Welcome to Dessign, LLC –  Founded in 2010 By: Marios Lublinski

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Marios Lublinski Founder of Dessign, LLC – Contact Info: Marios@dessign.net

Marios Professional Education:

M.A, Communication Arts (2003) NYIT (New York Institute of Technology) with Distinction – Website Design
B.F.A, Bachelor of Fine Arts (2001) NYIT (New York Institute of Technology) – Computer Graphics & 3D Design

Software & Experience:

WebDesign: WordPress (10+ Years Experience)
Creative Design: Adobe Suit & Figma (8+ Years Experience)
3D Design and Animation: 3D Studio Max & Maya (15+ Years Experience)
Web Development: WordPress Gutenberg (5+ Years Experience)
SEO + Marketing: Semrush & Ahrefs (5+ Years Experience)
eCommerce: WooCommerce & Shopify (8+ Years Experience)
Blogging & Content Writer: WordPress (9+ Years Experience)

Social Profiles:

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After graduating college in 2003, I got a job working for a marketing and digital design agency doing graphic design, web design, and 3D animation and simulations. In around 2010, WordPress got popular as CMS (Content Management System), and some of our clients requested that we use WordPress for their websites. This was the time I got introduced to WordPress and WordPress themes. After work, I started creating and designing modern and simple WordPress themes as a fun project.

At the end of 2010, I decided to open my own WordPress theme shop, by then I had four free WordPress themes and three premium ones. I submitted the free themes to many web design and graphic design blogs, and at the beginning of 2011, Smashing Magazine featured my themes as some of the most creative and unique WordPress themes around.

Since then I design and created over 170+ Free and Premium WordPress themes which are used by over 127K people around the world and are featured in many web design blogs and premium theme shops such as Creative Market, MOJO Market Place, CloudWays, Crunchbase, CreativeMornings, Smashing Magazine, and many more…

Now I have over 20+ years of professional web design experience mostly focusing on WordPress and WooCommerce themes building new and creative themes using Gutenberg and Block based themes with no or little coding required to run any WordPress site.

My free and premium themes have been used by many creatives around the world as you can see some of our themes being showcased. Professional experience in design and user experience shows in our modern theme design.

On Jan 27, 2011, over 10 years ago Dessign Themes got an exclusive feature on SmashingMagazine as some of the most creative WordPress themes at that time.

Smashing Magazine WordPress theme story
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Live Preview of Style Dessign Theme was one of the most downloaded WordPress themes. Our themes got featured in every Web Design and Graphic Design Blog around the web.

Our WordPress Themes are under GPLv2 License

The GPL grants users the ability to modify and use the theme on as many sites as they wish, whether it be personal or commercial, and they may even resell or redistribute the themes.


Create Your Own Website Using WordPress in a Weekend

Dessign themes were featured in the Create your own website using WordPress on a weekend, and some of my popular themes were used for tutorials on how to create a simple WordPress website.

Create Your Own Online Store (Using WordPress) in a Weekend

Once again my free and premium themes were featured in the book, to create a simple WordPress website that anyone can get started using WordPress free or premium theme.

“Don't try to make a product for everybody, because that is a product for nobody” –  Seth Godin