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Best Free WordPress LMS Plugins

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Looking for the best Free or Premium LMS (Learning Management System) WordPress Plugins? We put together a list of the best free lms plugins and premium LMS plugins to help you pick the best one for you. If you looking for the best FREE LMS WordPress themes for your new website.

Either you looking for free one to start with or premium one with more options and great support. Once you decide on the plugin check out our collections of the best Free Educational WordPress Themes that go well with any free LMS plugin. Best Free Coaching WordPress Themes for life coach or online classes.

Best Free & Premium LMS WordPress Plugins to create a great educational website.

1. SureMembers

sure members plugin

SureMembers is a powerful membership plugin that helps online course creators in creating thriving e-learning and educational sites. 

It comes with an easy-to-use interface so anyone with any level of skill set can use it. It simplifies the process of user management, subscriptions, and content access, so you can effortlessly manage your students, fees and courses.  

With its drip-feeding content feature you can stay connected with your students to share updates and new courses and its secure digital downloads options ensure your content should be available to your paid users only.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced online educator, SureMembers is the go-to solution.

2. Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS – eLearning and online course solution

Tutor LMS is a complete, feature-packed, and robust WordPress LMS plugin to easily create & sell courses online. All the features of this learning management system hit all the checkpoints for a full-fledged online course marketplace.

You can create challenging and fun quizzes, interactive lessons, powerful reports, and stats making Tutor potentially the best free WordPress LMS plugin. Manage, administer and monetize your education, online school, and online courses without having to write a single line of code.

Tutor LMS is a completely free WordPress LMS plugin. It comes with premium high-quality add-ons that you can add to empower the core plugin more! This WordPress LMS plugin is lightweight with add-ons to enable certificates, e-mail notifications, shopping carts and so much more!

3. LearnPress – WordPress LMS Plugin

LearnPress – WordPress LMS Plugin

WordPress LMS Plugin – LearnPress is a comprehensive WordPress LMS Plugin for WordPress, just like WordPress Moodle or Moodle for WordPress if you know what Moodle is. This is one of the best WordPress LMS Plugins can be used to easily create & sell courses online.

Each course curriculum can be made with lessons & quizzes which can be managed with easy-to-use user interface. With this WordPress LMS plugin, you can quickly and easily create education, online school, and online-course websites with no coding knowledge required. You can use calculator plugin to build simple calculations for students.

LearnPress is free and always be free, but it has a premium high-quality WordPress Plugin which will probably help you make money from your WordPress based LMS, try and see how it is. LearnPress WordPress Online Course plugin is lightweight but super powerful with lots of add-ons to empower its core system.

4. LearnDash (Sponsored)

LearnDash (Premium)

The Most Trusted WordPress LMS

The #1 choice of Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Easily create & sell courses, deliver quizzes, award certificates, manage users, download reports, and so much more! By using LearnDash you have access to the latest e-learning industry trends for creating robust learning experiences. Best Free LearnDash Compatible WordPress Themes

Manage Your LMS with Ease

With LearnDash you are always in control. Use the simple yet powerful administration capabilities to manage your users and courses with ease.

5. ProProfs LMS

pro cloud lms free

The World’s Easiest LMS WordPress Plugin for Creating Courses and Quizzes

Transform your WordPress website into an elearning portal by creating, sharing, or selling online courses, lessons, and tests easily. Installing and using the ProProfs plugin with WordPress is as easy as it gets.

Premium Library

The LMS offers a premium library of 100+ courses and default templates on a range of corporate training topics. These resources are designed by professionals, and they are easily customizable and ready to use.

Easy Course Assignment & Tracking

Using the add-on, you can easily add courses or quizzes and assign them to learners right from your WordPress dashboard. Best, you can track learning progress and derive insightful reports from the same dashboard.

6. LMS by LifterLMS – Online Course, Membership & Learning Management System Plugin for WordPress

LMS by LifterLMS – Online Course, Membership & Learning Management System Plugin for WordPress

LifterLMS is a powerful WordPress LMS plugin that makes it easy to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses and training based membership websites. LifterLMS works with any well-coded WordPress theme and all the popular WordPress page builders (like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, etc.).

As an engaged WordPress community member, LifterLMS actively encourages and helps other great plugins integrate with LifterLMS like Affiliate WP, Monster Insights, WP Fusion, the most popular form plugins, GamiPress, Astra Pro, the Course Scheduler, and many more. You can also connect your WordPress LMS website to 1,500+ other apps via Zapier. LifterLMS is one of only 11 WordPress plugins listed in the Zapier app directory.

LifterLMS strikes a beautiful balance in being an all-in-one solution while also integrating with other best of breed technologies relevant to course creators and membership site owners.

7. MasterStudy LMS – WordPress Course Plugin

MasterStudy LMS – WordPress Course Plugin

Online education is a growing field within the education industry. Online courses have become a popular way for people to advance in life or in their respective fields without needing to spend too much money.

If you are interested in marketing your skills and knowledge in this way, then you will need an effective way to connect with potential customers.

A good way of reaching out to such learners is by building a website. However, most regular sites don’t have the functionality to allow for online learning – that is where WordPress LMS plugin come in.

