7 Best Blogs About WordPress to Read & Follow (Most Popular 2023)

Updated: Oct 16, 2023 By: Dessign Team

best blogs about WordPress to read for beginners

Are you looking for the best and most popular WordPress blogs to read for beginners? We put together a great list of the most popular blogs where you can get all the news about the most popular CMS – WordPress which powers over 40%+ of the internet websites. Here is list of the best Free WordPress Blog themes so you can start your own blog site.

The most popular free blogs about WordPress will cover, news, tutorials recommendations, events, podcasts and interviews from the leaders in WordPress community. In this list we only recommend the best WP blogs to read, as there are so many other we pick the ones that are the most active with the best news around WordPress events. We have great article on what is blog? and blogging for beginners and how to start your own blog.

1. WP Tavern

wp tavern blog

WP Tavern is a must read blog about WordPress community, if there is any news you will read it first on WP Tavern. They cover any events, themes, plugins, interviews podcasts related to WordPress if there is a good or bad news you will hear about it.

WordPress Tavern is a warm and inviting community where those interested in the software can hang out with fellow WordPressers to engage in enlightening discussions. 

2. WPBeginner

WPBeginner blog news about WordPress

WPBeginner is one of the blogs you need to read and follow if you just a beginner to WordPress community and want to learn the basics about WordPress. They have the best and easiest tutorials on about everything related to WordPress such as: themes, plugins, tutorials, how to start a blog or website, how to secure your WordPress site from hackers.

If you just starting out in WordPress you will find many useful tutorials to learn. WPBeginner is probably the biggest and oldest blog related to WordPress with many great articles to help you get started.

3. Torque

torque blog and news for WP community

Torque Magazine is a leading resource for WordPress news. Content equips new and advanced WordPress users with expert insights and information to help them create, grow, and optimize their WordPress sites and build better experiences online. Torque is a WP Engine publication blog for both beginners and advanced users. If you looking for WP Engine hosting we have a great WP Engine coupon to help you have over 20% and 4 months free hosting deal.

Along with two staff members, Torque features content from a collection of writers, each with different skill-sets and experiences with WordPress.

4. Elegant Themes Blog

elegant themes blog

The blog of Elegant themes and the creators of Divi the most popular WordPress theme and page builder. Elegant themes blog covers everything from news, how to's, tutorials for both beginners and advanced users. They also cover topics related to Divi 4 as their most successful page builder for beginners to advanced.

You will learn a lot about the WordPress community if you looking to build websites for yourself or clients and join the freelance world of WordPress sites.

5. WordPress.org

WordPress news and blog about community

WordPress official blog section related to anything and everything related to themes, plugins, code news and announcements. If you want to get involved in WordPress community and support the core version of WordPress this is perfect blog to get informed what is going on in the community.

You will learn when the new version of WordPress is coming out and any news related to the next default theme in making. Learn about any updated or WordPress WordCamp so you can attend and meet others this is great blog to follow on daily bases for both beginners and advanced.

6. WP Mayor

WP Mayor began back in 2010 when Jean Galea, our founder, wanted to document everything he’s learning about WordPress as he ran his web agency.

It was a great way to keep track of what he’s learning, but also to share those lessons with others around the world. Slowly, slowly, WP Mayor grew to one of the most popular WordPress blogs in the world.

WP Mayor does many free giveaways for many related products to WordPress, you should follow them to win some cool stuff.

7. WPMU Dev blog

WPMU dev blog WordPress related

WPMU dev blog is more focus on professional recommendations and tutorials related to SSL, security, hosting reseller hosting, developments and reviews.

Great blog to follow and they have some great articles on daily bases related specifically to help you with WordPress, themes, plugins and marketing. They have over 1.6 million followers reading their blog so it must be good source of WordPress-related information and news.

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