Wix vs WordPress.com – What is the Best Choice? (Pros and Cons) 2022

Updated: Jun 21, 2022 By: Dessign Team

wix vs wordpress what is the best choice pros and cons

Are you trying to decide what is the best choice for you between Wix and WordPress? WordPress currently is the most popular website builder powering over 35% of all the websites on the internet, but there are other choices such as Wix to help you build your website.

You probably seen many ads on TV and internet advertising Wix as the simplest website builder with drag and drop option so anyone can build simple website. But we need to find out if this is true and if Wix is the best website builder compared to WordPress?

In this article we will compare Wix to WordPress and discover all the pros and cons of using either one for your site. We hope that after reading this article you be able to easily pick the best website builder for you and enjoy building your website with.

Wix vs (WordPress.org or WordPress.com) let us explain!

Note: In this article we will compare Wix.com vs WordPress.com as those are all in one solutions where they will host your website for you all in one place with website builder. Comparing Wix.com to WordPress.org self hosting solution where you need to get your own hosting, domain name and install WordPress is like comparing apples to oranges. If you like to know the different between WordPress.org and WordPress.com you can read the article. Wix.com is more related to WordPress.com than WordPress.org who is more for technical people.

WordPress.org self-hosting can be fun and rewarding, but it also requires some technical knowledge and places more responsibility on you, the publisher. 

WordPress.com is different. Here at WordPress.com, you don’t have to download software, pay for hosting, or manage a web server. You can instead focus on creating wonderful content, and let them handle the rest!

In this comparison we will talk about 7 different categories:

  1. Wix vs WordPress Pricing Plans
  2. Ease of Use for Beginners
  3. Templates and Design
  4. Is WordPress better for Blogging?
  5. Plugins, Apps & Security
  6. Is WordPress better for eCommerce?
  7. Does Wix has better support?

Let's compared Wix to WordPress and see how they compete in each categories.

1. Pricing Plans

One of the common question about building website is how much will it cost me? what will be the monthly cost once everything is said and done. Many people want to build their own website because to hire a web designer or developer is outside their price range, as this can run into thousands of dollars. Building your own websites with website builder will be more affordable and reasonable if you looking to build simple personal or business site.

Let's compare the pricing of each website builder and see what plans they offer and how much they charge on monthly bases and what you can expect to get.

Wix – Plans and Pricing

Wix offers a basic website for free. Many people will start with that plan because it will cost you nothing and you can have your website build and publish online. The two downsides to using the free plan is that Wix will put ads on your website promoting themselves, the other is that you will not have your own domain name, but be sub hosted on Wix for example your domain address will look something like this: username.wix.com/yourwebsite compared to just having your domain name as your website, yoursebsite.com.

Also with the free plan you will not have many of the better features such as Google Analytics, eCommerce, Marketing, etc.. You will need to upgrade to the premium plan in order to have all the premium features and get your own domain name so your website or blog looks more professional to your clients or readers.

Wix has updated their Premium Pricing plans since January 01, 2021 so they are more expensive than few years ago, so let's compare their Website plans to see which one fits your budget if you planing to upgrade to premium plan.

wix premium plans explained

So the most popular premium plan for personal beginner is the Combo plan which is $14/month you will get free domain name, free SSL security certificate, removed Wix ads and about 3GB of space which should be enough for personal blog or business website.

Wix recommends the Pro plan for $23/month with the complete online branding which includes professional logo, social media logo, with 20GB of storage, we recommend this plan if you building professional business website, if you just building personal website the Combo plan for $14/month will be enough for you.

Wix also has a eCommerce plan if you planning on opening online store with the Business Basic for $23/month you can open your online store and accept online payments.

WordPress – Plans and Pricing

WordPress basic plan is also free. You can start building your blog or simple business website with the free plan, the only downside is that you will be hosted on sub domain so your website address will be yourwesite.wordpress.com and there will be ads on your site. If you want to switch to premium plan where you will have your personal unique domain name and the ads will be removed, so your site will look much more professional for $4/month.

WordPress premium plans start from $4/month for personal use with free domain to $45/month for eCommerce online stores.

