SEMrush Coupon – 30-Day FREE Trial (Best Discount Offer) in 2022

SEMrush coupon

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SEMrush is one of the best online marketing tools used by both beginners and professionals to do comprehensive SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC and social media all in one platform. SEMrush is a great tool for competitive research and new keywords discovery for your clients website, it lets you analyze your competitors top ranking keywords and discover new opportunities.

Many business owners or marketers use SEMrush to help their clients grow online businesses and analyze and discover new niches, advertising opportunities and get ideas for growing your market share. The best part is that now you can get Free full 30-day access to SEMrush to try all the features with our exclusive coupon code discount and Cancel anytime.

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How to Use the SEMrush Coupon Code?

Our exclusive SEMrush coupon code gives you full 30 days access to test all the features they offer in full version. You be able to test the Content marketing features to audit and improve your content, find topics that relates to your audience.

Their SEO tool will help you run technical SEO audit and track your SERP position daily. With Advertising feature you will be able to find best keyword for every PPC campaign and monitor your competitor copies and landing pages.

Simple follow our step by step instructions on how to get your 30 days free access SEMrush coupon code. With our offer you will get the best discount on SEMrush to help you expend your online business and grow your traffic.

First you need to visit SEMrush and click on the “Sign up for free” button to get your 30 days free access to all the features.

Semrush features signup for free coupon code

Once you click on the “Sign up for free” button this will take you to the signup page where you can “Continue with Google” signup or enter your details and chose your password.

SEMrush create your account

Once you click on “Create your account” it will take you to the checkout page where you can choose your trial plan. This is updated version for 2022 and beyond where SEMrush updated the trial plan.

SEMrush trial plan

You can pick from two offers, pro with 30 days free then $119.95/mo or Guru plan with 30 days free then $229.95/mo you will have more options with the Guru plan. Once you decide on plan click on “Get free trial” discount offer.

Semrush credit card info

On the checkout credit card payment info page you need to add your credit card info and click on “Place the Order” and your SEMrush coupon code will be automatically added. This will start your 30 day free trial. You don't need to pay anything for 30 days, after the 30 days you will get email reminder that your credit card will be charged for the next month based on your plan option.

If you cancel your 30 day free trial you will not be charged anything. We hope you like SEMrush all in one marketing and SEO tools that you will keep using to build your online business.

We hope you enjoy the SEMrush discount for the next 30 days full access and if you want other great WordPress related coupons or deals we have great selection for you. SEMrush is also on our list of the best SEO tools to help you grow your business.

What is the best SEMrush coupon or discount code?

SEMrush offers 30 days full access to all the premium features you can try before you signup for monthly premium plan. You can cancel anytime before the 30 day period.

Does SEMrush offer any coupon codes or promotions?

SEMrush offer the best 30 day free trial which can save you over $200 so you can get all the features, test it and try it before you signup for monthly membership.