10+ Web Developer’s Portfolios Inspiration (Examples of 2022)

Updated: Jul 25, 2022 By Dessign Team

Best examples of web developer portfolio

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Are you looking for great inspiration to build or update your web developer portfolio? An outstanding portfolio can improve your chances of getting a job or your next client.

Whether you already have an online portfolio or need to change or update your current one to make it more professional and modern, we put together a list of the best example from well know web developers and UI/UX designers to help you get inspired to create your own.

If you are unsure what website builder to design your online portfolio, some of the best website builders are paid, but some are free to use.

From our experience, the best web developer portfolios are created using WebflowWordPress, or Divi to create some of the most inspiring and eye-catching portfolios online.

1. Edgar Deiner

Edgar deiner portfolio example

Edgar Deiner is a professional UX/UI designer passionate about solving business problems through human-centered design. His portfolio stands out as we use bright yellow and black colors with his avatar to help you feel welcome as you enter his website.

He has two call-to-action buttons. The first one is Reach Out to Me and See my Work. This is an excellent use of call to action as if you know him already, you want to contact him, but if this is your first time on his website, you want to see his work.

On his navigation, he links his CV and about page so you can learn more about his education and personal achievements. He also adds links to his social profiles, such as Twitter and Instagram..
His web dev portfolio includes a case study as this is an essential factor of any portfolio to show how your design and thinking process work, and not just the outcome.

It's essential in any portfolio to show the step-by-step process of how your web flow works.

2. Mariela Lopez

Mariela lopes developer portfolio example

Mariela Lopez graduated from Broward College with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Web Development. She also has certifications for CIW Advanced HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, and eCommerce Specialist.

Mariela's web portfolio is very clean and modern, and there is a self-photo on her homepage where you get to meet her with a nice neat headline: Creativity meets Technology and a brief description of what she does and what's her passion. Spotless and professional-looking website.

The website looks aesthetically pleasing with only three navigation Home, About, and Portfolio. There is a nice logo in the center and a clear call to action button, “Contact”

3. Brittany Chiang

Brittany Chiang web developer portfolio

Brittany Chiang is a software engineer who builds things for the web. Very clean and nice-looking web portfolio with excellent use of typography. She works with JavaScript, WordPress, Node, TypeScript, React, and others software to build beautiful web experiences for clients.

This is an example of a beautiful one-page portfolio where you don't have to click on different pages to access her information or work. Instead, you can just scroll down the page and learn everything she does and build.

She also has all the social profiles available such as Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and GitHub, so you can check her online presents.

If a one-page web portfolio is something you like, we recommend trying some of the Carrd templates to help you get started.

4. Jacek Jeznach – Jack

Jack web developer portfolio

Jack is a front-end developer and WordPress expert. His web developer portfolio is well designed and executed with his extensive knowledge of web design combined with animation.

He uses an extensive combination of 2D animation, typography, and overall User Interaction in this portfolio. As you can see, his work is professional because of his well-established portfolio.

In his navigation, you can learn about his skills, work, and even a blog where he writes about Javascript, databases, computer science, and web development.

This is an excellent example of good design and an established web portfolio that shows visual skills and knowledge about his work and passion.

5. Van Holtz

Van holtz developer portfolio example

Eric Van Holtz specializes in refined digital web experiences focusing on animated, responsive, and interactive content. His online portfolio uses animation combined with large typography on bright purple background. 

Eric has many years of experience in development, consulting, and optimization. His portfolio is an excellent example of what you can build using Webflow as your web builder software. 

With the usage of a modern layout and excellent knowledge of UI/UX combined with color theory, his portfolio is the only inspiration of what you can achieve and get inspired by.

6. Lokkee Studios

lokkee studios programming portfolio

Lokkee, a passionate freelancer bringing you programming and design from the future. He is experienced in developing web and desktop applications, including full front-end design. This includes brand identity, graphics, and illustrations.

Using large typography combined with minimal animation behind a bright purple background on a one-page layout has a minimal and straightforward portfolio feel.