WordPress.com premium plans and pricing compared

WordPress.com most popular plan is the Personal plan for $4/month billed yearly, you will get free domain name, removed the ads, you can collect payments and unlimited email support. This is great plan for beginner blogger or just a simple business website.

The most popular plan is the Premium plan for $8/month billed yearly great plan if you need some extra features such as, live chat support, earn ads revenue, premium themes included, Google analytics integration. So if you need bit more this would be perfect plan for freelancers.

Their eCommerce plan is $45/month billed yearly this plan is best if you thinking about opening online store and selling digital or physical goods. You will get all the support, domain, live chat and Google analytics integrated with premium WordPress themes.


WordPress.com has much cheaper plans for the beginners compared to Wix, for only $4/month you can have an ads free with custom domain website with WordPress. Both website builders have free plans to offer so you can try it and tested before you sign up for the premium plan with 14 days money back guaranteed.

2. Ease of Use for Beginners

Most beginners or novice choose Wix or WordPress to help them build simple website without the need to hire a developer or web designer. Because Wix and WordPress don't require you to know any coding or programming such as PHP/CSS or HTML you can simple drag and drop most of the elements in order to build your website.

Wix Editor Interface:

Wix has a very simple to use visual editor where most elements on your pages or posts are drag and drop so you simply just arrange items or move them in any place you desire. You simple pick a template which is the closes to your vision and then open the editor and start adding or removing the parts of your design around.

Wix visual editor interface

As you can see on the example you can just drag and drop any image, text or media file which makes it very user friendly for any beginner to start building their website and not worry about the code or technical aspect of the site. Also you can mouse over any button to see the description of each one to better understand how the interface dashboard works.

WordPress Editor Interface:

WordPress.com is getting a new Gutenberg block visual editor integrated into their page building user friendly experience. You can read more about how to add Gutenberg blocks or posts with just few clicks you can add images, video or blocks that help you easily and simple build your site. WordPress is introducing the front page editing building experience to help any beginner visually build a simple or complex website without any coding required.

WordPress Gutenberg page editing

WordPress Gutenberg is focus on patterns and block editing so you just simple add new sections or upload a pattern that you like, its more involved as this is still in building faces but once all done, building your website with Gutenberg front page editor will be super easy and user friendly.


Wix is the winner in this overview with simple to follow drag and drop visual editor, but the future is very bright for WordPress Gutenberg front page editor as it will be much simpler for none technical person to create WordPress based websites for personal or clients work.

3. Templates and Design

Design and templates play very important role in creating and building your website. Your templates or themes has to be user friendly, visually appealing and mobile responsive. The design of those templates has to be well coded with the best SEO optimization and performance for Google speed and user experience both on desktop and mobile.

Wix Templates:

Wix comes with hundreds of pre build responsive HTML templates for you to use on your website. Once you pick your desire template you can easily just add, re arrange or delete parts of the template you don't need. You can pick from many Wix template categories, from business, health, consulting, portfolio to fashion and restaurants. Wix cover almost all the categories so if you building specific website there will be a template for you to get you started. Wix templates also have easy to use experience for beginners.

Wix templates comparison

There are so many different templates with beautiful layout and design for any beginner to pick from, once you pick your template you can easily customized but not changed, and you also can't upload your own template but only use what Wix is currently offering.

WordPress Themes:

WordPress.com also has hundreds of free and paid templates to help you get started building your website. Most of the themes are free but they also have a paid themes from different theme shops, if you need extra support or customizations you might want to purchase your WordPress theme. All WordPress themes are build with the highest code standards and are updated regularly to be fully responsive, well coded and best SEO supported. WordPress.com has better interface and overall user experience.

WordPress themes comparison

WordPress also has many categories to choose from, if you looking for portfolio themes they have special category for portfolio, if you just need a simple blog theme they have a blog themes section to find the best blog theme you can easily activate and start edition with Gutenberg visual editor.


WordPress has better optimized themes with the best code and latest javascript technology compared to Wix HTML templates. WordPress is know to have better performing themes with the Google core web standards optimized for the bets performance and Google search results.

