Framer is an interactive design tool for websites and prototyping. It excels at building entire marketing sites, landing pages, online campaigns and much more. View all free and paid Framer templates for your next project.

Framer is a dynamic prototyping tool that bridges the gap between design and development. It is especially known for its high-fidelity prototyping capabilities that enable designers to create complex animations and interactive designs.

This tool provides a canvas for designers to not only bring their visual ideas to life but also to incorporate a level of interactivity that closely mimics the final product.

Framer supports a design process that is both iterative and collaborative, with features that facilitate real-time team collaboration and feedback.


While it offers a code-free environment for designers through its intuitive interface, it also allows for custom coding, which is a boon for those who wish to push the limits of their interactive prototypes. With its comprehensive toolkit for creating responsive designs that can adapt to any device, Framer is tailored for professionals aiming to produce detailed, animated, and testable prototypes.

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