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StartUp Hub: A Project To Walk You Through All The Stages of Creating a WordPress Website

Do you need to create a WordPress website but have no idea what to start with? Or maybe you know some basics but still need some help? A brand new project StartUp Hub was recently launched to help you out. Here you will learn all the essential information explained in a simple way, and, what is more, you will be able to talk to professional tech supporters via live chat 24/7.



Why StartUp Hub can be helpful for you? In short, it saves you time and effort while you get the same results as if you’d be doing your search on your own. You may have already noticed that there are dozens of blog posts on the Web regarding creating a WordPress website. However, all of them seem to be small parts of the whole and you need to do a lot of searching and analyzing to combine the info, which requires you to invest quite a lot of time. Since the info provided on the Web is too generic or too technical for beginners, a need for creating simple, beginner-friendly guides was evident. This is what one of the project authors, Simon Morgan, says: ‘If you are making a website and you need a guide, you’ll have to spend multiple hours surfing the web just to FIND the information you need. Such guides are usually scattered around the Internet. StartUp Hub is the place where (according to the main concept) a user can find everything he needs, and, moreover, we are trying not to make our articles too techy. They were written for people who are dealing with websites for the first time.’

So, let’s find out a bit more about the place where you can get help in creating your website.

What Is StartUp Hub Exactly?

It’s a resource to find all the necessary information about creating a WordPress website. All in one place. For free.

 startuphub for WordPress users


How Does StartUp Hub Help You?

As it gradually walks you through all the questions that arise when creating a website, beginning with the very basic ones, in a comparatively short time you will have a clear idea of what you should do to make a successful, much visited website. StartUp Hub consists of simple guides, so whether you are going to create an online store or a WordPress blog, you’ll find answers to all your possible questions in the guides. For example, how to install a WordPress theme, how much money you normally need to start a website, what you should pay attention to and what mistakes to avoid.

Furthermore, whenever you need some personal help and some advice, you may contact the StartUpHub team any time via 24/7 live chat, where you will get professional assistance.


What Is Special About StartUpHub?

It was initially created as an aide to non-techies: no professional slang words, everything is simply and clearly explained.

All the necessary information is already assembled for you, structured and illustrated through infographics for easier understanding, including the web design tools required by a web master.


Who Is Behind The Project?

The guides were developed by 4 young but experienced guys from TemplateMonster (web design company offering different kind of themes and templates): Simon Morgan, Jeff Bell, Liz Jacobs and Brian Waters. They’ve worked directly with customers in a pre-sales and support department for quite some time, and they know the clients’ problems from inside out. What do the authors say about the project?

‘All of the writers in our team have experience of direct work with customers, be it in sales division of TemplateMonster or in tech support. We know the struggles of the person that has just bought a template and doesn’t know what to do next. We know what people who are to start a site need. That’s why we concentrated on the questions we get asked most often and tried to make our answers to them as easy to understand and follow as it gets. StartUp Hub isn’t some geeky resource, where developers share their snippets of code and discuss one of thousands similar fonts. We give the specifics. Our guides are minimalistic and to the point. But what matters most – we try to make StartUp Hub feel like home.

’ – Jeff Bell, co-author of StartUp Hub

Throughout the guides, there are tips and tricks which you may not find elsewhere.

About SEO optimization, for instance.

“A website without search engine optimization is like a roadside motel hidden behind trees with no sign pointing to it. It may be offering a better service than its brightly-lit competitors down the road, but most travelers will never know it’s even there.”

Simon Morgan, co-author of StartUp Hub



To all startupers, who are about to create a website, this resource would be a great helper.

Ask any business analyst – there is no point in spending your time, money and energy on a startup unless you have a goal you strive to achieve. You have to have a dream in order for your future business to work out. Start small. Spend some quality time thinking about what you can offer to the world, what problem your idea solves and how it helps people.” Jeff Bell

Start your big business from small, start creating a website.

Small steps climb big mountains.

And don’t forget about SEO tips and strategies that will help you build a successful website or blog