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For High Performance Fully Managed Hassle-free WordPress Hosting. Voted the Best WP Hosting!

WPEngine is by many experts considered the best in WordPress Hosting, they offer automatic security updates, daily backups, one-click restore points, automatic caching, top-tier security, FREE CDN &  SSL Plus FREE Migration. WP Engine is not cheap compared to another WordPress hosting, but you get what you pay, and WP Engine has the best support and performance by the top WordPress experts so you can be sure your website will be handled by the best. Using our wp engine discount and wpengine coupon code allows you to get the best deals on the most reliable managed hostings. Our exclusive WP Engine Coupon code helps you get best 20% off discount – 4 months free on any shared plan (Startup, Growth, Scale) You can now read our full review of WP Engine Hosting Review for 2020

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WP Engine Coupon Code DESSIGN20
WP Engine Coupon Code DESSIGN20

WP Engine New Prices are LIVE!

WP Engine Pricing 2020
WP Engine Pricing 2020

WP Engine Coupon Discount Code Pricing Explained Using DESSIGN20 Promo Code

How the DESSIGN20 Coupon code works and how much are you saving? The most savings you will get if you sign up for the Annual Plan will save you the most money, you always have 60-days to cancel no questions asked. You can read full WP Engine Pricing review explained what you will get with your plan.

Startup Plan Billed Monthly Regular Price $30/month with DESSIGN20 discount $24/month
Startup Plan Pay Annually Regular Price $30/month $360/year with DESSIGN20 discount $20/month First year $360 $240, then $300/yr.
You’re saving $120 by getting 4 months free with annual prepay.
(Specifications) 25,000 visits / month, 10GB local storage, 50GB bandwidth / month, 1 sites included

Growth Plan Billed Monthly Regular Price $115/month with DESSIGN20 discount $92/month
Growth Plan Pay Annually Regular Price $115/month $1380/year with DESSIGN20 discount $76.67/month First year $1380 $920, then $1150/yr.
You’re saving $460 by getting 4 months free with annual prepay.
(Specifications) 100,000 visits / month, 20GB local storage, 200GB bandwidth / month, 10 sites included

Scale Plan Billed Monthly Regular Price $290/month with DESSIGN20 discount $232/month
Scale Plan Pay Annually Regular Price $290/month $3480/year with DESSIGN20 discount $193.33/month First year $3480 $2320, then $2900/yr
You’re saving $1160 by getting 4 months free with annual prepay.
(Specifications) 400,000 visits / month, 50GB local storage, 500GB bandwidth / month, 30 sites included

wp engine coupon code

Get 4 months free 20% OFF on Scale, Growth, and Startup plans when you use coupon code DESSIGN20. 20% OFF – 4 Months Free is the only discount WP Engines offers at this time April 2020

The most you can save on Scale, Growth, and Startup is 20% OFF – 4 months Free on annual plans. There is no 50% OFF or 33% OFF coupon codes available for WP Engine hosting.

When you click on activate “WP Engine Coupon Code DESSIGN204 months free – 20% off will be automatically added to your shopping cart or you can use DESSIGN20 to apply the discount at the shopping cart.

If you using our Promo Code DESSIGN20 and choosing the annual option. You can save $120 on Startup Plan, $460 on Growth Plan, $1160 on Scale Plan

How to Use WP Engine Coupon Code?

WP Engine Discount Pricing – STARTUP $20/mo | GROWTH $76/mo | SCALE $193/mo | CUSTOM

Setting up your wp engine hosting account is very simple and easy to follow. Pick a plan from the options below, you can always upgrade or downgrade your account as you wish. You are never locked to your account. The STARTUP option is good for any website up to 25,000 visits per month. If you migrating from another hosting company, check your analytics and see how many visitors you have per month to determine what hosting option is best for you. If you starting your new website we would recommend the first plan STARTUP which is perfect to get you started and set up your site with our wpengine coupon code.

Remember, migrate your existing WordPress site to WP Engine platform in minutes. WP Engine Free Auto Migration tool gets it done in just a few clicks. Or if you not confident in doing it yourself the WordPress experts will migrate for you.

