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Best WordPress Membership plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress membership plugins? WordPress membership plugin ,you can configure it to have free and/or paid memberships on your site. Paid membership payment is handled securely via PayPal. Membership payment can also be accepted using Stripe or Braintree payment gateways.

Best Membership WordPress Plugins for 2023

1. SureMembers

sure members plugin

SureMembers is a relatively new but powerful membership plugin that offers a seamless solution to create and manage your community within WordPress.

In a short span of time over 5000 membership sites started using it. It comes with an intuitive interface and powerful features to help you effortlessly set up paywalls, drip-feed content, and restrict content access rules to cater to your audience's needs.

Whether you're selling ebooks, digital downloads, or offering a subscription-based service, SureMembers is a great option. 

2. JetEngine Membership plugin

Jet engine membership plugin

JetEngine Membership plugin allows you to set up a WordPress membership website. Manage your content parts, forbid/allow digital content downloading. You can integrate payment getaway, create multi-step forms, assign different membership levels, etc. 

Also, you can import, and export user-profiles presets for a quick start. Furthermore, create and publish user-generated content, unlock the content based on the user’s progress.

3. Membership & Content Restriction – Paid Member Subscriptions

Membership & Content Restriction – Paid Member Subscriptions

Paid Member Subscriptions is an easy to setup and use WordPress Membership Plugin. You can create your membership website and start getting paid almost instantly.

Instead of complicated setup pages, Paid Member Subscriptions integrates with your existing WordPress site and content and doesn't force you into a predefined structure.

You will be able to create and manage member subscriptions, grant and revoke access to posts, pages, categories as well as custom post types based on the subscriptions your users have purchased. You can also start with free membership version and upgrade later

4. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro best membership plugin

Restrict Content Pro was designed to provide a complete membership management system that gave site administrators a clean, simple way to restrict content to paid subscribers and collect payments from paying customers.

5. Restrict user Access – Membership Plugin With Force

Restrict content and contexts to control what your users get exclusive access to, or drip content over time. Create an unlimited number of Access Levels and override user and role capabilities.

Use this plugin to quickly set up a membership site where your users can get different levels such as Gold, Silver and Bronze. Then, restrict access to e.g. posts tagged “Premium”, articles written by specific authors, or all your free products.

No coding required.

6. All In One Membership

All In One Membership

MemberPress will help you build astounding WordPress membership sites, accept credit cards securely, control who sees your content and sell digital downloads
… all without the difficult setup.

MemberPress will help you confidently create, manage and track membership subscriptions and sell digital download products. In addition to these features, MemberPress will allow you manage your members by granting and revoking their access to posts, pages, videos, categories, tags, feeds, communities, digital files and more based on what memberships they belong t

7. WP User Frontend – Membership Plugin

WP User Frontend is one of the best frontend builder plugin for WordPress. It includes frontend dashboard, frontend editor & publishing, and frontend uploader for WordPress user profile, post submissions, and memberships.

8. Simple Membership


The simple membership plugin lets you protect your posts and pages so only your members can view the protected content.

Non-members viewing a protected page will be prompted to login or become a member.

9. Membership by Supsystic

Membership by Supsystic

Membership by Supsystic is the easiest way to build online communities and membership sites with custom user profile, front-end registration, login, eCommerce integration, Members directory and more membership options like.

10. Paid Membership Pro

Paid Memberships Pro

Set up unlimited membership levels and provide restricted access to members-only content (including pages, posts, categories, videos, forums, downloads, support, single “a la carte” page access, and more).


Paid Memberships Pro is designed for premium content sites, clubs/associations, subscription products, newsletters and more! The plugin adds a new revenue source to your site and is flexible enough to fit the needs of almost all online and offline businesses.

11. WP Members

WP-Members™ is the original membership plugin for WordPress®. Perfect for newsletters, premium content sites, clubs/associations, and more!


You need a membership site, but you want to focus on your business, not mastering a plugin. WP-Members is simple to use, easy to set up, yet flexible in every way imaginable.

The plugin restricts selected WordPress content to registered site members. WP-Members puts the registration process on the site front end so it is part of your content instead of the native WP login page. WP-Members requires no modifications to your theme while remaining scalable for users who want to customize the look and feel, or want to restrict only some content. It is a great tool for sites offering premium content to subscribers and is adaptable to a variety of applications.

12. Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member is the #1 user profile & membership plugin for WordPress. The plugin makes it a breeze for users to sign-up and become members of your website. The plugin allows you to add beautiful user profiles to your site and is perfect for creating advanced online communities and membership sites. Lightweight and highly extendible, Ultimate Member will enable you to create almost any type of site where users can join and become members with absolute ease.

13. WP Private Content Plus

WP Private Content Plus

WP Private Content Plus simplifies the process for protecting your important site content from guests,members,specific user roles or group of selected users. This plugin supports content restrictions on posts,pages,custom post types, navigation menus,widgets and post attachments.

Apart from that you will get a unique private page for every user of your site and let the administrator add user specific content to the private page. Only the owner will be able to see these content.WP Private Content Plus provides the ability to display different menu items to different users based on their login status as well as user roles. You can extend the private page with private discussions (private messages) and private files using the PRO version.

14. Memberful WP

Memebrful wp

A reliable WordPress membership plugin that integrates your site with Memberful. Memberful is a service for selling subscriptions to your website with Stripe.

15. Users Ultra Membership Plugin

users ultra membership plugin

Users Ultra is the ideal tool for creating advanced user communities in a few minutes. Building a talents community, model agency websites, social communities and any kind of user websites is really fast. It can be intregrated in any WordPress Theme. You can add as many fields as you wish by using the Fields Customizer Tool and it comes with reCaptcha.

When it comes to ease of use, Users Ultra comes in first. Users Communities and Social Networking Websites are incredibly simple to build. All the modules are customizable, even if you don’t know how to code, and they’re minimalist enough that a few minor changes make them look unique to you. Users Ultra handles One-Time and Recurrent Payments.