Top 10 Apps for Bloggers

Bloggers are the intrepid explorers of the mobile, digital age. Fashion bloggers are flown around the world to cover the various fashion weeks, sending their reviews to huge audiences instantly. Niche experts speak at conferences where they are greeted like rock stars, even if they are anonymous back home, and they want to detail their experiences on the road. Even fangirls and boys expect to be able to document their obsessions as soon as they want.

Bloggers know how important constant, interesting content is, and their audiences don’t want them to take a break from blogging, just because they don’t feel like carting around a laptop that is too heavy or a tablet that is too hard to type on.

Luckily, mobile app developers have recognized this problem, and they have released hundreds of apps to help bloggers keep their blogs fresh, even when all the bloggers have is a phone and a desire to write. Easy to follow tutorial with step-by-step instructions how to start a blog or how to make a website using WordPress with build in drag and drop page builder.

Below is a list of ten of the best apps for bloggers.

WordPress or Blogger
Whether you need to post something on your business site or update your kitten fan site, you can use WordPress and Blogger’s apps to keep your blogs up-to-date.

The most popular blogs in the world have something in common: highly-compelling visuals. And Canva has thousands of these, presented in a template format which you can easily modify and customize to fit your blog's theme. With Canva, you'll never ran out of design juice and inspiration for your next big blog post.

HootSuite is an app that allows you to log in to, monitor and update all your social media profiles from one platform. It’s a quick and easy way to make sure that you can engage with your audience, even on the go.

Once you’ve updated your blogs and let your social media followers know about your new posts, you’re going to want to moderate and respond to the comments your audience will leave. That is precisely what this app lets you do.

SEO Automatic
Are you a fan of search engine optimisation (SEO)? Do you enjoy tweaking your website design, ability to be indexed and general web visibility? This app lets you monitor your SEO analytics and update your website based on those analytics, so you can respond to changes as they happen.

Bam Analytics
If you aren’t quite as interested in the minutiae of SEO, or if you want to be able to track simple web analytics, this app is for you. It also allows you to track your web stats on the move.

Even bloggers these days realise they need to get paid, and the PayPal app allows you to track your payments, invoices and account status. You can even ‘bump’ payees to remind them to pay your invoices.

Dolphin browser
Most phone web browsers are very one-dimensional: they don’t really work like desktop or tablet computers. The Dolphin browser allows people accessing the internet on their phones to use multiple tab browsing, ideal for hard-core bloggers.

Sometimes, when you’re incredibly busy, you realise that what you really needed, you left on your computer back home. LogMeIn allows people to sync their phones with their desktops over the cloud, so everything you store on your computer can be accessed from your phone – securely, of course.

Free WiFi Finder
This app uses your phone’s GPS capabilities to locate places that offer free WiFi, which is crucial when updating your blog.
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