Once you pick your WP Engine hosting plan you will go to the next page “Let’s set up your account” You will have few choices either you want to go month to month or sign up for a full year at a better discount price. Remember you have 60 days to cancel your account at no fee. WP Engine is a great hosting company so the annual option is a great way to go, but if you not sure and just want to try it out then month to month with no risk.

You also will see a few other options to add to your hosting package such as: Additional Sites, Smart Plugin Manager, Content Performance, GEOTarget, Global Edge Security and WordPress Multisite. You DON’T have to pick them now, you will have the option to add them on later.

wpengine coupon account information
WP Engine coupon account information Code 2020

Once you are happy with your hosting plan, and if you pick and select any add ons. Scroll down to fill out your name and billing information its all on the same page, very user-friendly as you don’t have to be redirected to another page. As you can see under the Billing Info “If you’re not completely happy with our service, you can cancel and request a refund within 60 days of sign up.” WP Engine is probably the only one hosting company that gives you 60 day to cancel your service and request refund. You can feel great about any company that is so sure that you will be happy to give you 60 days money back guaranteed.

wp engine billing information

Once you fill out all the billing information and read the Terms of Services and Privacy Policy. Click the Create my site button and enjoy your amazing experience with WP Engine fully managed hassle-free hosting with performance-boosting and great professional support from top WordPress experts at your fingertips. We are fully confident that you will love WP Engine and have an amazing experience with them so your website is fully secure, up to date and hacked free. With WP Engine you can build and design any website from small digital marketing to personal blog.

WP Engine Real Clients Review Using Promo Code DESSIGN20

Below are some of the real client’s review, about their experience with WP Engine Hosting and Support

Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey – My marketing and web design agency has used and loved WPengine for years. Their 24/7 support team is top-notch, always ALWAYS willing to help us with any crazy question (and we have plenty). They’re quick to research and respond if it’s something they can’t figure out through chat, the teams have been a delight to migrate sites with, and it’s literally one of the easiest platforms we’ve used to manage web hosting. There is a comprehensive knowledge base in addition to the support team, so if we’re working with a client who wants to be more hands-on with their hosting but isn’t as familiar, they have written resources in addition to the online support team. Don’t waste your time and anxiety on some other group. This is the platform you’ve been looking for.

Tommy Linsley – Happy longtime customer. I’ve been a customer of WpEngine for at least a few years. Their service keeps getting better. I have a personal account and manage a company account. If I have any issues, the support/chat reps narrow down and fix the issue quickly.

Jess Tennyson – Incredible customer support. We’ve only been with WP Engine for a few months, but I can not talk highly enough about their incredible customer support. It also makes it insanely easy to configure DNS and staging sites and everything in between. It has improved my day-to-day tremendously. 

If you want to read all the real clients review from Trustpilot.com

Advantages and Disadvantages of WPEngine Hosting


Fully Managed WordPress Hosting
FREE Site Migration – PHP 7.3 ready
Expert WordPress Support Staff
CDN and SSL included + Daily Backups
FREE Hacked Sites Fixed
Automatic WordPress Updates
Development, Staging, and Production Environments
Risk-Free for 60 days
Excellent Support Response Times
Free Encrypt SSL
Free 35+ StudioPress Themes
(Value $2,000)
Genesis Framework
Free 40+ Dessign Themes (Value $99)
Free Global CDN + Global Edge Security Fast Load Speed
Top Speed and Performance
Performance-boosting insights
WordPress Multisite + GeoTarget
WP Digital Experience DXP
EverCache best cache solutions


More Expensive
Only for WordPress Users
Some Plugins are not allowed for security reasons
Additional charges for exceeding your bandwidth
No Domain Registrar

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ, Support & WP engine discount

Few of the most common questions before you sign up for wp engine coupon code Hosting

How do I cancel my account if I am not 100% happy? As you know you have 60 days for full refund. Cancel your account is easy. Once you download and backup all your content, goto User Portal – Click on My AccountCancel Account

Is Migration my Website Free and Easy? Yes, it’s Free. Migrating your site has never been easier! Follow our guide to easily migrate and go live on the WP Engine platform. WP Engine Technical Support is available 24 x 7, 365 to help! Get stuck or have questions?

