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YouTube the biggest free video hosting site

Are you looking for the best free video hosting sites for your WordPress website videos to be hosted? Hosting your own videos is not the best solution as it takes a lot of bandwidth on your server and loading time is very slow. The best alternative for beginners is to host your site on free video hosting sites design specific to host your videos for you.

Hosting your videos on any of those free video sites will make the loading time much quicker, better for speed optimization and much better for user experience as they don't have to wait for your video to upload in order to view it.

You can use any of our free video themes for WordPress to showcase your videos in aesthetic ways with SEO optimized WordPress theme. We also have free WordPress video plugins to add extra features and widgets to your site. When you done recording your video and need to upload to any of the free video sites make sure to run through video compression software to optimize for the best quality and size.

If you are a blogger, filmmaker, vloger, marketer those free sites with video hosting options for free will help you get your videos online and added to your WordPress website super simple and easy, all those sites are user-friendly and great for beginners.

1. Vimeo

Vimeo the best free video hosting site

Our first pick is Vimeo as its the most user-friendly and easiest to use, the basic plan is 100% free with some upload limitations, what makes Vimeo super popular is that the video player is well designed with user experience in mind. The videos load super fast and if you using WordPress website you can just copy past the video link and easy add to your site. The video can play automatically or manually when your visitor clicks on the play button.

Vimeo is for high-quality videos with a beautiful interface for any categories you like, you can live stream or screen record any of your videos live.

You can publish your videos to any channels such as nature, business, marketing, adventure and many more. Vimeo also comes with analytics so you can track how many people view your video and from what geographic region they come, with comments optional, you can communicate with your visitors and gets some ideas or inspiration about your video.

2. PikWizard

pikwizard bets hosting videos

Our second pick is PikWizard as it holds a stunning library of over 1 million stock images and videos. The videos are royalty-free and safe for commercial use, with no attribution required. What makes PikWizard stand out is you can take each image and edit on graphic design software, Design Wizard. And the videos of people are also great!

Best Free video sites for personal and commercial videos.
Popular video categories on PikWizard include Free Animation Videos & Footage, Free Green Background Videos & Footage and Free Slow Motion Videos & Footage.

PikWizard is a product of Wavebreak Media, a leading global supplier of premium content, and is based in Cork, Ireland. There's also an office in Cape Town!”

3. YouTube

YouTube the biggest free video hosting site

YouTube is one of the biggest hosting sites in the world, they don't need introductions as anyone who ever created a video probably post it on YouTube.

What's great about YouTube is that is 100% free to use with the largest audience in any category you can imagine. If you are marketer, vloger, blogger or filmmaker this is the best platform to be recognized. YouTube makes super easy for anyone to upload your video, and then just copy the video link to your WordPress post or page and the video will automatically appear.

Since YouTube is part of the Google family the server is extremely fast so your video will load at a super fast speed, there is no need for anyone to host your own videos as this take heavy load on your server and slower down your site. YouTube let you upload your videos with captions or comments to make it easy for other to get involved in your videos.

4. DailyMotion

dailymotion free video hosting site

Dailymotion is another free video hosting site, probably less known than Vimeo or YouTube bust still has many visitors and great to upload your videos online for free. There are few limitations on how many videos you can upload a day and size, but for the free plan you can get your basic video up and running, and easy add them to your WordPress site.

Dailymotion is great alternative to YouTube where any beginner can add their videos for free in many categories and share with the world. You can easily edit the videos and make it more unique with captions.

5. MetaCafe

metacafe free video hosting

MetaCafe is a video-sharing website that specializes in short-form video entertainment in the categories of movies, video games, sports, music and TV. The company was headquartered in San Francisco, California, with an office in Los Angeles.

MetaCafe is one of the oldest free video sharing sites, but such less popular than YouTube, still easy to use and upload your videos in matter of seconds, you can pick from many categories. If you looking for something different and maybe looking to get other audience then MetaCafe is great options to upload your videos.


We hope this article help you pick the right free video hosting site for your WordPress website so you don't have to host your own video and slow down your site speed. We recommend Vimeo or YouTube as they are the best know free video sites that will let you upload your content and add them easily to your WordPress sites with just few clicks.