Learning Management System (LMS) plugins allow you to create and run online courses like Udemy with WordPress. You will want to make sure though that you are choosing the very best LMS plugin for your online learning website. These will provide end-to-end services that include tools and features for managing your online course content, handling subscriptions, running and grading quizzes, accepting payments, and more.

MasterStudy LMS is a powerful online education, course, and learning management system plugin for WordPress that is available free of charge. It is suitable for use with WordPress 4.6 and above.

8. WP CourseWare (Freemium)

WP CourseWare

We help anyone with a WordPress website easily create and sell online courses, turning their knowledge into profits without sharing them with a marketplace or paying a monthly fee.

How Does WP Courseware Make Course Creation Simple?

No matter what you want to teach, how you want to teach it, or how much you want to earn from it, with WP Courseware all you need is a WordPress website and an idea. WP Courseware will have you dragging and dropping your way to a profitable, passive income stream from your very own digital course in no time!

9. Sensei LMS

Sensei LMS

Your knowledge is worth teaching, so teach it!


Sensei LMS integrates effortlessly with your WordPress site, making it easy to create courses, lessons and quizzes.


Our WooCommerce Paid Courses extension enables you to sell your courses using the most popular eCommerce platform on the web – WooCommerce.


You don’t have time to spend hiring a developer to make your online courses look great, and you shouldn’t have to. Sensei LMS just works with your preferred WordPress theme.

10. LifterLMS Plugin (Premium)

ifterlms plugin

The Most Flexible WordPress LMS for Your Online Learning Website

Save money and increase learner success from your customizable course or membership website that you own and control. All-in-one affordable LMS system to start, run, and grow your business.

Build Your Perfect Online Training Program

Create beautiful online courses, quizzes, and more from one screen with our flexible drag and drop course builder. Make simple online courses, advanced multi-instructor training based membership websites, and everything in between. Whether you call it a course, membership site, or learning management system, we help you make it.

Attract Learners and Get Paid

Make money with your skills, knowledge, and experience from your conversion optimized training website. Any pricing and business model is possible. Sell courses. Sell memberships. Sell any training package. Keep it simple or scale up your cashflow through intelligent upsells and recurring revenue. No separate ecommerce or membership plugin required. Accept payments and enrollments instantly without limits.

11. CLUEVO LMS, E-Learning Platform

CLUEVO LMS, E-Learning Platform

Welcome to the CLUEVO Learning Management System for WordPress. Our LMS allows you to add SCORM e-learning modules, video tutorials, podcasts and other media to your WordPress site. That Content can be organized into courses, chapters and modules and you can easily manage the permissions for different users and groups.


The LMS consists of different courses that in turn contain chapters that contain modules. The first thing you’ll want to do is upload a SCORM module. To do this use the uploader on the Learning Management page in the modules tab. Once you have uploaded one (or more!) modules you can start creating your learning structure. Create some courses and add chapters and modules.

12. WP Courses LMS

WP Courses LMS


WP Courses is a full-featured, free learning management system ( LMS ) that makes creating courses on your WordPress site easier than ever with an intuitive interface, drag-and-drop tools, video tutorials and more.


WP Courses is an LMS that’s been designed to seamlessly integrate with practically any theme. It also has plenty of design options to help you match the design of your website.


Courses are easy to navigate and look beautiful on any device.

13. Edwiser Bridge – WordPress Moodle LMS Integration

Edwiser Bridge – WordPress Moodle LMS Integration

Edwiser Bridge – The #1 WordPress and Moodle Integration plugin that provides a robust platform to sell Moodle courses online.

Are you a Moodle user, who creates courses and wants a robust integration with WordPress/WooCommerce to sell them.
Then you are at the right place Edwiser Bridge is the only WordPress plugin that provides stable and robust integration between the two platforms.

Edwiser Bridge provides the necessary platform for you to sell your Moodle courses through default payment gateway PayPal.

In order to extend its functionality and create a complete automated eCommerce solution to sell your Moodle, you got to include following plugins in your WordPress site,

14. Namaste! LMS

Namaste! LMS

Create High-Quality Online Courses and Classes with Namaste! PRO

Namaste! LMS is a Free Learning Management System For WordPress

  • Manage unlimited courses and enroll students or let them enroll themselves.
  • Publish the course descriptions on your site to encourage subscribing.
Namaste! PRO Seamlessly Enhances Your Existing Namaste! LMS Powered Site.

15. Awesome Support – WordPress HelpDesk & Support Plugin

Awesome Support – WordPress HelpDesk & Support Plugin

Awesome Support is the most versatile and feature-rich support plugin for WordPress. It is the only helpdesk & support ticketing plugin that can match the feature set of an SAAS solution such as Zendesk or Helpscout.

And your customers can be using it in just 5 mins! After installing and activating the plugin, just answer a few questions in the startup wizard and your helpdesk will be ready for your customers.

Take a product tour in the video below where you can see the extensive list of free and premium features that will be available on your new helpdesk! You can also go hands-on with the Live Demo or scroll down to the bottom of this page for screen shots.