WordPress is currently used by millions of websites. It can be found everywhere as the backbone of many of the highest quality websites found today. As one of the top CMS and blogging platforms available it is simple to learn and use while remaining quite versatile. This is the main reason WordPress is the most popular CMS platform today.

Behind the WordPress curtain, there is an amazing amount of versatility that is hidden to the end user. What people see when they look at a WordPress powered site is just the tip of the iceberg. Using a powerful combination of PHP and MySQL, it is a full featured CMS platform. It is constantly updated with the latest technologies to keep your site performing well and looking great.

Some of the primary pieces of any WordPress site are made up of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, along with jQuery and other Javascript libraries. All of the WordPress themes and plugins available are written in PHP and rely on MySQL databases to perform their designated functions. They may also depend on some of the other technologies listed above. These technologies must operate seamlessly with one another to avoid any errors on your site.

In order for WordPress to work with the available themes and plugins, developers must use PHP tags which are standardized. In the following infographic, we outline many of these standardized PHP tags for you. You will also have easy access to the large variety of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to quickly and easily enhance your working speed when using and operating with WordPress. A keyboard shortcut is a key combination that connects to a particular command that would otherwise be available through a menu via the click of a mouse button. Easy to follow tutorial with step-by-step instructions how to start a blog or how to make a website using WordPress with build in drag and drop page builder.

The near endless amount of possibilities available with WordPress makes it the top choice for many web developers. Since there is an enormous community working with the platform, there are many thousands of themes and plugins already available. This greatly reduces the development time usually required when building all of the functions from scratch.

It's now time to get started and introduce you to a few of these helpful shortcuts and PHP tags.