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Best Premium Squarespace templates

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Are you looking for the best premium Squarespace templates to help you create your website?

Squarespace has many great templates to help you create your online presence or open an online store and sell your digital or physical products. With so many templates to choose from, we make it easier for you by giving you our best and most popular choices.

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In this post, we will focus on different template categories such as an online store, portfolio, blog, photography, fashion, business, and many more… Check some of the best portfolio website examples some of them built using Squarespace.

Squarespace Portfolio Templates

1. Nolan & Co

best premium Squarespace templates
Nolan & Co Squarespace Portfolio Template

This modern and simple portfolio template is for anyone looking for a dark background with large text and large images to stand out. It has a few call-to-action buttons and a featured text description. Great template for a personal portfolio or agency looking for a simple website.

2. Pazari

Sofia Pazari Squarespace template
Sofia Pazari Squarespace template

Very basic and clean template divided into four categories with background images, this template would be perfect if you don't have much content and just need a quick basic website with work and contact info.

If you are just a creative beginner looking to get a few artworks online we recommend using this template as it will be super easy to set up and launch. With large images with simple top navigation, this fully responsive template will keep the focus on your work.

3. Beaumont

Beaumont Squarespace premium template
Beaumont Squarespace premium template

This clean grid-based template is very aesthetic and modern keeping your work in the grid. With the top logo and navigation with social icons on the top right, it feels very fresh to the eye.

The nice square grid keeps focusing on your artwork, under the images you can add a simple description,s and on the bottom it lets work together contact info when someone is interested in working with you they can easily get in touch. Great template for modern portfolio or creative freelancer looking for simplicity.

Online Store Squarespace Templates

4. Vandam

Vandam Squarespace template ecommerce
Vandam Squarespace template e-commerce

Vandam is one of the simplest and cleanest templates to open your online store and sell physical goods such as appeal, tools, books, or jewelry. It has a large background image full screen with a logo on the top middle, left navigation bar, and right social media icons.

If you have beautiful photographic images of your product you will be super happy to use this template as it will get much focus on your product quality. Fully responsive and mobile-friendly so your clients can shop online from their mobile devices.

5. Crosby

Crosby online Squarespace template
Crosby online Squarespace template

Crosby very classy and modern-looking template for eCommerce stores. It also has a large background image with a “Shop Now” button in the middle and a large description text call-to-action. If you like dark mode websites this will be a great choice for you.

Under the large image when you scroll down you will get three featured products with add-to-cart buttons, under it has two blog posts and a sign-up for newsletter box. With this template your store will stand out among others, this will give the best first impression to your potential clients.

6. Alameda

Alameda Online Squarespace premium template
Alameda Online Squarespace premium template

Need a clean grid-based modern template to open your store? Look no further, as simple as it gets an online store template just add your product and you are ready to sell. Super clean and minimalistic look, with logo on top, navigation on the left, and social media icons on right.

It comes with a category switch so if you looking just for “tops” click on the tops button and it will show you all the tips products. It looks great on tablets and mobiles super user-friendly, just add the product to your basket and checkout. As simple as it gets, starts selling today.

Blog Squarespace Templates

7. Paloma

Paloma blog Squarespace template
Paloma blog Squarespace template

Paloma is a simple and stylish no-code required blog template for self-promotion. If you are a blogger on a budget this beautiful template with a full background image and call-to-action button with the latest blog posts under it and a description area if you want to write a short paragraph about yourself.

Very easy to use if you want a clean and professional-looking blog site and fully mobile-friendly design this is a great one to use.

8. Clarkson

Clarkson blog Squarespace template
Clarkson blog Squarespace template

Clarkson is a user-friendly template focused on bloggers who whats to share their stories, with a beautiful and friendly layout this is a very stylish template. It has a full-width description block where you can describe your blog to your visitors with bold text and a smaller description on the right.

I also have the image on the left and text on the right and then the image on the right and text on the left kind of layout which looks very professional and easy to follow. Comes with a dark footer where you can add your latest links, contact info, and copyright info.

9. Stanton

Stanton food blog Squarespace template
Stanton food blog Squarespace template

Stanton blog template is designed for flexibility and quick setup if you looking to open a food blog this might be the best template to focus on large images to showcase your food. The recent post section is a built-in gird format for easy navigation and quick access.