On his about page, he also adds a photo of himself, which is an excellent addition to any web portfolio as it lets you know who is behind the site and if this is someone you can work with on your web projects.

7. Olaolu Olawuyi

olaolu developer portfolio example

Olaolu likes to craft solid and scalable front-end products with great user experiences. They designed and developed a one-page portfolio with a grand color scheme. The left side of the page talks about his skills, and the right has a photo of Olaolu to let you know who is behind the website.

He also links his resume, work, and even journal about his work. This is a clean and very aesthetic website portfolio of well-known developers with an eye for design.

The website is well coded and optimized for mobile. As we checked his portfolio on the table and phone, it's fully responsive and well organized.

8. Adham Dannaway

Adham developer and designer portfolio example

Adham is both designer and coder from Sydney, Australia. Very well design portfolio with some special effects. As you move your mouse, his image changes from coder to designer. You can try some free graphic design software to achieve these effects for your portfolio.

His website is nice and clean, focusing on his photo, with late work under it. From his navigation, you can read about him, check out his book and blog, and even see his featured work, which is a very impressive collection.

A great example of a well-established web developer and designer with so many projects and beautiful UI/UX work. You can buy his book Practical UI, or read his story to find out how he started his journey into web development. 

All those points will help you update or redesign your web development portfolio.

9. Lars Olson

lars Olson UX developer portfolio

Lars Olson specializes in UI/UX design and game development, often doing both simultaneously. He has a passion for making beautiful interfaces with excellent usability. His black website with bright neon colors makes his work stand out. 

Once you enter his website, it makes it easy to see what he does, as he designs stuff for UI/UX, games, graphics, and motion. If you re-design your portfolio, ensure visitors can tell in under 5 seconds what you do.

His portfolio has a lot of graphic design artwork and games. If you want to take inspiration from his portfolio, try using some of the best drawing apps for your projects. His graphic portfolio stands out with great retro style combined with some clean animations.

10. Patrick David

Patrick David ux developer portfolio

Patrick is a professional UI/UX designer with extensive development background. He works with national and international clients worldwide to help them implement and manage their products.

Well, design and development portfolio with excellent 3D images and typography with a dark background.

He combines minimal and brutalist design into his work and portfolio. His portfolio is a one-page design with very cool animation and uses 3D actions to add special effects. 

11. Jason Lengstorf

Jason lengstorf developer portfolio examples

Jason has taught developers of all skill levels how to code for over a decade. He specializes in live coding, simplifying complex topics into relatable analogies and demos, and shoehorning corgi references into every project.

Very cool and engaging website, with a simple interface and black and yellow colors to get your attention. What great about his web portfolio is that he has a newsletter where you can signup and get his best post and stay up to date with his work. This is an excellent idea if you want your visitors to remember you and visit your website more often.

He also has a page about uses where he shares the software, gear, and other stuff that help him be more productive. He also teaches coding, so you can signup for his video lessons. A great addition to any web portfolio as you can teach others your skills.

Great bootstrap portfolio to draw some inspiration and update your current online work.

12. Lynn Fisher

Lynn fisher developer portfolio example

Lynn Fisher (she/her) is a Busan-born American artist known for her work on the web. After attending art school in Arizona, she began working as a designer and CSS developer in software consulting.

She has an exciting modern, fun portfolio with many talks and interviews, which is also a great addition to any web portfolio you want to update. If you have any discussion or talks or feature your work, you can add it to your about page so others can see and follow it.

Her case study is fascinating and well written, something anyone can add to their portfolio to make it more in-depth and personal where you share your process from beginning to the end.

The compelling images and bold typography make this web portfolio stand out, and I want you to explore more inside.

Should developers create an online portfolio?

Yes, every developer should have an online web portfolio to showcase their current and present work with study cases, processes, and examples of well-written code.

What kind of portfolio should web developers have?

Web developers should have a modern and clean portfolio that works like a resume to show the projects from beginning to finish with study cases that prove their thinking process.