for their queries. However, if you want customization and design over other features, you might want to consider this contact form.

CF 7 comes with a sample form and is purely customizable. The basic editing page offers the regular form which is usually publish-ready. Unlike, WP forms conditional logic feature is entirely missing in the free plug-in. Nevertheless, you can extend the contact form 7 functions via the add-ons three such as Flamingo, which saves the submitted forms into your website directory, Bogo which is a multilingual plug-in especially recommended in addition to contact form 7. 


  • Easily customizable form 
  • Best free contact form 


  • New  features like saving submission in database is missing in original plug-in  

Over to you

While we covered all the unique and popular plug-ins, it totally depends on your website to select a plugin. Though, when choosing the add-ons, you need to make sure that you don’t overweigh your site with them, as it could reduce your page-load speed and ultimately, decrease ranking.  

You can get multiple customizable list building templates via Bloom; you can choose from the full range of this paid plug-in. getting a pre-customized template for your site is another option to help with UX. However, if your website is about reviews for product and services, then author hreview is the most popular add-on for better SERP and more noticeable snippets. If you are more concern about the health of the content, then you can go with Yoast SEO. If your website is on a tight budget, then use contact form 7 for audience's communication purpose. Nevertheless, paid forms (wp forms and gravity) are the much better alternative with a lot, lot more features.  

For large traffic website focus on personalized ad banners, you can use AD rotate, which is already a popular plug-in and provide easy monetize over the ad revenue, impressions and more.