7 Quick Tips For Choosing Gutenberg Theme

The Gutenberg editor has made website makers’ life handy and straightforward. With this website building solution, you can save your time, effort, and money. It’s a pity if you still use the classic editor. The block editor has many weighty advantages over its predecessor. Gutenberg vs Classic Editor the pros and cons of using them.

Why Opt for the Gutenberg Editor instead of its Classic Partner

Many developers have been patiently waiting for the Gutenberg editor release. Now they can enjoy choosing the Gutenberg theme to run a great website without much hassle. There are tons of useful themes jam-packed with a wide variety of options. The Gutenberg editor boasts:

  • Intuitive and easy functionality;
  • A less distracting interface;
  • Unlimited possibilities for creating different content.

The block editor aims at making your website building experience with WordPress easier. This innovation gave birth to a wide variety of Gutenberg themes. They allow both pros and newbies to create personal and business websites without effort. Want to make a WordPress website check out this free tutorial in 2020

Core Tips for Gutenberg Theme Selection

The Gutenberg editor has become a break-through. Many developers have massive respect for its producer. They are pleased to use a free/premium Gutenberg theme to run a useful website. 

For this reason, these tips for Gutenberg theme selection will come in handy for you. They will focus your attention on the main features a perfect theme must-have.

#1 Opt for creative, modern, and minimalistic design

Simplicity is the key to success. This universal truth relates to every aspect of life, including creating a website. People like simple solutions where everything is clear and handy. 

Why invent the wheel? Take a Gutenberg theme with a minimalistic design and user-friendly interface. It will take a little time to run a trustworthy blog or corporate website from scratch. Besides, web design without frills allows you to focus your visitors’ attention on the main idea of your digital service.

The overall minimalistic design suits any business. For example, the Gutenberg Starter WP theme features a modern, clean design suitable for all occasions. Using this simple theme, anyone can shine on the web with a beautiful site.

#2 Lay your eyes on a fully responsive design

People massively go mobile. By using pocket devices, they can tackle different subjects on the go.

Having a responsive website guarantees vast traffic. If your digital service is only PC-friendly, you are doomed to fail. You will inevitably lose tons of potential clients that have been looking at your business on their mobiles.

A powerful Gutenberg theme boasts a fully responsive design like Gutenberry has. This theme can flow seamlessly on any device with any screen resolution.

#3 The more layouts a theme includes, the less time-consuming your website building experience will be

When choosing the right Gutenberg theme, consider its package. Now developers try to jam pack themes with delicious options to stand out from the crowd. 

Thus, a good premium theme has to boast a few homepage layouts, different blog styles, footer and header variants, etc. You should have a choice to settle on the most suitable style for your needs. By picking out the Gutenberry theme, you will have six unique homepage variations built with the Gutenberg editor. Thanks to such a wide variety, you won’t need to waste time creating extra pages.

#4 A theme with plugins included is a plus

Why pay additional money for plugins? Many premium themes come equipped with a pack of top-rated WordPress plugins. This option allows you to enrich your website capability. It helps to make its interface more user-friendly.

For example, adding content will be more accessible and handier with ZeGuten plugin. This powerful addon includes 11 extra blocks for different content types. With its help, you can modify multiple content variants fast and hassle-free.

#5 Fast performance is of high priority

A good website is fast, first of all. Modern users won’t wait for more than 3 seconds to see your webpage. The top reason for website abandonment is website speed. There are tons of websites on the web. Users always know that they can opt for a site with better performance and loading time. Thus, always consider these factors when choosing the Gutenberg theme.

Ideal website load time is the right key to success. According to the findings, more than 40 percent of web users abandon a site if its loading time is more than 3 seconds. Desktop users appreciate even less than 2 sec load time. 

#6 The extensive set of widgets for all occasions

A quality Gutenberg theme will astonish you by an advanced set of widgets. They allow you to customize your website to the full. With their help, your pages will become more user-friendly. They help to save space on the page. Genuinely speaking, their possibilities are pretty much endless.

For example, Gutebberry comes with an impressive set of widgets to improve your blogging experience. You can add maps to your site. To enrich your e-store functionality, add eye-catching pricing tables. With banners, you can run an effective marketing campaign. There are progress bars, animated boxes, countdown timers, and other useful widgets to improve your website appearance and capability.

#7 Professional support

The competent support is an undeniable benefit of a top-rated theme. Using a supported theme provides a smooth website establishment. Both a professional and newbie will cope with such a product. Besides, WordPress has the largest community. Thus, opting for a Gutenberg theme is a win-win choice. Try it.

Bottoms up

In a word, following these tips for Gutenberg theme selection will simplify your choice. There are a plethora of premium themes. But only a few of them are worth your attention and money. They have to be creative, simple, responsive, well-equipped, and of course, fast. 

There is no need to go after something extraordinary. 

Gutenberg innovation provides simplicity. It allows you to keep up with the time when creating a blog. And even without knowing how to code, you can craft an excellent web service. The choice is yours!