Why I can’t install some plugins? At WP Engine we aim to offer the fastest and most secure WordPress hosting environment for your website. There are a handful of plugins that we’ve noted that can cause various security or performance issues on your site. List of disallowed plugins

Do you offer FREE SSL Certificates? Yes, WP Engine today announced that it has made Let’s Encrypt™ SSL/TLS certificates freely available to all customers. This means for every single one of the company’s 500,000 customers setting up a secure site is simple, automated, and completely free.

Do you offer the Best WordPress Security Environment? Yes, strong security measures enable website protection while running your website at peak performance. Understanding the WP Engine security measures will give you the freedom to develop and operate your website within the scope of our secured environment.

Do you offer 24/7 Support? Yes, We offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Log in to get expert one-on-one help. You can be confident that all WP Engine support is by WordPress experts who know hosting inside out and are ready to help you with any issues.

Does WP Engine Offer Discounts or Coupons? Yes, WP Engine offers great discounts on their monthly and yearly hosting solutions. If you sign up for an annual subscription you get 4 months free and if you sing up month to month you get 20% off. You can use activate our coupon code and enjoy the great discount.

Is WP Engine the best fully Manageg hosting? We believe so with their experts and amazing support staff WP Engine is considered by many the top choice when it comes to fully managed WordPress hosting solutions. WP Engine is all about technology, experience, and innovation always looking to bringing the next level in customer satisfaction.

Is WP Engine the best solution for me? It all depends on what each customer is looking for, if you just starting out and are on a tight budget you might be better off with hosting such as, Bluehost or SiteGround still great options for beginners. WP Engine is not cheap at the STARTUP level prices at $35/month compared to other hostings starting at $2.95/month. But always remember you get what you pay for, if you serious about your website being supper fast and safe spending that extra money might be the best choice.

StudioPress WordPress Themes + Framework Included in Your WP Engine Plan Free

Create amazing WordPress professional experience with StudioPress’s easy-to-use, premium themes. All are SEO optimized with locked down security features, thanks to the Genesis Framework. And all are included in your WP Engine plan. You will get over 35+ fully responsive WordPress themes plus over 35+ beautiful design and coded Studio Press themes once you sign up with any plan from Startup to Scale to Custom hosting solutions. StudioPress is the most well know WordPress premium shop, its has the best and well coded themes available. So you know you getting the best premium themes for free when you sign up for WP Engine any hosting plan.

wpengine studiopress themes free

The best part of WP Engine coupon code is their simple to use migration plugin when you switch from your existing hosting to WPEngine, you will find easy to use migration plugin. The plugin will create a duplicate of your existing website before it goes live, so you will be able to double-check everything is the same. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the migration yourself WP Engine professional support developer will do it for you, so you can just sit and relax. They offer many hosting plans and solutions for any size of business.

wpengine creative agility
wpengine our people scale

WP Engine Team Award-Winning

WP Engine is the best-managed WordPress hosting provider founded by entrepreneur Jason Cohen in 2010. Jason is a very smart and brilliant entrepreneur where he funded other companies’ prior WP Engine. The goal for WP Engine was to give customers fully managed WordPress hosting so they can focus on their business and not on the hosting itself. He hired only professional WordPress experts to help manage and support WP Engine. The Austin-based company offers multiple hosting plans, all of which are optimized for WordPress.

wpengine teams awards winning

WP Engine PHP Compatibility Checker WordPress Plugin

wp engine php checker

The WP Engine PHP Compatibility Checker can be used by any WordPress website on any web host to check PHP version compatibility. When updating to PHP 7.2+ this is a great plugin to install and check if your website will not break after your update. many themes are not ready for PHP 7+ and will cause major issues. So the WP Engine team wanted to give back to the WordPress community by developing a plugin that will help you make sure you are safe to update your PHP version. The plugin will check the code of any other plugins and themes and give you back a report with compatibility issues so you can fix it before updating. WP Engine is a proud supporter and contributor to WordPress.org open-source community.