Web Designers: Win Awesome Playing Cards

Last year guys from TemplateMonster introduced an Web Design Trends Infographic

about the major web design trends since 2004, and how they have changed over the years.


It also includes examples of the designs that were used at a

particular period of time, so you can see the actual evolution of web technology.

If you are going to learn some design basics, this Infographic might be a perfect option with

which to start. It gives you quite a clear picture of what web design is, how it has changed

through the years and what trends are popular today.


It is not a secret that modern sites offer clear and simple looks with structured and organized

content, so visitors are able to find the information in which they are interested. In discussing

modern web design features we should mention full-width pages and non-standard

navigation. These two components ensure advanced usability and quite an unusual look.

In 2015 Google introduced a brand new material design trend that rapidly attracted a new

audience. Actually, it became a compromise between classics and innovations, so more and

more businesses decided to switch to a brand new style and make their sites more

interesting to use and navigate. This was achieved through the use of grid-based layouts,

large hero areas, monochromatic colors, etc.

You can check the Infographic for more information about each particular trend.


To make things more interesting, TemplateMonster decided to offer you a manufactured

version of this Infographic in the form of a deck of custom designed playing cards, which

have recently been released. They feature illustrations and descriptions of the trends, so you

can have fun playing cards and, at the same time, learn the history of web-design.




These custom designed cards are available for free. However, there is one tiny condition. You have to win a deck by taking a simple quiz based on the Infographic and by sharing this news on social networks. This part is important, the more sharing – the greater the chances of winning a prize. The quiz starts on Tuesday, May 26 2015, and will run for only a week. So don’t miss it as the number of decks is limited. Every day there will be one winner (in other words, there will be 7 winners in 7 days). There is also a bonus prize. Those users who successfully answer all questions in the quiz, will get a custom “Web Design Guru” badge.