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Digital and Photoshop Design

October 22, 2014

Inter-word and particularly inter-line spacing, coupled with appropriate line length and position on the page, careful editorial “chunking” and choice of the text architecture of titles, folios, and reference links. A reader should be assisted in navigating around the information with ease, by optimal inter-letter, inter-word and particularly inter-line ...

Creative Blog Design Images

October 22, 2014

Danish Design is a term often used  describe a style of functionalistic design and architecture that was developed in mid-20th century. Influenced by the German Bauhaus school, many Danish designers used the new industrial technologies, combined with ideas of simplicity and functionalism to design buildings, furniture and household objects, many of which have ...

Creative Startup Design Team

October 22, 2014

This durable, fibrous paper does not easily yellow or become brittle with age, which has contributed to the remarkable preservation of early books. Western-style wood-pulp paper became dominant beginning in the Meiji period (1868–1912), and washi is very rarely used for printing in Japan today. Museum books were traditionally made of washi, or Japanese paper. ...