Responsive Plugin – WordPress Plugin For Responsive Design

With all the buzz going around on how Responsive Design is the future, and your website or blog should be design for the mobile and tablet. And all the design predictions for 2012+ are all about Responsive Layout.

After getting many emails asking if I be designing and developing Responsive Themes, and if I be updating my old WordPress Themes to be responsive. I decided to, begin developing a WordPress Plugin that will convert any WordPress Theme into Responsive Theme.

I am sure that many of you are using old WordPress Themes that you really love and don’t want to change, but you will love for your old theme to be up to date with the mobile and tablet layout. And of you got that theme for free the chances are, that the author will not make it or update it into Responsive Theme.

My new project is Responsive Plugin which will convert any WordPress Theme into Responsive Theme, the Plugin is still in Beta, but will be released soon…if you are interested please sign up for Beta and I will update you on released date.

Click Here To Sign Up for Responsive Plugin (Beta)