The Smashing Book #4 – Review



The Smashing Book #4 is the best available book for any Web Designer and Developer, and the Best Value for your Money. Includes 13 chapters by 13  amazing authors, with 498 pages of up-to-date web related information.

From Modern CSS Architecture to Web Typography to Responsive Web Design, you will find new solutions and learn new techniques by inspiring authors who live and breath web design. Having own all Smashing Magazine Books, I can assure you that this is the best value and best quality you will get for your money. If you are serious about your future as a web designer or developer this book will come handy when new information is needed to either explain to your customer or learning the new ins and outs of web industry.

Below are example of few chapters to give you a quick overview of whats inside this beautiful hardcover book… Hope you enjoy and decided to buy the book. This is not affiliate link. I strongly believe that this is amazing value for your money and it will help you grow as a professional web designer.

Sample Chapters: New Perspectives on Web Design


ch4. Getting Deliberate About Performance.

This same sort of struggle is hurting our website today. Websites are getting fatter and fatter at an alarming rate. From March 2012 to March 2013, the average page weight jumped by a staggering 24% according to data from the HTTP Archive.


ch5. Images and Video

You likely know the basics of responsive images by heart: to make make an image flexible, we first remove the width and height attributes. By setting a max-width of 100% in our CSS instead, we prevent this image from ever overflowing its parent container.


ch7. We’re Empathetic

Design does not exist in a vacuum. It is not art on a wall. Designers are meant for interaction. For use. And who is the user? Sometimes its us, but unless we are lucky enough to spend all day building stuff thats meant solely for our own consumption, we are probably building for someone else.


ch8. Connecting to Your Server

So, civilization and its Internet are both up and running. What’s gone wrong? Your website lives on a computer somewhere out there, probably in a big air-conditioned room full of other computers, with multiple fire doors and an awful lot of colorful cabling.


ch11. Managing Difficult Customers

While moving from client work to a product is something that many of us aspire to, it isn’t quite the client-free utopia you might imagine. As developers launching a product, we went from dealing with very few clients over the course of a year to having thousands of customers to take care of.

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