4. Is WordPress better for Blogging?

Many beginners are looking for the best and easiest blogging platform to use, and most of them heard about Wix and WordPress as the two best options for blogging. Both Wix and WordPress are consider the best blogging platforms to use if you need to start your online blog.

We would consider WordPress to be the best when it comes to blogging, as WordPress was originally invented to be easy blogging platform than later moved into fully website builder CMS. If you want to use WordPress we have a great step by step tutorial how to start your blog.

WordPress.com for Bloggers:

WordPress was design and developed with blogger in mind, so if you looking for the best CMS to start blogging and have all the plugins and themes available for easy blogging experience then WordPress is the best solution for you. You can assign specific authors to your posts, you can create a paid membership pages where you will create users. WordPress has many plugins such as JetPack that is full of best blogging experience assigning private posts, adding comments sections to your specific posts.

WordPress comes with Gutenberg visual editor where you can create beautiful blog posts with full width image, videos or audio experience for your visitors. When you think about blogging WordPress is the platform used by over 35% websites around the world, the top bloggers use WordPress because of its simplicity and performance when it comes to SEO and Google search.

Blogging with Wix:

Wix lets you add the simple blog section to your website or create independent only blogging site with simple blog template. Wix is mostly build for creating websites I don't think Wix is a great blogging platform compared to WordPress. Wix has all the basic blogging features such as adding images, video's editing text.

What Wix locks is the writing experience that WordPress has, Wix has a simple text editor with some options to edit the heading, add quotes and format paragraphs but it feels outdated compared to WordPress. Wix text editor is very limited with just basic text formation options, and the comments section is poorly made as its using mostly Facebook comments.


WordPress totally outperforms Wix when it comes to blogging platform, if you thinking about getting into blogging your best choice should be always WordPress, as it was build for beginners bloggers into professional bloggers looking for simple visual editor experience which Gutenberg will delivered inside WordPress dashboard.

5. Plugins, Apps & Security

Plugins and apps are third party software that you can install and activate inside your platform dashboard, in Wix they are called apps and in WordPress they are plugins. Both Wix and WordPress have some free and premium apps and plugins to help you market, optimize and boost your performance for the best user experience you can give your visitors.

Some of the most important apps and plugins will be security plugins as they will make sure your site is secure when it comes to hacks, viruses and brutal force attacks from hackers.

Let's compared some of the apps and themes both of those platforms provide in order to see how they can add value to your website.

Wix apps:

Wix has hundreds of apps that you can add to your website to make it better. These apps offer extra features and performance such as media, design elements, marketing, eCommerce and social apps to help you stay up to date with any social news.

Wix apps market comparison

Most apps on Wix market are free with premium features to upgrade, some apps give you 7 days free trial or some are on monthly billing. If you need specific features that will help you perform better or add extra value then you can search the app market for it. We did not find any security apps available which should be there for extra security or to protect your website or online store build with Wix.

WordPress.com plugins:

WordPress has thousands of free and paid plugins you can easily install on your website to help with performance, security, backups, subscription or media. You can monitor your site performance and see where your traffic is coming from, or with JetPack you will have total secure websites because of its best malware scanning plugin. WordPress was build on plugins and thats what makes WordPress the best CMS platform, if you can think about it there is probably a plugin to make your life easier and safer.

WordPress plugins comparison

With WordPress plugins you can easily track your customers and leads to make better optimizations and performance for them, use any newsletter signup plugin to collect emails for upcoming news or events. Stay on top of your marketing Google advertisement budget with plugins to help you grow your online business or increate traffic to your site.


WordPress is the winner when it comes to plugins and extensions from third party developers. Wix apps library is growing but with WordPress huge over thousands of free and premium plugins and growing everyday you will find a plugin for any extra feature you need.

6. Is WordPress better for eCommerce?

Both Wix and WordPress offer a eCommerce solution for their customers looking to sell online. If you looking for simple to use eCommerce platform for beginners than Wix will be the best choice, but if you looking to open a big online store than WordPress WooCommerce will be the best choice to help you grow your business. WordPress WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platform to open and run your store. WooCommerce is on the list of the best eCommerce platforms to run you store.