The signup for email newsletter box is on the bottom of the page, great way to get your visitors to signup for your newsletter for future blog posts. On this template, the logo is on the top left, and navigation with social icons on the top right is very easy to access.

You don't need to be a developer or designer to set up this template, very user-friendly for any blog beginner who whats to write.

Photography Squarespace Templates

10. Balboa

Balboa photography squarespace template
Balboa photography Squarespace template

Balboa template is focused on photographers, directors, and cinematographers looking for a clean, simple, and easy-to-use template to set up a professional website.

The main focus of this photography template is large square photos on white background, you can add your name on the top left and navigation is on the top right. It is a large area for a short description of your work, the high-resolution photos showcase in grid-based style your amazing photography.

11. Elliott

Elliott photography Squarespace template
Elliott photography Squarespace template

Elliott is a full-screen slider template, fully responsive and mobile-friendly, super easy to set up just upload your images and it will display them in full slider background with simple right and left navigation.

This is a very unique style for the website if all you want is a large slider, with 100% focus on your full-screen photos, a great way to showcase your photography.

12. Quincy

Quincy premium photography Squarespace template
Quincy premium photography Squarespace template

Quincy elegant wedding photography template with full-screen image, large over image text, and call-to-action button view portfolio. Very simple but very elegant if you want to showcase your latest photo in full-screen size.

This elegant template is super easy to set up for any beginner, even if you have never designed a website all you have to do is add large images, add text and add your social icons. This is a very beginner template but sometimes this is what most people are looking for just a simple beautiful website.

Fashion Squarespace Templates

13. Mason

Mason fashion Squarespace template
Mason fashion Squarespace template

Mason is a simple coming soon fashion template, perfect if your store or website is not ready yet, but you want to collect email addresses to send the newsletter to your visitors once you are open for business or your site is ready to be viewed.

A simple template with a background image of your product, to show what people can expect to see once you are ready for the launch date. You can add social media icons if you want your visitors to stay up to date on social platforms. If you need a simple coming soon fashion focus template this one is for you.

14. Merida

Merida unique fashion Squarespace template
Merida unique fashion Squarespace template

Merida is a very unique fashion template with black top background displaying 4 featured posts, and when you scroll down there is a large full-screen background image with a large text overlay. This template could be for an online store or just a fashion blog.

Simple but sophisticated look and feel, this will make your visitors stay on your website to look around and read your articles, it will get your first impression as a unique and modern look. This template is a little harder to set up, but if you spend some time you can have a very catchy website.

15. Tresoire

Tresoire fashion elegant Squarespace template
Tresoire fashion elegant Squarespace template

Tresoire is a dark mode template for expensive products or fashion websites, it has a dark and elegant look, if you like the darker-looking website style, this might be the perfect template for you.

Large bold text up top, and nice stylish photos of fashion photos or products you want to showcase. It has subscribed to our newsletter box to keep your visitors up to date.

Business Squarespace Templates

16. Florence Spa

Florence spa business squarespace template
Florence spa business Squarespace template

Florence spa if you looking for a simple one-page website template with a large image of your business, logo on top, with large text description, and contact us call-to-action button this is a very simple template to set up.

Add a description of your business with your address and phone number, the main button is to contact us where you can add your email or phone number. If you just want your clients to contact you this template will be a perfect match for your business.

17. Kearny Studio

Kearny studio business Squarespace template
Kearny studio business Squarespace template

Kearny Studio simple straight-to-the-point business template for any kind of business, if you are a handyman, woodworking, tattoo artist, or landscape business you can use this template to start your own website with no code needed.

It has a large full-screen image, adding your photo of your business with the address and contact us button it's all you need to have a fully responsive and professional-looking website. It looks great on all devices and it's easy to navigate.

18. Irving Fitness

Irving fitness business Squarespace template
Irving fitness business Squarespace template

Irving fitness is a classic business template with a large featured image, logo in the top middle, main navigation on the left, and a join now button on right. You can upload a large image to be the focus of your website, with a bold text description. Once you scroll down the page you have 4 main featured posts with a nice grid layout for quick access to your main product or services.

Easy to set up and get started, don't need to be a website expert, this template is essential for any business to have because of its professional and classic look and fully responsive design.