Top 5 Test Makers for Teachers to Better Engage Students

Updated: Jan 03, 2023 By: Dessign Team

Online test Maker for teachers

Students don’t typically consider tests and exams fun, so keeping their engagement high can be challenging. That’s even more daunting in virtual classrooms, primarily for teachers entering the online education world for the first time.

Fortunately, online teaching tools can streamline virtual education, helping teachers seamlessly engage and assess students. Many even have features to prevent cheating during tests, which is crucial when you can’t monitor your students in a virtual classroom to ensure academic integrity.

However, choosing suitable tools for your needs can quickly become overwhelming due to the hundreds of available solutions.

We’ve done the legwork to help you narrow down the list, save precious time, and increase your test-grading efficiency. Here’s a roundup of the best test makers for teachers to enhance student engagement and assessment.

ProProfs Test Maker

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ProProfs Test Maker is a user-friendly solution for creating and grading online tests. Its intuitive interface makes everything straightforward, and you don’t need to download any software because the platform is cloud-based. It’s compatible with all devices and browsers and supports 70+ languages.

This test maker for teachers is perfect for knowledge quizzes, student assessments, and online exams. It offers 100+ ready-made templates that you can customize to your needs and a vast library with 100,000+ questions on various topics.

Of course, you can always create tests from scratch and use customization features to personalize tests, add images and videos to questions and answers, and change the theme and test background.

ProProfs lets you automate grading and scoring by pre-assigning grades and scores to correct answers, saving you time and effort. You can add feedback to each question, personalize results according to scores, and include links to relevant topics specific students should revise.

The tool features automated AI-powered reports and analytics to help you review everyone’s progress and performance, assess test difficulty, and identify knowledge gaps. You can download them in a CSV, Excel, or text file.

Cheating prevention is one of ProProfs’ 100+ security settings, allowing you to randomize questions, shuffle answer options, set time limits and more.


ClassMarker is a feature-rich solution for creating online tests and exams. It requires no software installation and lets you monetize your quizzes.

You can import questions you may already have or create them directly on the platform, enriching them with multimedia for higher engagement. The tool supports unlimited tests and questions and 25+ language options.

It lets you provide instant feedback on individual questions and the overall test and enjoy automated grading. However, the flexible grading options allow you to change scores or question values for essay-style questions before automatically recalculating scores.

ClassMarker’s advanced reporting gives you an insight into individual and group performance by test, questions, and categories. You can also see how much time it took for every student to finish the test.

Randomizing questions and answers, setting time limits and attempts, and disallowing printing and copy-paste features will help you prevent cheating.


Online test maker

Typeform offers many solutions, one of which is a test maker for teachers. Creating online exams and tests is a breeze with this tool, which is perfect for engaging students.

It offers many templates for science, math, geography, vocabulary, and English placement tests, and you can customize them seamlessly. Copy and paste a question to a template, and you’re good to go.

You can make your tests interactive and fun with images, videos, and GIFs, making students forget that you’re assessing their knowledge. They’ll feel like taking a random online quiz, helping them perform better.

Branching logic is one of Typeform’s best features. It lets you display more difficult questions once a particular student achieves a higher score. That’s ideal for preventing cheating, as students won’t answer the same questions.

You can track their real-time progress and receive notifications when each student finishes the test to dive into the reporting features.


GoConqr is another excellent platform for enhancing digital learning experiences. It lets you create online courses, quizzes, mind maps, slides, surveys, flowcharts, and notes, giving you access to a free library of millions of user-generated resources and learning courses.

Its test maker for teachers lets you create and distribute engaging online tests and course reviews, and you can use the platform’s ready-to-go slides, mind maps, and notes on various topics.

You can choose from various test types, add images to questions, automate grading, and generate insightful reports on students’ performance, which you can export in a CSV file. Limiting attempts per question or test is another helpful feature.

However, we’ve found no mention of cheating-prevention features on GoConqr’s website, so we recommend reaching out for more information.


Evalbox is an online test maker for creating online and offline tests for assessing students. It’s one of the most straightforward solutions, perfect if you’re not particularly tech-savvy.

It lets you create, distribute, and grade online, paper, and hybrid exams. Scan your paper-based exam sheets, and the tool will grade them automatically, like all other exams.

Once you create a question bank, Evalbox will create a unique test that you can customize to your needs.

You can create vocabulary, language, science, technology, and other tests, whether they serve as class reviews, student evaluations, pop quizzes, mid-terms, or final exams. You can add multimedia to questions and answers and set time limits.

There’s even a self-training mode to help your students practice before actual exams.

The best part about this test maker for teachers is its cheat prevention system. It has fraud-detection and cheat-prevention algorithms for real-time online proctoring, preventing students from searching for answers on Google or resorting to other dishonest practices and alerting you instantly if they do.


Online teaching tools have revolutionized student assessments and grading, saving time and effort for teachers and helping them focus on engaging learners and maximizing their knowledge retention. These test makers are ideal for achieving those goals, so take them for a free test drive to see how they fit your needs.