WordPress WooCommerce:

WooCommerce powers over 48% of all the online stores in the world and is the most popular eCommerce platform. WordPress makes super easy for beginners to open your online store using WooCommerce. Whats great about WooCommerce is thats is totally free so you can use it to run your online store without paying for it. You only pay for WordPress which is $45/month to open a eCommerce store.

WordPress WooCommerce comparison

WooCommerce also has hundreds of eCommerce plugins to help you optimize your online store for better perfromance, shipping, taxes and security. With WordPress WooCommerce you can sell anything from digital good to physical products around the world with their currency exchange and location shipping available.

Wix eCommerce:

Wix only offers eCommerce with paid plans so if you using their free plan you can't sell online with them. The basic Wix eCommerce plan is $23/month it comes with free domain name and secure online payment that includes PayPal and Authorized.net if you need other payments method you will need to get a payment app.

Wix eCommerce plans comparison

Wix online eCommerce solution is simple and straight forward if you lookin to open a simple store than this will be enough to get started, but we would not recommend using Wix for large or advanced eCommerce store as WordPress WooCommerce would be the best alternative.


WordPress WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions available, if you serious about selling online and growing your business to multimillion dollar shop, we would recommend going with WordPress + WooCommerce rather than simple and basic functionality of Wix eCommerce.

7. Does Wix has better support?

One of the important factor of starting your website and doing it by yourself is that you will need good support. What we mean by good support is that there is a lot of video tutorials, documentations, email support, phone support and live chat support. All of those will help you get your website or online store build in short period of time and less frustrations.

We will compare both supports between Wix and WordPress.com to see who comes on top as the best 24/7 support for beginners.

Wix support:

Wix has in house support team 24/7 in English or Monday-Friday 9am-6pm in different languages such as French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian..etc.. or you can request to call back from Wix support expert. Once you login to your account it will direct you to specific support expert depending on your issues or questions.

Wix support center features

Wix has many online tutorials and setup videos that will help you get your beginner website build, however if you need some extra help Wix support team will fix your problem in no time, and you can rest assure that your question will be answered in reasonable time. Most of Wix visual builder is easy to use so you probably will not need as much support as you think, but just in case Wix has great support team to help you succeed.

WordPress.com support:

When it comes to WordPress.com support you will be limited to only live chat support and no phone call support. WordPress also don't offer any live chat support for the personal plan which cost $4/month you will only get unlimited email support.

WordPress.com support features

WordPress also has a huge forum of experts ready to help you with any questions, they have many tutorials and online videos to help you create and customize your website. But if you looking for phone support you will need to consider Wix as the alternative to better support for customers.


Wix does have better support and in-house team phone support with Wix experts ready to help you get started or fix any issues you might have it.. If you are person who need to hear and talk to someone on the other line, that Wix will be better bet for you compared to WordPress support that is limited to live chat or emails.


WordPress is far more advanced than Wix when it comes to building a website, there is more features, plugins and performance. WordPress been around for more and is more mature platform if you are serious about your website or online store, you should consider WordPress as you will be better off in long run. Wix is more for beginner websites creators, who are looking for quick site builder to put a basic looking website that in long run will not be enough to keep using.

Switching from Wix to WordPress is almost impossible, you will need to re build your website from scratch and spend more time on developing it further. So make sure you make the right choice and see what options outperform the others and what really matters to you when starting to build your site.

We hope this article help you decide between Wix and WordPress pros and cons of using either one for your next project. Sometimes is better to invest some time in learning WordPress than going with the easy solution that is Wix to later find out that you need better alternative to run successful website with growing traffic.

Is WordPress.com better than Wix.com

Yes, WordPress.com is much better CMS platform and is used by far many professionals than Wix.com. WordPress is used by over 40% of the internet.

Is WordPress.com good for beginners?

Yes, WordPress is good for beginners if you looking to open a simple blog or website WordPress interface and basic widgets are simple and easy to use.


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